Letters from Angie Sage



I am in organized mode this weekend (!) and I have some info about three events I will be doing in September. It would be great if anyone from here can make it. In fact, so that I can recognise you, I think we need a secret blogsite password. I suggest we use the one that Marcia gives Tertius Fume when she goes to the Vaults in Queste. I have something dragonny for the first seven people to say the password to me at each event.


So… these are the three September events:

Thursday 15th September

The Hamburg Harbour Front Festival


Venue: The Imperial Theatre, Reeperbahn 5.

Time: 4pm.

I will be reading from Darke in English and Bernd Stephan, who narrates the German Septimus audio books, will also be reading in German. I’ll be answering questions too.


Wednesday 21st September

Taunton Literary Festival


Venue: St George’s Catholic School, the Mount, Taunton TA1 3NR

Time: 4.30pm

An atmospheric event with pictures, reading and questions answered!



Sunday 25th September

Bath Festival of Children’s literature


Venue: The Guildhall

Time: 6pm

More pictures, lots of Darke talk and questions answered, books signed.



And there is more! I am going to be doing some signings in the UK in October when Darke of published. Nothing is fixed up yet and if anyone has any bookshops that they know of who would like to do any signings please let me know. You can Tweet AngieSageAuthor or post it on AskAngie. I’ll pass the info on to Bloomsbury. Check with the bookshop first, though…

Hope to see you soon,


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15 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage

  1. niah

    I will always hope that you will come to Slovenia one day. 🙂

  2. Andy

    OMG! I can’t believe it. I am so going Angie

  3. cate

    OMG! i need to find out where these places are, I NEED TO GO! go angie sage!

  4. Bryony :)

    Yay! sounds cool 🙂

  5. It’s great I always wanted to meet you

  6. Jordan

    Hi Angie,

    Will does Darke come out in Canada? I know it already came out for the US but how about Canada?

  7. LauraHurricane

    Hi, Angie 🙂
    Aw, what a pity you won’t be in Italy, here in september there’s a book festival with autors in Pordenone 🙂 Today I’m happy because “Queste” is finally out in my country!! YAY It’s a little strange reading the book in my language, but I’m sooo glad.
    Hope you will read this, although you are so busy with the new book. 😉

  8. bella

    dear angie

    i am in love with the septimes heap books and ime really exited to see if the movie comes out well and i also want to be part of the auditions i especially want to be Jenna! I’me 9 years old. and i don’t go to a drama school so if its ok can it be a open audition? i also hope you have as many fans as j.k Rowling and enjoy the rest of the summer 🙂

    p.s. can it be it be near london?

  9. Is this happening in U.K. or U.S.?

  10. Sarah

    Hopefully the green shall be lit soon enough and the movie shall be on its way
    i just hope they dont ruin it :/ it would make me very very sad

  11. ivy

    can this happen in the us too
    i really wanna want to try out for
    princes jenna

  12. Nevada

    I wish you would come to Canada

  13. Laura Cooper(Princess Jenna Soon To Be I Hope)

    Barnes And Noble In The Chandler Mall In Arizona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Come It Would Be Soo Awesome

  14. Draconae

    I want u 2 come 2 Australia so i can meet u! I have read all the books but cant get enough! I know it has 2 end at some point in time but its such a good series!

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