Letters from Angie Sage (13)

Hi everyone,

I waved goodbye to DARKE forever yesterday. The little yellow courier van took the proofs back to America to HarperCollins. I have spent the last week just checking through everything, making sure it all makes sense and reads well. And it does! Mark has done some really beautiful new illustrations. There’s a lovely new – somewhat romantic – one of Simon, a new one of Marcia too, also Sep and Beetle – both a little older and a lot more confident. And for duck fanciers there is a special one of Ethel in her new waistcoat.

Now for the less fun stuff. I know lots of fans are unhappy with the UK publishing date – and that includes me too. I have talked this over a lot with my editor at Bloomsbury. Both she and I were trying to find various solutions, including maybe a limited release in June, but in the end nothing was possible and of course they must have the final say in this. I asked Bloomsbury for a statement explaining the problem that I could post here and this is it:

“There are big differences between the US and UK hardback and paperback markets. We will be publishing DARKE hardback in autumn because autumn makes a lot more sense for our UK market.

“We cannot give an advance release to limited bookshops because that would be unfair to their competitors.

“Our export paperback is always available before the UK paperback, but this time it also available before the hardback UK edition as we have to match the American publication date in areas where both editions can be sold.”

I hope this explains things, even though it doesn’t fix them.

I’m off to get started on the Prologue of Book 7 now…

Happy February!

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16 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage (13)

  1. Maddi


    Oh I simply cannot WAIT! But, good things come who those who do, so I suppose we’ll have to grin and bear it. New illustrations? Oh that’s fantastic! I can’t wait to see them- it will be interesting to see how all the characters have grown and matured. Speaking of maturity, will there be a new one of Merrin, too? If not, I hope there will be another in the near future!
    I suppose the statements make sense and are fair, yet all of us fans will simply have to re-read all the other ones in the meantime. Of course, that is a great thing in itself! I was wondering, though, which one of your previous Sep Heap books is your favourite? Any one hold a special place in your heart? My favorite so far is Queste- I loved the journey itself, and also we got to see what Merrin was up to. He’s a very complex character, I find.
    Good luck with the prologue for book 7- I’m sure you’ll be great!
    ❤ Maddi (15)

  2. Sarah

    Omg congratulations!! I can’t wait to read it!! When is Darke coming for Canada? Is it going to be at the same time as the US?
    Just wondering…I really can’t wait AHHH!!

  3. Chloe

    Congratulations! I really can’t wait!!!! It seems like I’ll have to wait ages before Darke comes out, but that will make the time it comes out even more special – and it’s only a few months anyway. I’m soooooooooooo excited! Good luck with the seventh book – I know that it will be incredible.

  4. Bryony and her Mum Angie!

    Yay!!! I can’t wait, but I guess it’s getting closer…
    Book 7 is being started :)…
    I’d love to see the picture of Ethel!!!

  5. syrahxoxo

    Good job!
    I really like the pictures they are beautiful! What is this map gonna be of? The castle with more details???

    I can’t wait :)))

  6. Kate

    Can’t wait!!! My friends and I are craving for it. But since it’s not out yet we’ve been reading a lot of fantsy books with princesses, wizards etc.

  7. Taylor

    I wish there was a picture of Jenna. There wasn’t one in Syren. Oh, well, I want to see the one of Beetle!

  8. Jerri

    Angie, thanks for the update. I can hardly wait for my own copy of Darke (and for the audiobook version also. I own all 5 books currently available in both formats. And The Magikal Papers also, but I don’t think that is in audiobook.)

    I hope, Angie, that you will now spend as much time as possible working on Book 7, so that it can be published ASAP, hopfully sometime in 2012. I would say only answer questions on this site, or otherwise communicate with fans when you don’t feel like writting. Writing the book is TOP PRIORITY. Higher than responding to US.

    I bet we all would like the title released fairly soon. It seems so much more fun/real to talk about a “NAME” than “Book 7”.


  9. Mrs. Carlile's 4th/5th Grade Class

    Dear Ms. Sage,
    How are you? We love your books in the series, Septimus Heap! Of course we really want to know what the next book in the series is? That is why we are sending this email. Also what is the name of the kingdom where Septimus, Jenna, Marcia, and the Heaps live? Please try to reply asap. Thank you so much for giving your time to read this! Love Dominique, Annabelle, Jennah, Bianca, Cassondra, and Nicholas. P.S. Please write more books!

    • Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

      I’m not Angie Sage, but in the books they’ve called it “The Small, Wet Country Across The Sea”. (My thoughts are that it’s modeled after England.

  10. Yay! I love your books… the drawings are absolutely brilliant, and all the ones of Princess Jenna make me laugh because she looks exactly like my neighbor. Yay for mature Beetle! Is Marcellus going to show up? Marcellus is amusing. Especially when he and Marcia clash! lol.
    I’m writing a book too 🙂 The site will show up when you click on my name if anyone’s interested. It’s not fantasy though… fantasy does rock!!!

  11. Jenna

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! Just read the series for the 4/5 time!!!!!

  12. niah

    Cant wait for that book!!!

  13. felicity


  14. Ngawang Deden

    hi angie i am a great fan of your books. i ve finished till book five but m excited to get my hands on the book 6 and also hoping for another adventurous book 7. good luck and keep writing.. ❤
    ngawang deden

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