Character of the month: Snorri Snorrelssen


WARNING! If you haven’t read the the whole series, do not read the comments on this post.
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41 thoughts on “Character of the month: Snorri Snorrelssen

  1. niah

    I like the way she is “dancing” around when she doesn’t want to go trough the ghost. 🙂

  2. Bryony :)

    I like snorri because she’s strong willed and everything but I don’t like how she made nicko ‘un-nicko’…I think it’s a great picture though and I love Ullr.

  3. barratt

    yeah,i like ullr.VERY vicious

  4. Amelia

    Uggghh… I really haaatee her she ruined Nicko…

    • Biggest Fan of Septimus Heap

      She Did ruin NIck but then a came back to regular Nicko when she left.

  5. Chloe

    I like her , I think she’s a really strong character. Although she did change NIcko, he also changed her – she seemed to become more shy and less stong willed or like herself. I think it was unintentional both ways, though.

  6. Sarah

    totally agree she’s a great character and all but she totally ruined nicko’s character
    that’s why i love darke!!…no not spoiling it for anybody though

  7. Why is it snorrelsOn ? Isn’t it supposed to be snorrelsEn ? And yes, I do agree with Bryony and Amelia. She changed Nicko. I like the old Nicko. Always snorting with laughter.

  8. jb

    I find snorri strong willed and has her mind made up. I feel the time she spent together with Nicko was too much. I feel they fell out of something and they find they are really not for each other.

    Going in back in time, has dramatically change their views on everlasting relationships.

  9. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Whoo! Snorri! One of my favorite characters.
    She does seem to have changed Nicko…let’s hope it’s for the best. 🙂

  10. Opal

    I’ve always liked Snorri; I think the series needed someone like her. She’s strong but not annoying and clever, too. And I never thought her effect on Nicko was bad at all. He just became a little more mature, and I don’t think that’s a terrible thing. 🙂

    • Myka

      Yes, definitely. It’s not that awful that he changed a bit, and I think the whole being-stuck-in-Time ordeal also contributed to the change – it wasn’t just Snorri.

  11. Jill Brown

    I am a 4th grade teacher and I love all of your Septimus books! Please help me with a couple of things-the names you’ve given characters are delightful! Are they real names/? They sound Norwegian or Norwegian like! I am so fascinated by your names of characters and places! Snorri Snorrelson is the greatest name for a literary character! I use your characters’ names and your names of places to teach alliteration! I can’t wait to see if my predictions for the future of these characters comes true! Good job!
    Jill Brown

  12. Mark

    Hey! Yes, Snorri did change Nicko, But hey, take Snorri out of the story and it would be awful.

  13. josh

    I can’t beleive you guys! Nicko has hardly changed hes still the feice and daring person he was before hes just found another person to look out for!

  14. niah

    I was thinking….If there wouldn’t be Snorri there wouldn’t be a reason to go to House of foryks….and in Syren Septimus, Jenna and Bettle wouldn’t catch that storm including the lightning….wouldn’t land on Syren islands…wouldn’t know that there was something going on…and the army would kill Marcia….and the Castle would be in great trouble! So I’m glad that Snorri is in those books! 🙂

    • Bryony :)

      Yeah, and there wouldn’t be queste or syren…good working out Niah 🙂

  15. Kimberley

    I think Snorri is really cool. She has changed Nicko but I think it’s not so bad. I also think this is a really good picture of her.

  16. Ullr

    I think it was the House of Foryx that changed Nicko, not Snorri. And I really like Snorri. I think she’s a good charecter and Ullr is awesome.

  17. ArouraSilvereyes

    Well now that’s Snorri’s left I can definitely say that I can’t wait to see the old and laughing Nicko in the 7th book. And I hope he goes on an adventure with Sep it been way too since he has 🙂

    Oh and about the 7th book do you think it’ll end with Septimus becoming the ExtraOrdinary Wizard or Jenna becoming the Queen. My friends say that it has to be one or the other. Personally I’m hoping for both.

    Oh and did you know that if Sep becomes the next ExtraOrdinary Wizard he’ll be the 777th? I thought that was funny.

    But whether its written down that Sep becomes the ExtraOrdinary or not he will be. Did you cacth the hint in Darke? It’s the Chapter Bott’s Bridge where the Things break out of the Safety Curtain “Many years later, when the Safety Curtain was raised by one who wished he had not missed his only chance to see it done, this scene was the first to be replayed.”

    • Hello ArouraSilvereyes! 😀

      I think neither will happen. Jenna is still P-I-W. I think she’s too young to be Queen. And I don’t think Septimus would become EOW YET. We don’t want Marcia too die or retire do we? I most certainly do not like that! Marcia is one of my favorite characters. 🙂

      Angie has plans for other Sep Heap books. It’s just the Main Series that will end. Maybe she’ll put those remarkable events in there. Who knows? 🙂

      • ArouraSIlvereyes

        Haruka(dont know how to type that)Hare, I totally get what you’re saying and i definitely do NOT want Marcia to die or retire (knowing her that latter will probably never happen:). I was thinking like an epilogue type thing, you know the chapter at the end that says 10 years later…

        Although a second series would be even better! I’m so depressed that Sep Heap is ending with the next book:(

  18. Kimberley

    Snorri is awsome and I will miss her if she never comes back. I can’t believe anyone who wants to see Snorri go! It isn’t like she changed Nick on purpose. Actually, I agree with Ullr (see above). It might’ve been the House of Foryx that changed him.

  19. Willow

    Snorri’s my favourite character. I love everything about.
    She is a great character. She and Nicko make a funny match. I hope they get married. Snorri has a very strong and funny personality in the story. I hope she’s the same in the movie of Physik. Love u Snorri!!!!!

    • disofneinfoewspnfpi

      I love her too 😀 she and Nicko is my favourite characters 🙂

  20. shana

    I don’t understand how Snorri has changed Nicko. He seems the same to me. Can someone please explain?

  21. Lyla

    ArouraSlivereyes, I thought Sep saw it done he just didn’t help do it. I might have just read to fast though. Who knows?

  22. Karish

    I read the last books in this series last year and I kind of forgot how Septimus and Nicko met Snorri and why? Can someone please remind me?

  23. Sarah

    well in the first few chapters in physik jenna bumped into her near the trader’s market and later when spit fyre was doing the seek he landed on her boat cause of the smell of bacon…if im not mistaken

  24. Diana

    I totally understand Snorri’s decision at the end of Darke. (Hey, no spoilers, don’t worry!) She is a really good character, but, personally, I thought her chapters were dull.

  25. ArouraSIlvereyes

    Good ol’ Spit Fyre… he really has his priorities straight doesn’t he? I love that dragon 🙂

  26. Gabi

    Yeah, Spit Fyre is awsome!!! I would love to have a dragon like him! I probably would have mistaken the Dragon egg (rock) Jenna gave him for a rock too. Septimus is really lucky. I wish I could have seen him fly with Spit Fyre. 🙂

  27. i am still on flyte but an looking forward to met this Snorri

  28. .....

    Snorri is my favourite character 😀

  29. Duwljgkcusnuzkwuhhgbdkcysj

    I. Love. Her. 🙂 ❤

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