DARKE Illustrations: The Darke Dragon and Ethel

This week:
Saturday (28. 05) – The Darke Dragon and Ethel
Sunday (29. 05) – Larry and The Two-Faced Ring

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16 thoughts on “DARKE Illustrations: The Darke Dragon and Ethel

  1. Sarah

    omg i feel so bad for spit fyre who has to fight that thing!!!! DX
    ethel looks so adorable XD i love ducks

  2. niah

    AWW That dragon looks so beautiful…Ethel is the duck I would have too!

  3. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    😀 Awesome!
    Ethel’s cute! And the Darke Dragon looks sweet.

  4. Bryony :)

    That’s cool. the dragon is HUGE and I love Ethel! 🙂

  5. Jenni

    cool… :”o :—D

  6. ~Amy~

    wow, that dragon looks beyond amazing, and ethel is just sooo cute

  7. Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

    That dragon looks like the giant evil one from How To Train Your Dragon.

  8. Jenna Haruka

    Ethel’s so CUTE ! That dragon looks fat . Hehe . 🙂

  9. OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING!?!?!?! Please don’t tell me it’s Spit Fyre.
    Lol. I don’t actually even think it’s a dragon. More of some crazy monster. Is that the Port it’s mawling?
    Oh, and hello Ethel.

  10. I sure can’t wait to read chapter 40. xD
    I saw Darke in the back shelves of the bookstore last Friday. Too bad I couldn’t have bought it. I should have plenty to read from the preview on the Harper Collins’ website though.

  11. Myka

    I think Ethel’s adorable, but his name has always seemed odd… it almost sounds like Etheldredda!

  12. SeptimusLover13

    Darke Dragon: k, it may be darke and evil and stuff but man it’s cool!!!

    Ethel: omg that’s so cute!!! i’ve adored ethel ever since jenna recused him from being eaten *shudder* sarah seems too love him even more than me though! 🙂

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