Letters from Angie Sage (16)


DARKE is out!  Well, it’s out in the USA and we in the UK are having to be patient for a bit longer. (OK, a lot longer.) I know some people here are buying the US edition on Amazon and have asked what the difference is. Well, it is a little different from the UK edition in that it is in American English, has a different board cover – a plain colour with symbols pressed into it, which I think looks great, and it also has those lovely untrimmed pages. So the choice is yours…

Apart from hoping DARKE is going to do really, really well, I am getting on with Book 7 now and hoping to be halfway through by the time DARKE comes out here in the UK. When it is published here I’ll be travelling around the country doing lots of signings – really looking forward to that too.

So, on behalf of all of us in the UK I want to ask a big favour (I know Shauki has already posted this): please don’t give away anything in DARKE on the Ask Angie sections – not until October. Just so that people can still enjoy reading it in October, not knowing what’s going to happen. Thank you! Have a nice summer (or winter in Oz).


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34 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage (16)

  1. yay first comment and thanks angie and shauki for the wonderful book

  2. Lindsay

    It’s true that us in the uk have to wait! Or do we? I have downloaded the unabridged audio book from iTunes it is narrated by the same person as all the others and it is also available on kindle. I have only listened to the first chapter but it sounds as excellent as all the others thanks angle for another litterary masterpiece

  3. Bryony :)

    Congratulations Angie! I’m english so I’m still waiting for it to come to my house but I read it on my iPod and I’m currently listening to the audiobook. I love it! 😀 Good luck with book 7…

  4. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Awesome! I got a 20 dollar gift card to the bookstore so I’m going to get Darke! 😀

    Congratulations Angie!

  5. Sarah

    congrats Angie!! keep doing the great work
    i still can’t believe that book 7 will be the last one 😦 it’s so sad to think about

  6. Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

    I half want the seventh one to be published NOW, and I also half want it to take a while so that the series won’t have to end. **sniffle** There’s also an awkward third half of me still clinging on to the hopes that there will be more than seven… 😀

  7. Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

    What kind of things would editors change in the writing to make it into American English? Just wondering.

  8. Larandia

    Not being one of those people who are iPod iliterate, I have one but my husband uses it mostly, I almost jumped out of my computer chair when I saw DARKE is available to read on it. Perhaps it will help me to become iPod literate, but I doubt it, because I love the feel of a book. Although I do have the other books on audio disc and they take the boredom out of housework, I still love my books. There’s also no worries about my giving out any details of DARKE. My husband is a fan also, but he hasn’t read them all yet, so mum’s the word.

    Doing signings? When. WHERE! There are three authors on my list at the moment to see and so far I have only seen Eoin Colfer and we had to travel from Dunstable to Yorkshire to see him. The other two we both want to see are You, and Val Tyler.

    I expect it will be sad for you when you finish No 7. I write stories myself, (for the family, especially the grandchildren) and I know how much I hate actually finishing the last page. It’s like leaving friends and going away. (I put it off all the time. Ha. Ha.)

    Edna (Larandia).

  9. ow too bad, I was looking forward to reading something during the holidays ;( when will it come to the rest of europe?

  10. Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

    I noticed something in Darke that I wanted to ask about. (This is only really a spoiler if you haven’t read Syren, so don’t continue reading this comment if that is the case!)

    In Syren, it says that Stanley’s ratlets are named Lydia, Edward, Faith and Sydney. In Darke, their names are Florence, Morris, Robert, and Josephine. I don’t know if I missed something, but was this name change on purpose?

  11. allyy

    yess!! winter in oz!

  12. Sherry


  13. Rachel Emily

    Judging by the number of people who say they bought in in the first week (including me, my birthday was exactly 7 days after it came out) yeah, Darke will do well.

  14. Erica

    Just want to say that Darke is wonderful! Got it today as a birthday present, so it´s the American edition. But it´s really wonderful. Thanks, Angie, for a beautiful book, even though I haven´t read more than 80 pages.

  15. Chloe

    It was amazing! I live in th uk so i orderd it online, and I finished reading it today 🙂

  16. TheGreatBug

    I just finished reading Darke! Absolutely loved it; think it’s my favorite so far!

  17. Just began the Septimus Heap series. I want to say that so far i find it riveting and expect much satisfaction in the books to come, including Darke. 🙂 I will look forward to reviewing the first, Magyk. Good luck with the seventh book, Angie. :^)

  18. I’m really hungry for some movie news . ooohhh .. Still, congrats on Darke Angie ! 🙂

  19. SeptimusLover13

    Dear Ms. Sage,
    I’m a huge fan and I read Darke in four hours! It was the best one yet! What’s the seventh book going to be called? I have a question/favor to ask you. Do you think that you could add in a girl named Carly Keep in the seventh book? For some reason, when I think about Septimus Heap, I always see it through the eyes of 13 yr old Carly. I know that you probably have an idea of what’s going to happen in the seventh one, but if you could put Carly in I would be so happy! She doesn’t have to be a main character (unless you want her to be!). Also, I just wanted to point out something that confused me a little. (TO ANYONE WHO HASN’T READ DARKE YET, DON’T READ THE REST OF THIS COMMENT. SPOILER ALERT!) It says that Sep had feelings for Syrah and was hoping that she had feelings for him, but Sep is 14 and Syrah’s 521. I’m just a little confused on the age difference. Also will Merrin be in the seventh one?
    Thanks for reading!

  20. Hannah Long

    Love Darke! I finished reading it a few days ago.
    After I read Syren, I thought of what might happen in the last book, and now that I’ve finished book 6, it seems like it could actually happen O_O
    Keep, er, writing! 🙂

  21. What is the 7th books name going to be????

  22. Harmoni

    Hi,Angie. I am a HUGE fan of yours,and,I was wondering if you could give me advice on the book I’m writing. You know,how to keep my mind on the plot and story,tell me what inspired you,etc. PLEASE let me know if you can.
    Can’t wait to read Darke,

  23. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    I really enjoyed Darke!! It was full of suspense and adventure. 😀 😀
    I’ve been rereading it many, many, many times!

  24. Astrid

    I just got darke for my birthday! Can’t wait for the 7th book ( I’m almost finished Darke)!!!!!! Your my favorite author 🙂

  25. I heart Darke so far on my nook and I have read the whole series!!! You are one of my fave authors!!! When I heard it was coming out I flipped out! Syren is brilliant!!! I started when I was 9 and read it all through the school year!!! I wish it was a movie but I heard they were making Magyk into a movie!! I will be 1st in line to see it!!! 😀
    – Your #1 fan!! 😀

  26. Alessia

    Hello Angie!
    My name is Alessia and I am a GREAT FAN OF SEPTIMUS! Here in Italy only the four of his books are available and I have read all of them! They are really FANTASTIC!
    I have heard a film soon going to be adapted from “Magyk”…. WAOOOOO! I would very much -like play a role in it- I think I could be Jenna, because I look like her.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot.
    Yours Alessia

  27. Cate

    Hey Angie, just wanted to ask: when is the new book out in the UK? I’m dying to know, as you’re a great author!!!! 😀 Cate x

  28. Does anyone know when the newest book is going to be out in the US? Thanks! And Angie, I LOVE your books! I’ve read all of them including Darke! Thanks for writing such AWESOME books!!!! 😀 I can’t wait!!!!!!!!! 😀 🙂 And also, I hope in the newest book that Beetle and Jenna get closer or something and I’m SOO sad that this is going to be the LAST book!!! 😦 Thanks!
    Kristina ❤

  29. I’m one of the patient people here in the uk (no offence) I’m a big fan of angie sage although only read the three first books i’m really excited for the film!
    By Dan

  30. MarciaOverstrandRules

    Hi Angie
    Good luck and congratulations with your new and to be books.
    As a new person to the septimus heap series (I love them!) i was wondering how many books are in the series?

    Thanks Poppy x

  31. Bronwyn

    I’m so excited for the 7th book and the movie. I loved Ariminta Spookie while I was little and now I love Septimus Heap. 🙂

  32. RJ


    Is there any news on Book 7 Fyre? I was expecting to hear something around this time. And I am not excited about the movie, they tend to destroy the books. Leave way too much out of the movies, and mess up the story lines!


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