Frequently Asked Questions

Hey guys,

I just wanted to tell you that now we have a FAQ page. So – please read it before asking questions here. Also, you can check out the FAQs on Angie’s official website – here.


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6 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Emma

    OK do you have to look like jenna to be jenna in the movie? or can they puta wig on me or color my hair? becaus ei have brown hair but i really wanna be jenna and im REALLY GOOD at acting I’ve been in a bunch of plays! please!!!! when are the auditions? can they be in the USA? CAN YOU COME TO VIRGINIA PLEASE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  2. thea

    hello Ms. sage. i am a great fan off you`r books and i love read them. Every day i am read them and i love all the people in you`r books. i hope i could know more about dragon boat. you are the best rither ever.

  3. thea

    hey wen is the book Darke coming to Norway? i like to by it NOW. 🙂 i am crasy after this books and please send answer back.

  4. Sarah Simpson

    Hello, Ms. Sage! First off, I am a wonderfully huge fan. I read and re-read all of the Septimus Heap series every summer. I am captivated! I do, somewhere in here, have a question and my question is this: How do you find the right name for you characters? I am a writer (okay, well… I would really like to be) and I have my basic story line, I just cannot choose between two names that I have for my leading lady. One name sounds a little more like a name-name while the other is a little less real-name-ish but would be a bit more… powerful, I suppose is what I’m getting at. I would truly appreciate any and all feedback. Yours truly, Reader-S

  5. You have the best books I have read!!!! I just finished Queste, and it was GREAT!!! I hope you right a lot more books. This is my favorite seris tied with A Seris of Unfortunate Events. I would have already started Syren, but my library won’t get it. I didn’t know that there was a sith book called Darke. I hope its not the last one. I just wanted to say how much I love your books!!!!! They actulty made me like to read.
    See ya,
    Kevin Gray

  6. leyton

    your books are amazin ive read them 3 times and there still just as good i think u should make this series very long and im so happy they might be making a film so carry on writing more septimus heap books please.

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