Letters from Angie Sage (14)

Hi all,
I’m on Chapter 4 of book 7 now, which is a little weird, really. It is hard to believe that I’m on the last one. But I don’t think it will be the end of Septimus – I still have a few ideas for Septimus books outside the main series.
Meanwhile, Stanley has discovered Twitter and taken to it like a duck to water – or a rat to a drain. You can catch him on @StanleyMsgRat and if you want to find me I’m @AngieSageAuthor, but I don’t talk as much as Stanley. But then, who does?

Happy Spring (almost)

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23 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage (14)

  1. Stanley’s on Twitter!!!! Good luck with Book 7! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  2. Shellee

    That is great news that we may get more after the 7th book. Thank you so much Angie! Your rock! 🙂

    • Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

      I hope that Angie Sage will write more too! I couldn’t handle it if the series ended so soon! 🙂

  3. Bryony :)

    I can’t believe book 7 will be the last one… 😦

  4. Yay, Ms. Sage! Can’t wait for the 7th book! I’ve loved the series since the first page…thanks for continuing to write, and continuing the magic by having seven books, haha! 😀


  5. Lorraine and L.V.YARA

    i dont want the series finish, its make me sad

  6. niah

    Its sad that youre on last book in series…in some way everybody knew there is going to be 7 books (cuz its magykal number) but its just sad!!! I wish you luck Angie and make this book even more special than others!!! 🙂 😦

  7. Georgie

    Woah, Angie, that’s great! I can’t wait till we get Darke in our libary, and now you’ve also got me excited for the final book in the series! And yes, it is upsetting that it will be the last one; but you could always write a new series about the children of septimus heap! Maybe the main character could be his daughter or something?!?? Either way, I’m sure you wont be able to stop the series forever! I want the legend to continue!!!

  8. ally

    I will miss septimus when he is gone! 😦

  9. niah

    Septimus Heap will never be gone!!!

  10. jamie

    cant wait to get the next two books but i dont want them to end! im gonna have to send darke to my cousins in the uk cuz they wont be getting it for a while!! its convenient for them that i live in arizona 🙂

  11. Ash

    hello Angie mam,
    I am, lets say madly in love with the characters of septimus heap series. Whenever I read them, it feels like i embark on a journey with them(and adventurous journey). Now, when i read it, I am just amazed by the way you write. Its simple but elegant. Its humourous still covers serious things. it seems that your characters have a whole world for themselves.

    I would love to tell you that I am your fannnnnnnn now. I simply love your writing. I read your tips to write and I hope they work out for me. I will be the happiest person, if I get to learn some lessons from you.

  12. Jenni

    Good luck, Sage :’—-)
    I’m sad too, but we have experienced a wonderful story… we should be happy and pleased, even if it will be over soon. (or… not necessarily completely… for example, who knows how many movies are coming?)

    ps. eys, my good english again…..

  13. isaac

    hello,I would like to know when we can enjoy in Spain h magykal papers.here aren’t for sale….

  14. Hey, Ms. Sage and all commenters! I’m giving away a copy of one of the Septimus Heap books as a prize on my blog! Come check it out!

    ~Eve S. D’ropper!
    *Contest now open at my blog! Check out the link: http://wordsfromthehallway.blogspot.com/2011/03/200th-post.html

  15. Michael Parten

    Just read there might be a Septimus movie. I hope if so you don’t let them change it so much That fans won’t recognize it, like what happened to eragon, Great book, horrible movie. Keep it true to the book and we all will enjoy.

    • Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

      IKR? I love Eragon the book, but they did so badly with the movie that they couldn’t even make a second one. The same with Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

  16. Jenna Haruka

    Can’t wait for the movie! And also for the 7th book. I wonder what its title is? I figured it out that there will be 7 books, and I just concluded that the Magykal Papers has quite something to do with Jenna. The 7 sons of Sarah and Silas are the series and Jenna is the Magykal Papers. The special one. ^^ I really like the series! It’s sad it has to end. 😦

  17. Dear Angie i l have only red one of your books called vampire brat and as soon as i redthe first chapter i thought i was in love i have red it 6 times allready and im know on my seventh at the moment i am on page 69 i wish i had the book vampire brat because i love it so much but at the mpment i have to use te schools book out of the libary do u think u could elp me get one like on a website or something thankyou if u could write me back that would be wonderful my email is = shannonwalsh72@yahoo.co.uk
    and my address is 51 wells road little walsingham england
    nr22 6dx thankyou bye love shannon walsh

  18. Jon Shutt

    My sister and I have been waiting for soooo long for “Darke”! I can’t wait to finally get my hands on it! I thought for sure it came out THIS month but now realize I was wrong. 😦 Bummer. Guess I outta get The Chestnut King (book 3 in the 100 cupboards series) to fill the gap! I’m glad you are considering writing some more stories about Septimus after the 7th book! Oh, BTW, I named my kitten Septimus, he’s a silver, white and black Maine Coon! You’d love him for he is as mischievous as can be! Thanks for writing!

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