Character of the month: SIMON HEAP



WARNING! If you haven’t read the the whole series, do not read the comments on this post.
Illustration © Mark Zug
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40 thoughts on “Character of the month: SIMON HEAP

  1. some grrl

    I looooooove him. I had a little pity for him in flyte, poor thing, but he was totally awesome in syren. haha i met a guy that looked exactly like him ❤ SIMON FOREVER!!!!!!!

  2. matilda

    i like him but hi was so stuipid in flyte, its good that somebody like him ,lucy

  3. Syrah Syara

    How could anyone want to kill Nicko?

  4. Aurelia

    Oh dear… Simon as character of the month…. did not see that one coming. Makes me want to go caroling at a nursery home.

  5. niah

    sarah go to character of the month syrah syara

  6. Sherry

    By the way, does anybody know when the movie’s coming out?

  7. Sherry

    Marcia should give Slueth back. Simon DID own it before that ‘blasted tick’ as Simon described, took it. (aka merrin meredith / daniel hunter) Although none of this would have happened if they just gotten married in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Taylor

    Simon is awesome! He’s not my favourite, but he still ROCKS! He and Lucy should’ve gotten married by now though.

  9. Bookworm 1000

    Simon is really awesome!!!!

  10. Sarah

    moah i cant go on off topic
    but i can go anywhere else
    off topic is too big and cannot load my comments
    but i saw your comment on my email
    i dont know a petre…sry

  11. niah

    OK forgot what I said before I just read synophis of darke …YAY Simon!

  12. Diana

    Omg! I had to look up the definition of estranged. It’s so sad! I don’t want Lucy to break up with him! The plan was to get married, have their own little home in the Ramblings and have cute little kids but that can’t happen if they’re not together! Angie Sage, what were you thinking?!

  13. Sherry

    Cool!!! Simon is my second fave in the sereies!!!! (after Marcia) By the way, Marcia shouldn’t bannish him!!!!!!!!! I think he’s better the evil way.

  14. Bookworm 1000

    Coolio! Even though Simon’s all like “Blah I’m evil and I hate youa and I’m gonna suk ur blood!!” he is still awesome, well kinda, well…… Yep.

  15. He’s awesome, I agree Bekah! He really isn’t all bad, just different. People hate me because I’m different and misunderstood, so I get him in a way…

  16. Lau

    Merrin is not bad… he just tries to be bad but somehow everything goes wrong (for him). 😉 I know Simon is not that bad as he sometimes seems to be. I think he’s just a little ( ok very)envy. Yay I love him and Sleuth! 😀

  17. Sarah

    Lucy and Simon really should get married…its soo cute when they are together.He cares so much for her!!

  18. SIMON!!!! JUST TO SAY THE PICTURE MAKES HIM LOOK HOT… i had a crush on him until i found out he worked for DOM Daniel but anyways he’s cool and and one of the heaps to you have to like him!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. I think he needs to have his past put behind him. I liked the idea of a Heap being a villian but it’s too late, he needs to just marry Lucy and start a life.

  20. Lorraine is a Sepheapfan

    Simon!!!!!! is not so bad like Domdaniel or Merrin but still being bad!!!!

    • Sherry

      You LIKE the bad??!?!? And how’s Merrin BAD????????????

      • Aurelia

        How is Merrin bad? Well, given the fact he’s a practically useless thirteen year old kid, he doesnt pose much of a threat. However, he did grow up with Dom Daniel, which gave him some EVIIILL attributes. Spending your childhood with that creeper has got to give you some serious mental issues.

  21. Rachel Emily

    Simon is Amazing. I would cry if he and Lucy don’t get married, or he is not allowed back in the castle. I guess I like him because a character with “issues” is refreshing form all the characters who are always good.

  22. lizzie

    Cool, Simon is character of the month. I hope people don’t say anything mean about him. He’s not all bad, just missunderstood…

    • Sherry

      Yeah,I totally agree. He does deserve a little more respect then he gets. I mean, he IS the eldest. Sometimes I think he’s the best Heap. And Sarah should understand that he’s a man now. Don’t you think?

  23. Lau

    He’s my second favourite character. He is soooooooo cute and sometimes bad. I hope he and Lucy will be happy.

  24. Diana

    Why hasn’t Lucy and Simon gotten married yet?! Arrgh!!!!!!!!! I’m sure everyone would love to see a little romance between them since Simon was under the control of DomDaneil for so long.

  25. Beatrice

    I love Simon! First I did not like him very much, but now I really like him and when he is with Lucy he is really sweet 🙂

  26. Katie

    typical teen but a bit exaggerated
    i think he’ll go back to being as jenna remembered him when she was little!

  27. jenna

    i wish he didnt turn bad….he would of been a good wizard, not the ExtraOrdinary wizard though.

  28. niah

    But I think he can be mad on Silas… why didnt he alloved mariage with Lucy!?

  29. niah

    Its true that he wanted to be apprentice and so on… but he is his brother!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sherry

      Don’t blame him, you’d feel the same way if that happened to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He doesn”t believe Septimus is his brother,so I don’t see why he shouldn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t either.

      • isabelle

        i believe that what simon did was not because he hated septimus but because he feels unwanted by his family i meqan come on nobody really takes an intrist in him except when tried to make dom daniel come back and they did not let hom marry lucy. i think that dom daniel convinced hom to bring him back to life by telling him his dreams and fears if you know them you can convince anybody !

  30. niah

    I dont like him cuz he tried to kill Septimus, Jenna, Nicko…he is crazy!

    • the empathetic reader

      He isn’t evil he is misunderstood. I know how he feels, his dreams were crushed by a kid that tricked everyone to thinking he was the 7th son of the 7th son (us readers know that is untrue, but that is what he thinks) So, he does what comes naturally to human beings, he tries to satisfy his hunger to be important and have revenge. Unfortunately, he chooses the crooked path.

  31. Sarah

    what do you guys think?

  32. Sarah

    OMG Simon!! he’s not my fave Heap but he’s up there…after Nicko, Septimus and Jenna…he’s alright

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