Character of the month: AUNT ZELDA



WARNING! If you haven’t read the the whole series, do not read the comments on this post.
Illustration © Mark Zug
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33 thoughts on “Character of the month: AUNT ZELDA

  1. Lorraine and L.V.YARA

    Aunt Zelda is great, but Why Septimus didnt apear in character of the month??

  2. Sarah

    I love aunt zelda!
    She gives off that grandmother feel
    I hope to hear some more of her in Darke

  3. niah

    Aunt Zelda is really funny… but when she cooks…I wouldt eat that!

  4. Bryony :)

    Aunt Zelda for February, cool. I really want to meet her… but not necessarily try her cooking! 🙂

    • Bryony :)

      And I want a patchwork-tent-dress for the winter as they look really warm, kind of!… 😉

      • Bryony :)

        Oh yeah, I love aunt zelda vs. marcia battles (over anything like toothbrushes or being dragon boat keeper)!!! 😀

  5. Chloe

    Aunt Zelda is a kind grandmother figure, and she always makes people feel better 🙂 But you don’t mess with her! Aww I love her

  6. Andrei

    Aunt Zelda is funny, nice, and I WOULD dare to eat what she cooks.

  7. syrahxoxo

    aunt zelda 😀 do we heqar of boggart in darke???

  8. chickenman

    Aunt zelda reminds me a bit of santa you know. I want a blanket ,some bogart repelient ooh and a taste charm. No offense to your cooking.

  9. chikenman

    Aunt zelda reminds me a little of santa. I want a blanket , a bogart , a bogart poop begone , a tent , oooh and a taste charm . No offense to your cooking.
    LoL 😀

  10. Maura

    I love Aunt Zelda. She’s like a fuzzy bear, huggable but tough too!!

  11. Maura

    Not my best comparison…

  12. cerys luvz

    aunt zelda is a really great person and i hopes she always will remain in her patchwork tent status 😀

  13. Sherry

    How unexpected..never would’ve saw that coming!

  14. ArouraSilvereyes

    I love Aunt Zelda,she has a pretty good life. I mean, keeper of the dragon boat and having boggart, awesome. Hey, speeking of keepers in Darke will Wolf Boy be the new keeper? (If he is i cant wait to see how Marcia reacts to that!)

  15. SepOverstrand

    i cant wait to read Darke and see more Aunt Zelda vs. Marcia battles i also wonder if Jenna will be queen in this book sometime… 😉

  16. Douglas

    A congrats to Mark Zug for amazing pictures that bring out the personality of the character. Also to my favorite Author Angie Sage for making the best books in the world!! When I read Magyk I thought it was awesome so I read the rest of the books and they just kept getting better and better, and I can not wait for Darke to come out. ( I will buy it the first day.)

  17. Sherry

    Wonder who’s next? Maybe… Sep???

  18. Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

    Did anyone get the feeling from Syren that the Sep Heap series actually takes place in the future? When Septimus goes into the “Moving Chamber”, I kind of got the sense that it was an elevator. Also, when Beetle, Septimus, and Jenna were on the beach, Beetle mentioned people going to the moon in ancient times. (Astronauts?!?!) And then, when Lucy Gringe and Wolf Boy went into the Red Tube, Miarr used a strange “wire” that made his voice louder. (An Intercom?!?!) I’m on to something, or possibly, Im crazy! 🙂

  19. ArouraSilvereyes

    HOLY SUPER SAIYAN! (please excuse the lingo im really into that anime right now) somebody else got that feeling too? i have a habit of trying to predict the outcomes of every book i read and that whole future thing was one of the ideas i got. i didnt metion it though becuase i was hoping that this book inst set in the future. that would turn it from a loveable fantasy to a strange scifi. although with my luck septimus heap really will be set in the future. but, here’s something im wondering about, angie sage has a way of turning would be disastorous stuff in books into a fantastic story, i bet shed do that with this too!

  20. ArouraSilvereyes

    But i bet if septimus heap really is set in the future then we wont find out until the 7th book, but hints will probaly be dropped throughout the 6th to drive us crazy and then officially metioned at the end of the book. lets see if im right :).

  21. ArouraSilvereyes

    Hey, did anyone notice that a lot of comments have been posted really late at night/really early in the morning? Im talking the 10 pm to 6 am zone. So i geuss its true that you get your best ideas late at night or maybe everybody else has sleeping problems just like me :).

  22. I

    Aunt Zelda for February? Cool! I love her! But I hate her cabbage sandwiches. Anyways, which Septimus Heap book is your favorite?? I just started the series and I’m on book three- Physik. I’m on chapter 20 (Fyre and Seek) where Jenna took over Spit Fyre for Septimus and they’re gonna seal the door to the Dragon House because the RatStranglers are gonna kill the Dragon Boat because they think she has a disease! They are gonna seal the door with Spit Fyre’s dragon fyre!

  23. I

    Aunt Zelda for February? Cool! I love her! But I hate her cabbage sandwiches. Anyways, which Septimus Heap book is your favorite?? I just started the series and I’m on book three- Physik. I’m on chapter 20 (Fyre and Seek) where Jenna is gonna seal the Dragon House to protect the Dragon Boat.

  24. lillian

    I can’t wait for Darke to come out. I read the introduction and it seems so good. I have been reading the series since it first came out. Can’t wait 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. escah


  26. person


    I *LOVE* boggart!

  27. Amber

    I want her boiled cabbage sandwich recipe!!!!

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