Letters from Angie Sage (11)

Hello everyone,

DARKE is done! At last. It’s taken a long time to write, but it’s been worth it—I hope you think so too when you get to read it.
When I began writing DARKE I knew I wanted to stay in the Castle for this book. In all the previous books people go off on a journey somewhere, often for most of the time. This, I told myself, is going to be a Castle book. Well … I nearly did it. But I couldn’t resist a small excursion—definitely not the fun, holiday kind—towards the end. But mainly this is a Castle book.
It is also of course about Jenna, Septimus and Beetle growing every nearer to what they want to be. Whenever I write a Septimus book I realise that I am slowly making good all the chaos and bad stuff that happened to everyone in MAGYK—and in FLYTE too. Well, there’s a lot of repair work in DARKE: look out for Simon, Merrin and Wolf Boy.
Now here’s a weird, slightly nerdy, thing… When I began writing MAGYK I wanted to make sure all the tide times were right (I based them on where I lived then, near Falmouth in Cornwall). Tides follow the moon, so I looked up the phases of the moon. I wanted to find a full moon on December 21st, the shortest day of the year, and I found it in 1991. So I used the phases of the Moon from then onwards throughout all the books. This meant that when I came to DARKE I thought I had a problem. I wanted to begin the book once again on the shortest day of the year—Jen and Sep’s fourteenth birthdays—but this time I wanted there to be no moon at all that night: the dark of the moon. I went back to the phases of the moon to December 21st 1995, wondering what I would find. It was the dark of the moon! Cue spooky noises…

Happy Halloween…


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33 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage (11)

  1. LOL AWESOME!!! A series written in the stars…er um…moon. 😀 Love it! I’m so excited for this one too and now even more so! WOOHOO!

  2. Mindy

    6 days before my birthday!cool!i cant wait for DARKE!!!when is it going to be out????

  3. niah

    Mindy are you on!?

  4. niah

    happy birghday!!!!

  5. niah

    Dont forget about Nicko! He always make me laugh!

  6. JannuzCarlagne

    This.is.Great! I.wish.it.would.be.out.sooner. 🙂

  7. LauraHurricane

    Awesome!! 😀

    Can’t wait for it

  8. Congratulations Angie!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to read Darke!

  9. Sarah

    YAY cant wait now!!

  10. Sarah

    and congrats angie!!it sounds amazing!!

  11. lorraine

    So amazing!!!
    i dont know it was by the moon, i want to read it!!!!!!!
    Sorry if i have a gramatical mistake.I am from mexico.

  12. Cat

    Oh, I can’t wait! 😀 The Septimus books are my apsolute favorites! ^^ It’s really cool, all that moon-stuff 🙂 And a wicked coinsidence 😉
    Now, I think I will go, and re-read Syren again 😀

  13. niah

    Iread flyte 3 times but I always find something new!

  14. Jam

    Wow, great work! You’re my favorite author and it’s your series that got me into reading a lot, thanks! June 2011 seems like eternity! Can’t wait for the 6th book! Pls. release it earlier hehe

  15. Katja

    I can’t wait to read Darke! Halloween’s my birthday!

  16. Oh my,I can’t wait for Darke to come out!!!!It sounds so interesting!

  17. Wicked coincidence on the moon for Sep and Jen’s birthday.
    I can’t wait to read Darke.

    I ask, will there be another add-on book? Maybe Sep’s Apprentice Diary, perhaps. (I remember Marcia giving him one as he accepted the offer of Apprenticeship) I’ve always wondered what the fuss is all about his handwriting and I would very much like to have to look at his signature!

    Thank you!

  18. LeAnn

    My mom normally noticies everything but I was the one that found out that she has the name birthday as Sep and Jenna, wicked about the moon stuff.

  19. Bookworm 1000


  20. Taylor

    Congrats! I am so excited I can’t wait to read it it sound so cool!My friend’s birthday is Dec.22, so sometimes she comes over then and I make sure she says happy B-day to Sep and Jen!

  21. Bookworm 1000


  22. So excited!
    Flyte was the best book.

  23. Sarah

    I agree
    i loved flyte!!

  24. I kinda liked Simon as the bad guy. If Merrin is going to be the villian he’s going to have to get alot more evil than eating licorice. I think Tertius Fume is officially the evil dude. It seems he was behind almost every villian so far anyway.

    • Lilac Overstrand

      True….In Syren,As Fume tried to kill Marcia I’m just like,”NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE HELP HER!!! * READS ON* oh…..YAY!!!!. And Merrin is pretty evil in Darke!!!

  25. Raptoor

    Great job!

    Happy Halloween to you =)

  26. niah

    Flyte is my favourite book in the series so far

  27. lauren johnstone

    i carnt wait for darke to come out lol….. how many books is there gonna be in the septimus heap collection

  28. Sarah

    there is going to be 7 in the series
    I love these books!
    flyte is my fave!!
    happy halloween to everybody!!

  29. Ali Hashmi

    Hi, I teach 8 graders and believe me when i say that your books have changed the way they dealt with the fantasy and magykal world before. I am very glad to write this that it is a new horizon indeed, especially after the departure of Harry Potter series the kids were fascinated by the idea of another wizard boy who is equally talented and then when they had to find about BOY 412, it was the curious looks in their eyes and their respective pestering questions about the main character…. Thanks again.. i really look forward to read that to my students and then making them wonder how can they be motivated to write some of their stories in the future……

  30. Ali Hashmi

    Great to see yet another one! i hope it is best of all the others…

  31. Dear Angie Sage,
    My Name is Lisa (12) and I´m german, so please forgive me my mistakes and my grammer, I´m just sitting here with a dictionary on the desk and I´m trying to write this only in english. I´m in year 7 and I love your books. Septimus Heap is the best book I´ve ever read. I´ve read every book with pleasure and it was so funny and I can just say: very, very, very well done. I´m disconsolate, because the magykal papers exist only in english and I can´t understand everything, but I´ll do my very best to understand it.
    My favourite characters are Marcia Overstrand and Marcellus Pye and I love it when Marcia brawl with Jillie.
    I´ve never read a so magical and fantastic book, it touched my heart and I was on a magical trip and that gave me an inspiration for my own book I´m still writing (in german of cause).
    You are my ideal because I love writing and drawing just as you. But I´m sure that you can write better stories than me.
    I could write so much more but I think now it´s enough.But I´ve so much questions to you.
    I´d be very happy if I you had answer this message and I look forward to read the 6th book of Septimus Heap.

    Yours faithfully,

    P.s.: I´m sorry for my wrong spelling but I hope than you can understand it.

  32. Maddi

    Dear Angie,

    Hi! I’m Maddi; I don’t think you remember me from all the fan-mail you get, but I sent you all these multicoloured letters a while ago! Hahaha! Hi again! 😀
    I’m SO happy that you’ve finished Darke~ a day before my 15th birthday too! Awesome birthday present, I have to say it was the best! I’ve been following Sep Heap ever since it came out six years ago- when I was the same age as Sep, Jenna, Wolfboy, and Merrin were in Magyk! I’m sure you won’t disappoint; you never do!
    ‘Darke’ is such an attractive title because our favourite characters (excluding some of them) have been fighting that very force from the get-go. It makes sense that there is repair work done with Simon and Merrin (thank gosh for the latter, who is my personal favourite) in Darke, after all, they were ones who have been tainted by the Darkenesse. I adore Merrin, he just needs a bit of love. I’m so glad their characters are going to be changed- I hope they keep their charming traits, though! I cannot WAIT to read it, do you know the exact publishing date yet?

    As I said in all my letters, your books are truly inspiring and simply Magykal! They give the reader a world to escape to when they need to; a world which I would personally love to live in. Your writing is so vivid and paints pictures in the minds of the readers. Do you ever walk around where you live and imagine your creations running around on their special missions or making mayhem around corners? Hahaha, it’s a weird thought, but I thought you might be able to. 🙂

    Yay for astronomy! You have an astronomy lover for a fan, also! That’s so awesome! Many magical things happen on not only the full moon, but the dark of the moon too! I think it might be a sign….. *waggles fingers in spooky magical motions*

    Anyway, congratulations for finishing Darke! I know I will be quite sad when the series ends, as will all the fans. But for the moment, we will content ourselves with waiting in earnest for the latest edition! 😀
    Look out for my latest letter! 😀

    Sincerely, earnestly, and Magykally yours,

    P.S. I was looking back on my ideas for Tora the other day and found something interesting. They way I had drawn her was in a pose like a painting of Artemis, the Goddess of wild animals. Ironic, hm? 😀

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