MAGYK Movie News

Things so far:

About five years ago, Warner Brothers purchased an option to buy the Septimus Heap series. This meant that they had time to work out how they were going to do the first movie, MAGYK, and indeed whether they were going to do it at all. As I understand it, movie studios option quite a few books, but that does not mean the books will necessarily be made into movies. Many fall by the wayside.

The contract agreed that the option for Septimus Heap was to be renewed after 18 months and then again after another 18 months. Warner Brothers renewed at both these stages and then asked for extra time so that they could get a really good presentation together. The presentation would consist of the screenplay (which is the script plus lots of stage direction) and also some visuals. These would show the general visual feel of the movie and would also show the landscape and specific areas, like the Castle and the Marram Marshes. The backgrounds will be computer generated and the studio working on these is Industrial Light and Magic, part of Lucasfilms. This is a really fantastic studio! We also understand, though we are not totally sure, that the action may well be image capture (think Avatar).

Along the way MAGYK the movie had an amazing piece of good fortune – David Frankel agreed to be director and also pilot MAGYK through the early, pre green-light stages. David is a whiz with scripts and characters and is a really talented director.

The last piece of news we had was a few months ago, when Warner Brothers exercised their option to purchase the series—which means they purchased the rights to make movies based on all seven books. Purchasing an option is a big commitment by a movie studio and it takes us through to another stage.

The future:

The next step will be for the movie to be given the green light. This happens when the studio have the finance in place for the film and are ready to go. It means that the movie will be made. We are not green lit yet … but we do hope this may happen soon.

I know lots of you would love to be in the movie, but whether Warner Brothers have open auditions or not is completely up to them. Casting will not take place until MAGYK gets the green light. Please, please understand that the movie studio is casting the movie, not me! If I hear anything about what they intend to do about auditions – and when we get the green light I promise I will ask – I will post it here. And Tweet it! And send it out throughout the land by Message Rat. So as soon as I hear, you will hear too.

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33 thoughts on “MAGYK Movie News

  1. This is so EXCITING! I can’t wait to see if this thjing takes off. Congrats!

  2. Wow I didn’t knew these information I think the movie will be perfect.
    P.S.I love Septimus Heap Books

  3. Sarah

    Hope the green light comes soon
    I can’t wait to see the movie even though the version in my head will always be way better no matter what 😛
    It would be nice to see how the dragon boat would look like and Ihope they don’t mess the series up
    Cant wait 😀

  4. ecoli

    Well, this sounds interesting…maybe I will look after the movie after all!(Assuming that it gets the green light…)

  5. Larandia

    Hi Angie. I hope your fans realise how brilliant it is of you to keep us all informed like this. A rare thing in these days of me first. My only fear is that the Americans will Americanize the film and although your books do not say how the characters speak, it comes across as old English. Another fault I find with filmakers of young peoples books, is they have this tendency to make the youngsters act like grown ups, or try to modernize them in the film like they did when filming the last few Harry Potter books. (Not the last one which was birlliant). But from three on in HP, it drove me crazy. The best thing about the youngsters in the actual books, (I hate the word kids), is that they were different. Being different is special, don’t you think? And making the characters have their shirts hanging out etc and scruffy sticking up hair, made them everyday and I found that those films lost some of their magic.

    I loved Avatar, but have to admit to finding myself trying to work out how the special effects were done, instead of concentrating on the film. LOL.


  6. Bryony :)

    Wow! That’s great 🙂 can’t wait…

  7. Niah

    Yes!!!This is so good!!!Great actually!!
    Exiting level: Dangerously high!! 🙂

  8. Myka

    Ooh, I really hope they decide to do it!!! I’d love for there to be a film, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to do a good job on it. 😀

    I suppose I shouldn’t set my hopes too high, because of how Chris Columbus aboslutely BUTCHERED the Percy Jackson movie… (My friends and I were sittin gin the theatre screaming at the screen. And the theatre was completely empty except for my dad, who wanted to see it, too, so we weren’t being rude or anything) I was really disappointed and frustrated by that, though. Once during free time in English I made a list of all the things that went wrong, and it was several looseleaf pages long. I really loved those books… 😥 Still do, of course, but the movie was just disappointing. Extremely.

    I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to the Septimus Heap movie, but I hope Angie Sage can be more involved in its making than Rick Riordan was and will prevent anything major from being changed.

  9. Laura Cooper(Princess Jenna Soon To Be I Hope)

    Thank You SOOOO Much For Posting This!! I Got In To An Acting School Just To Try Out For Princess Jenna!!!!!! I Will Be SOOOOOOO Excited When You Get The Green Light And Additions Start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love You Guys
    ~Laura Hoping To Be Princess Jenna

  10. I really do hope they have open auditions…if they do I will totally ask my parents if I can!!!All I’m feeling right now is hope!!!

  11. Taylor

    Hope the green light comes soon! Wow, when I first heard of the movie I was like 10 and wanted to audition for Jenna but now I’m nearly 13! haha I’m not sure I can audition anymore…. but best of luck on the film!

  12. ivy

    wow this is really cool i hope to try out for jenna
    are they going to have them in the us too

  13. I’M SO EXCITED !!!!!!!!! I DEFINITELY CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER .. haha. Go for the Green! 😀

  14. Sarah

    Can;t wait to see how the movie turns out once they get started!

  15. Anna

    Thanks for posting this! I can’t wait to see the movie! I wish I could audition for the part of Jenna, even if I don’t get the part it would be fun to try out! I hope eleven year olds are allowed to audition. Is this going to be an American movie or one in England? Thanks again for posting : )

  16. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Sounds awesome. This is a such a great series to turn into a movie!

  17. Alice

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the septimus heap series reaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllly hope they do open auditions that would be amazing. the series i soooooooooooooo good it will def. get the green light

  18. Nevada

    I really love this series it took me Three Weeks to read them all I hope the movie gets a green light soon and that there are open auditions:)

  19. My daughter likes your books! Last year (she was 10) she dressed up in a bespoke costume as Jenna Heap for an event at her school: the gold head band, the dress and all. Would have posted a photo of her to you, but I don’t think you can here… Unfortunately, she will be too old by the time the audition finally happens. Still, we will go and see it in the cinema, no doubt. Good luck!

  20. Sarah

    When this movie comes out (I know it will) I can’t WAIT to see it!!!!! The Septimus Heap series is one of my favorite series of all time! Hopefully they don’t mess up the movie…The series is so great the way it is!

  21. Jereck

    wow that would be awesome if the movie gets made. i loved the serise and i really hope u get the green light.

  22. Try As I MAy

    I really loved this series. The one thing I’m concerned about (as well as all the other concerns the other comments have stated) is it’s popularity. If I went around as asked ten random people off the street what the Septimus HeaP series was, they probably wouldn’t know. I kind of like it like this. When PErcy Jackson came out as a book, I was the first person in my SCHOOL to read it, and about ten other people knew about it. then, when the movie came out, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, started reading it, and it became almost…annoying. I didn’t have any more interest in Greek mythology, and i didn’t feel as smart as when I was the only one who knew all about the Greek gods. I don’t want the same thing to happen to Septimus Heap. I love it too much and I would die if the movie turned out to be horrible as well.

  23. @Try As I May,
    I think I know what you mean. When my daughter went to school in Jenna’s costume (see my previous comment), no one knew who she was supposed to be… Having read your comment, I decided to set up a YouTube account, so people can see what she looked like. Thank you for your inspiring comment.

    • Keavon

      It would be cool if you gave us a link to the page.
      And @Try as I may: I completly agree with you. The series is a great well kept secret. While I hope the movie is NOT the next Eragon, the movie really will make everybody “love” it in an annoying, fake, way. Although the Percy Jackson series was very popular before the movie.

      I’m also concerned about the motion capture side of it… it will be animated. Basically 3D characters. I strongly hope they do not do that. I hope they make it the next Harry Potter in a graphics sence.

  24. This is brilliant I love her books (Angie Sage’s) I have done many funny dances to celebrate! If I got the chance to audition I would be Nicko but I look nothing like him so I would have to be wolf boy and audition for the second film ( if there is any films at all)! My favourite scene is the streets of the town! I hope we get the green light! :^^^:

  25. alyssa

    I think that Anngie Sage is the best author in the whole entire world She is my favorite author ever plus I just found out about Septimus Heap series but I dont want it to end the story was so good I wish that it was the real worlfd that would make me the happiest person ever to live in any time 🙂
    also Angie Sage should keep writing so that her legend would not end. Neither would Septimus Heaps Why does their only have to be 7 books. Angie i love you sooooooooooooo much I wish that I knew you that is the only thing that I would ever want to do. Sometimes i imagine that youre stories are real life. I just read and the stories are played out in front of me. Right now i am on the fourth book and it only takes me one day short of a week to finish your books. Why did you have to stop on seven
    [though it is your lucky number(seventh son of the seventh son is the best)]. Your characeters are so well described that they could be just descriptions of a real person. You are soooo good at righting that i made you my all time favourite author even though it used to be dr. Seus and then Mary Downing Haun. I know you are probably not going to read this but if you did it would mean the world to me,though I do not know how I would know that you read it. 🙂 ❤ what state do you live in do you sign books in Arizona? Your mother and father must be the proudest people on earth! How many other series have you writen im aware orf one more. i know if i research on you i will be able to figure stuff out but that would take some time. So i'll just leave some here. Do you have kids if so names gender? What state were you born in? How did you get into the writeing buisness? Sorry to leave you with sooooo many questions really i am . Also i am your biggest fan i will not stop just yet. I wouild like to place one more question in your hands. Will you write back?
    ❤ love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Alyssa Lange aka your biggest fan no offence to the rest of you biggest fans but i totally top you what now hahahahah.
    ps. i did not discover you on my own my friend introduced me to Magyk best book ever.
    pps. sorry if i misspelled anything
    ppss. sorry if i left to much for you to read i mean you already have to read everybody elses thing now just an added bonus.
    pppss.ok now im leaveing now
    pppsss.after one more question . ppppppppllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeee write back.

  26. Hails

    I love the septimus heap books!!!!! i personally LOVE the name Jenna! i wish i could adition for her, but i cant act to save my life! (and i look NOTHING about hoe the books described her! 🙂 love the books, BIG FAN!

  27. Sweetlovley

    Omg i am soooo excited i cant wait 😀 and by warner bros too? THATS DOUBLE THE AWESOMNESS ^^

  28. Lou

    Hi!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooo crazy about the septimus heap And is wondering if the movie is yet out?

  29. Larandia

    Great news that they may make a film, but I wasn’t happy with the Percy Jackson movies either. The films themselves were good stuff, but they strayed so much from the books, I got really annoyed. Especially The Sea of Monsters. What on earth were the film producers thinking of. They always do this with books. If I was the author, I would want a lot of say in the film. Even with Harry Potter they messed up The Goblet of Fire and if you hadn’t read the book you would have got lost. If they are going to take liberties with Septimus Heap, I’d rather they didn’t do a movie. But of course that is up to Angie. It’s like writing a poem and when someone reads it, they hesitate, get the rhyme wrong and generally mess up the reading. It’s heartbreaking to the author. And of course everyone blames the author if the film turns into a dud because those who have read the book slam it because of the changes.
    Sorry about this Angie.

  30. Ella

    It’s already 2015 and still no green light! I’m getting a little worried. There HAS to be a movie. Or seven. Seven would be great! It would be really fun to be in the Septimus movies, because I look a lot like Jen (long, dark hair; dark eyes; somewhat pale skin). I’m not really sure if I have much acting talent, but there’s only one way to find out! I hope the casting isn’t just in England, because I live in the US.

  31. Dylan

    I would really like to see the movie but I am worried. I haven’t seen one movie based on a book (other than Holes) turn out decent. You really have to have an 8 hour+ movie to include all the details. I would be willing to watch this and I am sure others would as well. I don’t want the movie to ruin the books either. Who would I have to contact to get the film company to make the movie this long?

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