Septimus Heap 6: DARKE – The Cover (2)

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14 thoughts on “Septimus Heap 6: DARKE – The Cover (2)

  1. Jenna Haruka

    Wow . The Hardback edition looks great . But I always buy paperback . Too bad . =_= I wonder how the map looks like ? 🙂

  2. peincess Jenna

    wow the cover is amazing I can’t wait for my birthday cuz my dad ordered one hope it comes out soon

  3. niah

    WoW simply wow !!!

  4. Bryony :)

    That looks soooo cool 😀 it’s a shame we can’t see what the writing says though :(!
    Wow… I’ve just worked out it’s about 28(ish) days til DARKE comes out…

  5. *sigh* I just melted! I cannot wait!!!

  6. Awesome cover! This is kind of irrelevant…but how is Darke pronounced?

  7. Larandia

    Great cover as usual. I love the covers on these books. They made me curious to read them. See. Even us old wrinkles love a good cover.

  8. Sarah

    ya know you can see the image closer if you click on it and can read the writing clearly
    its great!! cant wait to get it!!

  9. Jenna Haruka

    Oh Bother, I can’t see Mark Zug’s signature anywhere!

  10. Velimir

    I love this cover! THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AWSOME SEQUEL!!!
    PS. What’s in the box?

  11. Velimir

    I think the box has Sleuth in it.

  12. Oh thanks Bryony! English is not my mother tongue, so this got me a bit confused =)
    I do wander what’s in that box too. But the cover is from Merrin’s Darke Index, right?

  13. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Same, I also buy paperback, but maybe I’ll get a hardcover this time 😀

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