Character of the month: JENNA HEAP


WARNING! If you haven’t read the the whole series, do not read the comments on this post.
Illustration © Mark Zug
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16 thoughts on “Character of the month: JENNA HEAP

  1. great cuz she is me

  2. Bryony :)

    Yay!!! I love Jenna, she’s so awesome and cool and she’s such a strong female character… I think she’ll be a great Queen :D. I just turned on this site and I just saw ‘Character of the month: JENNA HEAP’ and i was like wow!… I wonder if she’ll be Queen soon, I hope so 😉
    I love the name Jenna (and Jen), it sounds sooo cool, and I love the name HEAP! My friends just shout HEAP randomly!

  3. niah

    I like Jenna…she is a great character!And I like her in this picture the most!!(all of the pictures are great)

  4. Sarah

    YAY!! I was waiting for Jenna to be character of the month for awhile and what other month than MAY!! may is a perfect month for Jenna especially with the nice times coming soon
    I love Jenna…she has such an amazing personality!! If she were real me and her would be great friends i just know it
    betcha though she would be friends with everybody!! she’s very nice like that

  5. Sarah

    I also like that she likes to do everything with Sep and try to help him as much as possible
    Whenever Jen is around Sep is not that far away!XD

  6. jenna

    Yay! Jenna is my favorite character! I love how she is so headstrong and confident, almost like there is nothing that she cannot do! I guess that’s what it means to be named “Jenna”!

  7. Jenna Haruka

    I suppressed my scream into a strangled squeak . 😀

    I SSSOOOOOOO LOVE Jenna! And I’m happy that she’s the character of the month because May is my birth month . ^^

  8. peincess Jenna

    coooooool but did anyone noticed that since milo banda in Jenna’s real father her name will be Jenna Banda but in every where it’s written Jenna Heap
    P.S.Happy birthday Jenna Haruka and my birthday is on may too 21 of may

    • Jenna Haruka

      Thank You Princess Jenna ! I guess you’ve read my “Letter” to Angie . 🙂 I know someone who has the same birthday as yours . Advanced Happy Birthday ! 😀

    • Jenna Haruka

      Or maybe I just said that May is my birth month . ^^

  9. Cool I’m da character of da month

  10. Emily

    Jenna is soooooooooo awesome!!!!!!! Sometimes I just wish I could be her! 😀

  11. dera

    I can’t find book 5 in Indonesia..

  12. Jenna( anna )

    i love jenna so much

  13. Jenna( anna )

  14. wioebguireogni0rehgerhgieh

    I don’t want to be rude or something but this is my opinion about her..
    I really don’t like Jenna, she has annoyed me a lot through the books and I was never like “YAY Jenna :D” I think she elbows in things she doesn’t need to be involved in. (sorry for bad english)
    I agree with Simon in Flyte a liiiiittle bit, she has been so annoying to me.
    But I can stand her though.
    No hate.. 😉

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