DARKE Poster

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31 thoughts on “DARKE Poster

  1. who noticed the Two-Faced Ring? eeeeeeee, it’s weird!

  2. Adromeda Rose

    Oh my…oh my Marcellus Pye. That book comes out ON MY BIRTHDAY. I’m so happy I could explode. And does anyone else notice that above and below ‘Darke’ it outlines ‘The’ and ‘Index’. So techically it says ‘The Darke Index’. Which is making me think this has something to do with our dear beloved Merrin Marion. Geez, that guy never gives up.

    • Happy birthday soon, it will be a wonderful present. I just hope nobody somehow pirates it before it’s release, though, as it would ruin the fun.
      Oh, and his name is Merrin Meredith, not Merrin Marion.

  3. Sweet! I can’t wait! I am re-reading the series now to get ready for it.

    • And here’s a countdown:

  4. arlo

    l can’t wait. l read all of your books (in the septimusheap series) in two weeks and three days.


    I cant wait for darke to come out

  6. Maria

    OMG! My friends and I can’t wait until Darke comes out! I really want to read it. And I love that poster. I love the series and I love Septimus Heap. Angie Sage is such a good author! I can see the Two-Faced Ring on the cover. The book looks so interesting.

  7. Jenna Haruka

    I wonder where Mark Zug’s signature is on that. It’ll be harder to look for it since the cover is kind of brownish-black now.

  8. James & Matthew

    This cover looks absolutely awesome! We cannot wait until it comes out! It looks really big, and we can’t wait to read it πŸ™‚

  9. SeptimusHeapfan

    i cant wait for the book!!! and now i know how the two faces ring is

  10. Taylor

    so extremely awesome!

  11. Matilda

    When is it going to be published in Singapore?

  12. Anna-Loviisa


  13. Jenni

    I can’t waaaaiiiiitt !! :——-D

  14. Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

    I am reading the entire series a sixth time in preparation for Darke!!!

  15. Maura


  16. Maja

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY I COULD CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  17. Beatrice

    I can’t wait anymore!!!! I want to read the book already and I want that poster!

  18. How is “Darke” pronounced?

  19. Lau

    Whoa! It’s soo cool! πŸ˜€

  20. niah


  21. Bryony :)

    Wow! That’s really cool, it has the two faced ring and the box thing (I wonder what is in there)… I can’t wait πŸ˜€

  22. ally

    I would definately hang that on my wall πŸ™‚

  23. Sherry


  24. Sarah

    I want it!!

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