DARKE Prologue and Chapter 1

For those who missed the special ebook edition of MAGYK (with the prologue and the first two chapters of DARKE), you can read now the prologue and the first chapter here!

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7 thoughts on “DARKE Prologue and Chapter 1

  1. Lau

    OMG! Thank you thank you! I’m so happy now! 😀
    That was a very good chapter. (Spoiler?)
    “Don’t call me darlin! Lucy noticed that she had a strange
    accent, which reminded her of someone, although she couldn’t
    think who.” ~ I know who is this person! XD
    The Possessor of the Two-Faced Ring~ maybe Merrin? Sooo that means Simon is Merrin’s apprentice? Oh my what a twist… XD

  2. Bryony :)

    Yay!!! I can’t wait till it comes out (I think it’s about 19 days for me, well that’s till 6th of June which I think that’s when I get book but I don’t get the kindle version till the next day (I hope) but I should be October so I’m going to have to lend it to my friends…). I think it’s awesome how they have included the pictures and map (and it’s really detailed in this book). I these the only chapters we get to see? I don’t mind as much as I guess I have the next chapter on my iPod but everyone else won’t. Aaaagh!!!! 😀 I take that back, I can’t wait 19 (or so) days for it to come out, does septimus have a speed-up-time spell? It would be useful 🙂

    • Bryony :)

      Oops, that comment was slightly longer than I anticipated :(!!!

  3. Sarah

    omg this is pure angie magyk!!
    omg omg coming so soon
    cant wait to read the rest of it

  4. Awesomeness

    I’m getting Darke for my birthday!!! Yeah!

    Is that Simon in the picture for the first chapter?

  5. niah

    Can’t wait!Love it!

  6. Sarah

    does anybody else think that the woman sitting next to lucy on the port barge could be snorri’s mom?? going to see snorri at the castle?? as much as i dont like snorri that would be good for snorri to see her mom…

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