DARKE Illustrations: Marcia and Linda

This week:
Friday (13. 05) – Beetle and Septimus
Saturday (14. 05) – Marcia and Linda

Next week:
Friday (20. 05) – Jenna and Simon
Saturday (21. 05) – Merrin and The Thing

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21 thoughts on “DARKE Illustrations: Marcia and Linda

  1. Jenni

    oh, I like those too :—) (Linda looks scary… :’D)

  2. niah

    Take a deep breath Niah…. Im so exited…OMG!!!!!!!!
    What is Marcia holding?
    Can’t wait for the next week!

    • uhhh… i know this isn’t it, but it looks like a potato chip. lol a magykal potato chip – imagine that!

  3. Bryony :)

    cooooooooooool 😀 i wonder what the thing is…

  4. Sarah

    I love Marcia’s new pitcure!!
    can’t wait to see the rest of the new pictures!!XD

  5. Lisa

    Linda looks like Bellatrix Lestrange. And Marcia just looks intense. I love ’em both 🙂

  6. ally

    i loooove marcia!

  7. Jenna Haruka

    Marcia’s amazing ! I’m excited to see jenna’s !

  8. Jeff

    Awesome! I love the illustration of Marcia. Is she holding a Pringle?

  9. Sherry

    At first I thought they were both Marcia until I saw the label. Looks awesome!!

  10. Sherry

    I can’t wait for Jenna and Simon!!!!

  11. Velimir

    These different pictures look cool! The pictures get better and better as the series progresses!!!

  12. niah

    Linda:Come here!!
    Me or any other person:Nooooo!!!(running fast..really fast)

  13. Awesomeness

    Whenever I think of Linda in Septimus Heap I don’t think of the port witch I think of Linda Lane the person who spied on the Heap family in the first book.

  14. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    All I can say is…..these illustrations are sweet!! Really cool.

  15. OK, so i wasn’t really thrilled with any of the illustrations (i always picture everyone different), but OH MY GOSH marcia looks PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Callie

    the thing she’s holding is the magykal lapis lazulis circle that lets her send messages that everyone in the wizard tower can hear.

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