Character of the month: MERRIN MEREDITH



WARNING! If you haven’t read the the whole series, do not read the comments on this post.
Illustration © Mark Zug
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33 thoughts on “Character of the month: MERRIN MEREDITH

  1. Lau

    Yay Merrin! You are my favourite one and you are the character of december, it is a very brilliant christmas present for me. Thank you!! 😀 and Wish you a Merr(in)y Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. Sarah

    merrin is a good choice for december!!

  3. Lau

    Thanks Shauki! I think Merrin’s fans are very happy now! 😀

  4. I sometimes feel bad for him….
    Good choice for December!

    • isabelle

      i feel bad for him to and i just figured out what he needs LOVE!!!!!!!!!! just think about it he has never been loved in his life if someone like a girl showed him love he will be beyond AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • diana

        If you did give Merrin a girlfriend, can her name be Lenora, or Isabella? I think those names are really pretty! Or even Blaise! I always wanted to name one of my kids (if I ever have any) something that means fire! Just don’t give her my name! I have nothing against Merrin, but my friends would tease me if his girlfriend had the same name as me!

      • Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

        I would be nice to Merrin, even if he can be bad sometimes.

  5. Taylor

    Merrin is not my favourite, but he is great for December. Jenna should be for January!

  6. Rachel Emily

    MERRIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!

    I am SO glad you chose Merrin, he is definitely one of the better characters. He and Simon, because they have the most character developement.

    And a Merri(n) Christmas to you!

  7. niah

    He is cool! I was so laughing to him in the beggining of Queste…
    but i fell sorry for him.

    • Sarah

      i feel sorry for him too…but he made me laugh in queste!!i started laughing out loud just because he didnt know he had summoned a lot things!
      he’s an ok character but definitly perfect for this month:)

  8. Aurelia

    Haha, I love Merrin. I find it sad that I’m such a SepHeap-nerd that I had to come back and check what was up on CHRISTMAS DAY.

    • diana

      There’s no shame in fanditude! Wait, is that a real word? Oh well, I said it, so it is now! 😀

  9. Jenna

    its to bad merrin hasent met his mother yet…maybe he will somehow end up at the port in Darke…

  10. Sherry

    MERRIN???!!! Wierd…I think Simon’s more like it!

  11. Sherry

    Merrrin doesn’t look like that anymore,you know…

  12. Lily

    i agree with sherry-Merrin is different looking now, but i think he’s a good character. i feel bad for him though because he had such a hard life. maybe things will look up for him.

    • Maddi

      I agree with Lily and Sherry- Merrin is better looking now, in my opinion. If you minus the acne- puberty sucks, Merrin knows. His hair is longer and more awesome.

  13. Aurelia

    I’m pretty sure Merrin just looks like a Goth-emo hybrid. He’s Darke.

  14. Aubrey

    Merrin is so cool I wonder if maybe he will be in the next book it would be so cool if he decided to help septimus instead of steal his name.

  15. Aubrey

    It’s new years eve i hope it’s septimus next month he is so cool… wow i am such a nerd.

  16. isabelle

    he is not my fave but he is close the reason why i like him is because he still dosent know who he is so he is really on a jurnery to find himself. if someone just gave him good advice he might just be as great as steptimus heap OMG what if there is a new girl and she help merrin see who he is and they fall in love YA

  17. Sherry

    Why does everyone like Merrin? He’s weird…

  18. diana

    Does Merrin need a hug? Probably. But he’ll use some Darke magic on me if I tried. 😛

  19. Maddi

    Best Christmas present, by far! 😀
    Merrin is my definite favorite character- however awesome Sep is, his foil character wins my love! He lost so much in his 14 years, his name, his identity, and his respect (even though no one really gave him much). He went from being the acclaimed seventh of the seventh to someone who just blends in with the crowd- he no longer has anything to define him. That’s why I believe he turned to Darke Magyk, because it’s the only thing that he can be really good at.
    It’s sad really, I agree with Diana- I just want to give him a hug and tell him that everything’s gonna be ok. If someone only showed him a bit of love then I’m sure he’d be a great person. As everyone said, he needs someone to love him.

    All Merrin lovers- I call for a group Merrin hug!
    (bring your anti-darke devices incase he tries something. :D)

  20. Chloe

    aaah i’m sorry but i don’t like Merrin 😦 He likes darke stuff too much and he reallly isn’t a very nice person. I do feel sorry for him for all the years he lost and the way he’s been unfairly treated by domdaniel and all that, but if he really was a good guy then he wouldn’t let all that horrible stuff stop him being nice.

  21. LauraHurricane

    YAY, Merrin 😀
    Sherry, I like Merrin BECAUSE he is weird 🙂 He always makes me laugh and I feel bad for him, he is my favourite, poor boy 🙂
    I hope he will find his mother…

  22. whatmovesinsidemyhead

    Merrin’s my favorite character in Septimus Heap Series ’cause his stupidity always make me laugh.

  23. I LOVE MERRIN!!!!! If he ever gets a girlfriend im auditioning to be her.

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