DARKE Illustrations: Jenna and Simon

This week:
Friday (20. 05) – Jenna and Simon
Saturday (21. 05) – Merrin and The Thing

Next week:
Saturday (28. 05) – The Darke Dragon and Ethel
Sunday (29. 05) – Larry and The Two-Faced Ring

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17 thoughts on “DARKE Illustrations: Jenna and Simon

  1. Jenna Haruka

    Oh my! I’ve been waiting since morning! And here it is! 😀 Jenna’s so much like I imagined Queen Cerys. 🙂

  2. Jenni

    oooooooooooh :—-D likeee those tooo ofc 8–)

  3. niah

    Is that really Simon!? He is so…don’t know what (in a good way).
    Jenna looks so grown up.

  4. Bryony :)

    Yay! Jenna looks really cool, I guess she looks older and she also looks like she has magykal symbols on her outfit. Simon looks different, less evil (SEAGULL! :P). I can’t wait to see all the others 🙂 …

  5. awesome

    Yes! this answers my question I posted yesterday.

  6. Jeff

    Awesome. AWE-SOME. (Simon’s boots are cool)

  7. noah

    hey theres my cuz and my big bro lol

  8. Sarah

    omg jenna and simon’s new picture look amazazing!!!
    so many spoilers!!AHH!! stop tormenting me!!!i want to read it so bad!!

  9. Taylor

    OMG I look so much like Jenna its not even funny

  10. Drew

    Wow, is it just me or is Simon starting to look a bit more like Silas?

  11. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Awesome…both do look older (well, since Jenna’s supposed to be 14 anyways)

  12. Sherry

    I like the older picture better. (For Simon) He looks sad and after reading the first chapter of Darke, I can see why. I can’t help but feel sorry for him. I think he should move to another castle and become Extra Ordinary Wizard there. Promblem solved!! Maybe… As for Jenna, she looks nice. But I think the older one is better,too.

  13. ammy

    So glad they finally made a new Simon picture. If it weren’t for his cloak, he’d look perfect

  14. Amelia

    I looooovee the drawing of Jenna ugggh I was about to give away a spoiler… :S

    I re-drew it myself (:

  15. I think they keep messing up Jenna – I always imagine her totally different! But Simon looks awesomely amazing, so that’s OK.

  16. ivy

    wow jenna looks so cool

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