Letters from Angie Sage (17)

Hi Everyone,

Ok, I have re-read Magyk, Flyte, Physik, Queste and Syren. I have made notes. I have made notes on my notes. Twice. Last week I read and edited up to where I have got to so far with book 7 (Chapter 16).

I have also: tidied my workroom, sorted out the bookshelves, answered fan letters, weeded the tortoise pen and now there are no more excuses. Now I have to get down to some serious writing.

So I need to ask a favour: on Ask Angie can you ask no more than one or two questions? Or just leave a comment – you don’t have to ask anything if you just want to say hello. I will always say hello back! I love hearing from you so please don’t stop – just not tooooo many questions all at once… because I am going to have to go back into writing mode once more and get things done!

Hope you are all having a great summer (or winter down south),


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39 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage (17)

  1. emma

    angie your books are amazing. i’ve been reading them since 7th grade. i finished darke three hours after buying it the day it came out and it was perfect. good luck on book 7. i plan to preorder it if it shpws up on barned and noble’s website.

  2. The biggest Fan of Septimus Heap

    I need to know were because I use a kindle and it’s pretty hard to find stuff

  3. ivy

    is it because its takes time for all the papers and everything?

  4. Biggest Fan of Septimus Heap

    Hi Angie,

    I absolutely love the septimus heap series and i was just wondering if you were ever, when the 7th one comes out, if you would make them into movies????

  5. Biggest Fan of Septimus Heap

    Hi Angie,

    Sorry to bother you but, Will there be any movies for the Septimus Heap series?

  6. I just got Darke as a day before early Birthday present and I couldn’t help finding some cool connections to my life at the moment. In the beginning its the night before there 14 birthday, I was reading it the night before my 14th birthday.
    Another connection I made was that Marcia and Septimus were talking about a Dark moon and I had that night looked on my calender and it said on July 30th my birthday there was going to be a new moon.
    I don’t know a lot about the different types of moons but I’m pretty sure that a new moon is when you can’t see the moon.
    I’m not really sure what a Dark moon is but just thought that the talk of moons in the same night was cool.
    I’m already deep in the book almost half way through, I read it lat into the night.
    I’m really enjoying it!

  7. oh no way! you making another book! cool thats gonna be awesome! i love books!!!! 😀

  8. So that’s why you have not been replying. Well that explains everything. But that’s okay. Go Angie! You can do it! 🙂

  9. Maddie

    Ah man. I asked questions galore two days after this was posted. I didn’t see this though. My apologizes, Angie. Good luck! I know that it will be great!

  10. Hey Angie sorry to bother you,
    Is there going to be a seventh book or is that what the magykal papers are?? Sorry if this question sounds stupid

    • Yes, the last book (no. 7) will be published in 2013 (or maybe 2012).

      • Maddie

        2013! Oh my. I will really have to re read the whole series near coming out time.

    • Keavon

      In the origional post, she SAID she is writing book 7…

  11. Hannah

    Hey Angie
    I’ve read ur books and I’m a big fan!
    I can’t wait to read Darke I hope I get it for my birthday.I love to read… One of my more nerdier aspects. I want to be a writer too… I love to write, my head is always brimming with ideas I just have trouble expanding on them. But it could be that Im only just turning 14.
    My moms a writer… Well not yet she hasn’t been published but she’s been working on something for a few years now.
    Do have any advice for her?

    Another question I was just wondering how did the idea of Magyk come to you. Was it brewing in your head for a long time, or did it just suddenly come to u and u just had to write it down?
    Oh one more thing how old is Marcia Overstrand?
    Good luck with book 7! 😉 🙂

  12. Hannah

    Another question I have for u is what exactly is Marcia Ov

  13. srry about all the questions on AA4……
    i read ur letter AFTER i posted.
    D:> Sorry again!

  14. pammyd

    Thank you for all your books! I love Books in series and I enjoy reading Septimus Heap. Must say, DARKE was my favorite!

  15. Bryony :)

    Good luck with book 7, I can’t wait even though it’s not coming out for a loooooong time 🙂

    • Biggest Fan of Septimus Heap

      Dear Angie,

      I wish the seventh book would come out sooner, but take ur time we all need this one to be as great as all the others. Oh…. and a question what is the 7th book going to be called?

      Biggest Fan of Septimus Heap;)

      • The title is going to be revealed December 2011, although there is a big hint in DARKE.

  16. Larandia

    Before I read any of the new books I re read through the others, so any mistooks in the new book jump out at me. As in the case of one JP, who in his series of Maximum Ride books, the heroine’s eyes suddenly turn from brown to blue. I bet writing Physik was a nightmare. It always is if you write about time travel. One squashed fly and you could wipe out an entire family. (I know because I’ve tried it). But so far I haven’t found one mistook in your stories. We love them. In fact (though don’t tell our eldest son who introduced me to your books), but I like your style of writing better than JKR’s.

    Keep writing.


    • Keavon

      I agree there have been no mistakes reciently. I only found two ever, and they were in earlier books. I can only remember one of them, which is that Alther knows about the Queen’s Way because he was at Keeper’s Cottage. Although he never went past the fishing spot at the entrance the Deppin’s Ditch.
      I posted the second one along with this one on the first or second page of Asl Angie, so do a search for my name.

      Anyways, despite these insignificant errors, the Septimus Heap series is the best book series in the world by a long shot! Keep up the stunning work, Angie! (And don’t take other people’s ideas on what to put in book 7. Make it completly your own, like it always has been! That’s what makes the books so good!

      As a side note, when will you announce the name of the last book, Angie? My personal guesses are Charm, or Draggen

      Anyways, I LOVED Darke and it was definitly the best book you have ever written! Take your time with #7 and make it even better than #6! (Could you maybe make the final book be 169 chapters instead of 49?)

  17. Alison

    Just finished Darke and I honestly think it was the best one in the series so far! I’m just worried that Beetle has gotten over Jenna and doesn’t like her in a romantic way anymore! That would be really upsetting because they’re my favorite couple.Thanks for writing such a wonderful series and I can’t wait to see where book 7 takes everyone 🙂

  18. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Sounds great! I can’t wait for more news.
    Congrats on all the reading and cleaning 😀

  19. niah

    Don’t hurry! Cuz if you will, book will not be as good as it would be if you would write it when you would want it to (huh that was dificult sentence…hope it was clear to understand). Well just take your time 🙂

  20. spitfyrerocks

    Dear Angie,
    I absolutley adore your books, and I have a couple questions about your final book. #1, i’ve read Flyte, and based on how funny Alther reacted to the spider bite in Marcia’s memory, could you possibly make Marcia get bit by a spider. Imagine how funny that would be.
    #2 Another one is if you could make marcia’s parent come to pay Marcia a visit that would be very memorable. That would be awesome.
    Thanks for listening!

  21. Sarah

    just want to say hello 🙂
    Omg its hard to believe that book 7 is going to be the last one.Can’t wait to hear more about it
    Your books really give life to my imagination
    great job on everything

  22. Elsie

    Hi Angie,
    Just a quick question. Do you by any chance no when the 7th book will be out? You also said previously that you would be a writing a book on Marcia, any news on that?

    Thank you and all the best.
    Elsie 🙂

  23. Angie, I wish you the best of luck with writing the seventh book. I absolutely adore your writing style and have enjoyed reviewing all of your books on my blog. With each new installment to the series, you seem to become more adept at writing what readers will love. I’m thankful to have saturated myself in your literature at one point in my life. 🙂

  24. hi angie!! i love your books i hope you make a another book after dakre. and you should read 100 cupboards its really good but i think he should make a fourth book after. also my last question is….. how did you just think up this wonderful book!!!

    – fan of angie sage –

  25. ecoli

    Good luck then for Book 7, Angie!
    I still have some questions in Ask Angie 4, but take time – I will not look or post anymore for some time, due to the summer holidays. Still, good luck and hopefully no interruption

  26. Queen Jenna

    Thanks Angie for writing and I hope the writing is going well and I will not write to many questions anymore.
    P.S.I love Septimus Heap and Araminta Spook(Spookie)

  27. Nathan Grym Woods

    Hi, I love the book series and I have 1 question that relates to it, and 1 other one that relates to writing in general.

    Will the 7th book be the final one in the Series?

    And my other question: I am a high school student and I am working on a novel, but school is keeping me very busy and I have barely been able to make any progress with it (86 pages in 4 months). How long does it roughly take to write a novel about as thick as Darke when one is a writer by profession?

    • Yes, book 7 is the final one in the SH series.
      As for the second question: a year or more.

      • Biggest Fan of Septimus Heap

        Hi Angie, I absolutely love the SH series. I have a question when is the 7th book coming out

  28. Drew

    oops… I have ten questions awaiting moderation
    have a feeling those won’t get through
    but I sent them 2 days ago, so, you know, I didn’t know

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