Septimus Heap #6: DARKE – Browse Inside

That’s right! You can browse inside the sixth book in the Septimus Heap series! Click on the image to read the first 11 chapters! (Warning: do not read Other Back Matter or What Happened in the Darke Domaine – and Afterward).

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16 thoughts on “Septimus Heap #6: DARKE – Browse Inside

  1. Sarah

    omg stop it!! its coming soon!! nooooo
    its tormenting me!!!

  2. wow I’m so exited that I finished all 11 chapters
    tnx angie and shauki

  3. Bryony :)

    Awesome, amazing, magyk, great, (lots of other words for describing it that I can’t think of/can’t write because it would take up loads of room 😛 )… Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait 12 (I think) days till it comes out 😦 …there should be a timer counting down till it comes out 😀 !!!!

  4. niah

    You should hear the sound I throw from my mouth when I saw this!

  5. Sarah

    ok…so i reluctanly read it because i told myself to read no further than the first two chapters but i couldnt help myslef and i ended up reading the whole eleven chapters and umm…i was literaly on the edge of my seat reading this
    pure magyk i swear its amazing and now what am i supposed to do…WAIT!!! noo i have to keep reading poor beetle!!!!!! everything is going crazy i have to keep reading
    ya i am going crazy…i need to read more magyk soon

  6. it’s exactly what i image…great!

  7. Awesomeness

    It was really good. I thought it was funny that Merrin caught the flu, it was probably from eating all that candy.

    From reading all eleven chapters I see why the book is named darke. First reason is Sep’s Darke Week and the other reason is Merrin.

  8. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Uh oh, I am now going to click on it…. (dun dun DUN)
    I will inform everyone how far I can restrain myself when I get there.. 😛

  9. Jerri

    Many thanks to Angie and the publishers (and the lawyers) for letting us get to see so much of “Darke” before our printed copies arrive. I will be able to skip right to Chapter 12 when my copy gets here, which will let me all the sooner be finished and ready for my slow re-read, when I will do only a couple of chapters a day and think about them closely.

    I also love the maps, which aren’t available from this link, you need the one a bit earlier with the prologue and chapter 1, that also has the maps. From the maps I have figured out where I think Simon is. I hope we get an update on what is happening to him soon! I have also been playing the game as well. And enjoying the illustrations.



  10. niah

    Nooo I need to know what happens to Beetle!!

  11. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Absolutely amazing (I read all the way through to the 11th chapter)…thank you very, very much for letting all the readers read Darke before it comes out!

  12. Sherry

    I can’t wait for the book now!!! But why didn’t they finish the chapter? It just ended it and then skip to the very end. Strange…

  13. why the book worked before now it’s just bringing:Sorry This Page Is Not available
    but no problem only 2 days left

  14. ammy

    Argh! I knew I shouldn’t have read this, it only made me want to read the whole book even more! Why’s chapter 11 cut off in the middle, it’s not fair! I HAVE TO REEAAAD!!!

  15. I guess I can’t say that I’m your BIGGEST fan, since you have so many… But I am definitely somewhere at the top of the list! I really want to meet you! You should’ve seen my reaction when I saw that they were making a MOVIE! I was giggling wildly and jumping up and down. But don’t let them make the movie really bad after your perfection. I love how you can make it so exciting and addictive that we all want to read more. I hope that you respond to this, Mrs. Sage!

  16. Lilly

    I think that ending the chapter early was gineus!!!!!!! It leaves us on edge diying to find out what happens to bettle. I am also happy bettle gets somr reconition he deserves. He’s been there since book 2 and has been hiding in the shadows ever since. BTW I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I also hope she will write more than the expected 7 books. Even though 7 is Magykal.;)

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