DARKE gets starred review in Kirkus!

The penultimate episode in this well-crafted series pits apprentice wizard Septimus and allies against a relentless tide of Things bent on overwhelming the Magyk that protects the town of Castle and establishing a penumbral Darke Domaine.

Their 14th birthdays become more battles for survival than celebrations for Sep and Princess Jenna when she is captured by the powerful Port Witch Coven. His planned visit to the deadly subterranean Darke Halls takes on special urgency after the Darke finds an opening in the palace and begins pouring out in a deadly tide through the streets. As usual, not only is the cast, particularly the large and tumultuous Heap family, sharply drawn both in the tale and in Zug’s finely detailed character studies at the chapter heads, but the danger and the spellcasting alike seem vividly real and credible. Lightening the load with humorous byplay and tucking in plenty of ghosts, strong-willed characters, deft literary references—a character named Bertie Bott, a house on There And Back Again Row—and a particularly exciting dragon battle, Sage expertly weaves multiple new and continuing plotlines together. An appendix ties up what loose ends it can while leaving the door open for the conclusion.

A memorable, edge-of-the-seat escapade that will enthrall confirmed fans and newbies alike. (Fantasy. 10-12)


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12 thoughts on “DARKE gets starred review in Kirkus!

  1. Bryony :)

    That’s really cool, it also gives a bit more information on it…I didn’t realise Jenna was captured (again!). I love how she’s a princess and so is captured all the time… Aaah! I can’t wait for it to come out 🙂

  2. Chloe

    Oh wow! I know it will be amazing 🙂 and now I know more about it. I can’t wait now!

  3. Sarah

    OMG thats amazazing!! Can’t wait to read it!! sounds awesome

  4. Jenna Haruka

    How lucky of them to have read it . =_= I’m so excited for next month ! 🙂

  5. ally

    thats awesome 🙂 still waiting eagerly!!!

  6. Beatrice

    AAAAH!!! The review sounds so GOOD 😀 I have to read it!

  7. Priya

    YAY! 😀

  8. Bryony :)

    Oooh… I have an idea… I shall pretend I’m old enough for a job so I can be a reporter for a newspaper/magazine so I can write a review on DARKE (as they read it now)… Do you think it’ll work?! 😛

  9. Kaori

    i really can’t wait to read this book… i hope it will come soon!:D

  10. Teresa

    Oh and I don’t understand why some fans (namely my friends) don’t like Marcia as a character. They all think she lacks empathy for people in general but I don’t think that’s true at all. In fact, she seems to care a lot about others (except for jerks like Jillie Djinn), I just don’t think she likes to show that she does. Is that right, Angie or am I crazy? Also, speaking of Djinn, I started thinking that she might be the person who dies. Do you think we will be saying Bon Voyage to that obnoxious CHS before the series ends? You don’t hsve to tell me if it will give too much away.

  11. ArouraSilvereyes

    (Someone dies? There something I hadn’t heard about) On a totally unrelated note, WHY THE COULDN’T THEY HAVE GIVEN US THIS INFO SOONER?! AAGGGHH!! I am waayy to worked up over this series!! But can you blame me? Its (and I apoligize for the bad language but I just can’t stop myself) freakin’ FANTASTIC!

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