Character of the month: MILO BANDA



WARNING! If you haven’t read the the whole series, do not read the comments on this post.
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21 thoughts on “Character of the month: MILO BANDA

  1. Bryony :)

    I always feel a bit sorry for milo because no one really likes him (this sometimes includes Jenna)… I do think he’s nice though because he tries to be dad-like and helpful! 🙂

    • Kaori

      i agree. Jenna should be a little kinder 2 him, cuz he tries hard to be a good dad and all

  2. Sarah

    Milo is alright…he can be an embarrassing father at times also…I just think he doesnt know how to be a dad so he tries too hard for Jenna’s liking…She’s used to Silas who had already raised many other kids before

  3. niah

    When Marcia told Jenna that he is her father I thought she wil ran to him screaming DAD! Uf I was sooooooooo wrong!

  4. Jordan

    Milo is a pretty cool name…..

  5. Katie

    it seems a bit awkward between them because Jenna has a whole other family who she’s grown up with
    but i think Milo’s really sweet and willing to help her

  6. Chloe

    Milo is a bit pompous and proud, and he seems to think he knows whats best for jenna even though they spent so many years apart, and those character traits annoy me. But, it is sad that he didn’t get to see her for so long, and he always has the best intentions. His heart is in the right place – he’s not my favourite character but he’s alright

  7. Jenna Haruka

    I kinda hated Milo for not being strong enough to look for Jenna when Queen Cerys died. But of course, without that happening the whole series won’t be fixed up . Haha . ^^

  8. ArouraSilvereyes

    Milo is soooooo the perfect character for the month of April Fools Day. That special course meal in Syren (you know the one where he dedicated each course to someone and Beetle’s course was a big lump of jelly shaped like a beetle) would have been a perfect April Fools joke. Only he was seriuos about that…. Anyway, I think Milo’s kinda of idiot, like you don’t usaully say that you want to chain a dragon to a post infront of said dragon and the dragon’s owner (I dont know who was more mad Spit Fyre or Sep!) but he’s trying really hard so I have to give him some credit. All in all I dont dislike him or like him really but he is an idoit.

  9. Sherry

    Always the unexpected charecters…

  10. Myka

    I agree with Chloe. I also think Milo sees Cerys in Jenna, and he tries to make up all that time he spent looking for the jinee army instead of being with Cerys by doing all that stuff for Jenna, but he kind of overdid it… and the jinee thing turned out to fail. And I also noticed that he thinks he could have prevented Cerys’s death, and he regrets that he wasn’t even there for Jenna’s birth. He’s not too bad… just not good at being a father.

  11. Stella

    I think Milo thinks he knows whats best for Jenn a but Jenna wants to do things her own way and doesn’t like people tellling her what to do! I think Milo is not a very nice person to be around and he thinks he can handle anything but he’s really just scared.

  12. Septimusheapisawesome

    I think Marcia has a crush on Milo Banda according to Angie in her ask angie three section. I wonder if they will get together.

  13. ArouraSilvereyes

    WHAAAT?! Are you seriuos? Marcia, have a crush on somebody?! Yeah right! She’d sooner let Spit Fyre in her bedroom or say that Aunt Zelda is better than her. (But, if she did have a crush on him… good Lord I feel sorry for Milo! Marcia gonna’s kill him, literally.)

    • Myka

      Yes, just because she hugged him in Flyte doesn’t mean she’s in LOVE with him. It was more of a friendly, oh-my-gosh-where-have-you-been-for-the-past-ten-years kind of hug.

      And I still find it hard to beleive, no matter how many arguments people make, that Milo could ever fall in love again. He still is heartbroken over Cerys’s death, and Marcia is too sensible to fall in love with someone who she knows she wouldn’t have a chance with. She just wouldn’t let herself, even if she did start to fall in love with Milo.

  14. Sherry

    Who’s next? the charecters of the month are always so unexpected,like who woul’ve thought Milo would be the charecter of the month? Maybe Snorri? Elphinaih Grebe? ALWAYS what you don’t expect…

  15. Seprox

    Well Angie has admitted several times on her Ask Angie Page that Marcia likes Milo but that she probably won’t act on it. Go and read all of the comments on the ask Angie page ( especially toward the end) if you don’t believe me. 🙂 Some people think she likes Marcellus but Angie has been dispelling those rumors. Marcellus and Marcia…now that is one nasty pairing.

  16. ArouraSilvereyes

    Oh hey! Do you think that in June, the month that Darke’s coming out in, the character of the month will be Sep? That’d be like the perfect time for that, right?

    • Kaori

      It WOULD be the perfect time for Septimus to be the character of the month! I hope he will become the it.

  17. Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

    Best embarrassing moment ever: Beetle Jelly!

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