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Today – Tuesday 11th October –  I am off to Tavistock to the Community College (hello everyone!) and then, from 3.30 to 5pm, I will be in Waterstones in Plymouth: 65 New George St, Plymouth PL1 1RJ.

Password rules apply, as ever…


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4 thoughts on “letters from Angie Sage

  1. Modi

    Dear Angie,
    I am a huge fan of your work, and am currently reading book four: Queste. it is amazing. My english teacher has assigned my class a large project. The theme? Authors. Therefore, well, YOU! So for that I need to answer several questions. Now just keep in mind that you do not need to answer every single one of my questions for personal reasons, but believe me I would gravely appreciate it! Thanks:
    1. Family situation: just tell me a bit about your family when you were young and what’s going on now.
    2. Siblings and how many
    3. Upbringing, although I believe you were raised in England?
    4. Education: where did you go to school?
    5. Some interesting family information
    6. How did you get interested in writing?
    7. What inspired you to write about the subject?
    8. Where did you start to write? (School, at home, or later in life?
    9. Are you married?
    Thank you again!
    the projects due for nov 4th just to let you know!:)

  2. james palmer

    Hi this is James Palmer. I love the Septimus Heap series. Don’t stop writing them. I had to write a poem about a fantasy book for my 5th grade class and I chose Darke. My mom really liked it and told me that I should send it to you. Here it is.

    I am the extraordinary wizard’s apprentice.
    Septimus Heap is my name.
    Practicing Magyk is no game.
    Five other adcentures have I:
    The first is called Magyk, second Flyte.
    Physik came next, with Queste not far behind.
    Syren was fifth, you will find.
    Darke is my sixth quest, that is why I write today.
    It all started right before my birthday.
    This adventure is a rescue.
    The villians I fought will scare you too.
    Jenna and Beetle my closest friends,
    This quest they could not attend.
    An underground labyrinth called the Darke halls,
    Is where my rescue mission calls.
    I escaped from there to fight my final foe.
    He had a dragon that was just too slow.

    I hope you like the poem. I have read your whole series and I think they are awesome!

  3. Jo

    I am so gutted that I forgot to tell you the password

  4. Larandia

    Hi Angie. I have just ordered Darke and can’t wait for it to arrive. Unfortunately the Waterstones in our area has now closed so I ordered online. Is there any chance of you coming to the Bedfordshire/Aylesbury area in the future. Or maybe the Yorkshire area. I know these two areas are far apart, but our son lives in Yorkshire so we could stay with him like we did when we went to see Eoin Colfer.

    Looking forward to the film, if it eventually comes out, but hope they don’t mess with the characters like they did in H Potter 3. Making the children look modern drove me nuts. After all it was their difference which made the books interesting.

    Regards and take care,
    Larandia. (Probably your oldest fan. Age wise, I mean).

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