Letters from Angie Sage (12)

Hi everyone,

Snow snow snow! Yes, we have snow almost at Christmas and we are really excited (we don’t often get snow in south west England).
I finished the copy edit for DARKE last week and so now have space to think about the last Septimus. It doesn’t seem possible that the next book really is the last in the series. But I would still like to write Marcia’s story and maybe revisit the Castle in ten years time and see what is going on. So it’s not over yet.

You can follow me on Twitter now – AngieSageAuthor is me. And yes, I do tweet quite often, I like Twitter as it’s so simple and immediate.

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and a brilliant 2011 (when we might hear a lot more about the film…)!


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13 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage (12)

  1. Lau

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too! 😀

  2. Sarah

    Merry christmas everybody!

  3. SyrahHan

    I can’t wait till Darke comes out! I have been reading and re-reading the series and I will keep doing it till Darke comes out. I live Australia and I haven’t heard of when Angie Sage is coming on tours to Oz. I love your books Angie and I sooo can’t wait till the movie comes out I have been annoying my Mum about it. Thanks again Angie, your the best.

  4. Zaramills

    hi, ive asked you on twiter but, i really want to know what inspires you, i love fantasy and wish to write when im older. z

  5. heap fan

    😀 I’m following you angie!

  6. niah

    We didnt have any snow 😦 .

  7. diana

    It snowed at my house in Alabama on Christmas Eve! Then the snow stayed for a long time and soon it wasn’t good snow, it was just powder. 😦 Stupid snow pixies! You can’t have a snowball war with powder! Grrrrgle!

  8. isabelle

    all we got in california was rain the only snow we had was in the moutians!!!!!!!!!! it sucked

  9. i hope jen and beetle dont end up toghter

  10. Virginia Tola

    Hi Angie!

    I’m Virginia from Spain.
    Some time ago I’ve been looking for the book
    THE PAPERS MAGYKAL but in Spanish.
    I have only found in English and my question is
    Will he leave this book in Spanish? or only exist in English?
    Thanks and congratulations on these fantastic books.

  11. Kamer

    In Michigan we had a pretty good amount of snow, plus it wasn’t powdery. Its been a long time (like 4 years!) since I last had a snowball fight, and I think I’m going to enjoy the rest of the winter.

  12. Eiyra Mazdeno

    i’m slightly confused about the syren treasure game. i’ve only just started and can’t quite figure out how to find the stuff i’m missing. i’ve found everything in 6 places but i’ve still only got 7\8 games,19\24 cards and 6\7 spells. i’m wondering if as u get more points, more places will appear on the map.
    also, when is the earliest Darke can be brought and where? thanx 4 creating septimus and giving me a new world 2 explore. can’t wait 4 darke!!!!
    thanx 4 reading my random ramblings and sorry if my questions r kinda stupid(lol).
    p.s. is the rumour that the septimus heap film will b animation and not”live action” true?

  13. noah

    yes im so excited …… well i hate to ask Angie but when are the auditions because i would like to know and will i need a agent to audition i heard a rumor that the they were in may thanks sincerely -Noah Schmaus

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