DARKE Illustrations: Larry and The Two-Faced Ring

This week:
Saturday (28. 05) – The Darke Dragon and Ethel
Sunday (29. 05) – Larry and The Two-Faced Ring

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22 thoughts on “DARKE Illustrations: Larry and The Two-Faced Ring

  1. Bryony :)

    Ooh, the two faced ring looks like it would be really uncomfortable to wear, poor merrin! 🙂

  2. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Larry looks angry…(as he is in the books! He’s always grumpy.)
    The two-faced ring is a great depiction…just as I imagined it 😀

  3. Jeff

    Wow! I can’t wait to see what part Larry plays in Darke! and who are the wizards on the Two-Faced Ring?

  4. niah

    Does Larry have closed eyes or they are open and scary?

  5. wow cool bt two faced ring looks creepy

  6. Sarah

    the ring looks really cool XD
    is larry wearing googles??

  7. Jenni

    ooooooo…. o.o ::—)

  8. Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

    Is he wearing glasses? His eyes are all white.

  9. Bryony :)

    He he I love how everyone says that larry has really creepy eyes!

  10. Jenna Haruka

    I laughed when I saw Larry . Dunno why, but I did . 😀

  11. Taylor

    I might be crazy, but I don’t remember a Larry from the books.Am I?

  12. Emily

    Wow, Mark Zug is such an AMAZING illustrator!!

  13. Imogen

    Wow, i’d hate to be wearing the two-faced ring all day!

    Just imagine eating a sandwich and glancing at it while you take a mouthful!

    It’s so creepy i’d probably saw my own thumb off just to get rid of it.

    I’m serious.

    And I also wonder who the wizards are!

    Are we going to find out in Darke?

  14. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Larry is the owner of Larry’s Dead Language Translation Services. He’s supposed to be really grumpy (I guess) 😛

  15. ammy

    The Two-faced Ring looks a little different than how I imagined. So cool now, it’s like Sep has the Dragon Ring and Merrin has his own evil ring. I really wanna read this book!

  16. I loved book one so much that I am going to buy them all. I think you should make them into a movie. I love it.

  17. 1:O.O*to Larry* STOP STARING AT ME!!!!!!!NIEAGHHH!!!!!!
    2:The ring is most likely T.T.F………not like i imagined.

  18. Is Larry going to translate the heirogliphics on top of the Pyramid Library? It’s mentioned back in Flyte that the can only be translated at a time when the Castle is in great peril…..


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