Septimus Heap 6: DARKE – Synopsis (UK version)

In the Darkely fantastic penultimate book of this internationally bestselling series, Septimus and his friends find themselves attempting the impossible as Septimus begins his initiation into Darke Week.

Septimus is on the threshold of his fourteenth birthday, which falls on the shortest day of the year. While everyone celebrates and the Castle is lit with traditional candles, Septimus has greater concerns on his mind. He has finally reached the period in his Apprenticeship known as Darke Week. During this crucial time, he hopes to undertake the very dangerous mission of restoring Alther from Banishment, following the attempted invasion of the Castle of Syren. But while this preoccupies him, other Darke things are afoot in the Castle.

Septimus Heap Book 6
APRIL 2011 JUNE 7, 2011 – USA (Preorder now here!)
APRIL 8, 2011 – CANADA (Preorder now here!)
JUNE 6, 2011 – UK (Preorder now here!)

Published in the US by Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, in the UK by Bloomsbury and in Canada by HarperCollins Canada.
© 2010 Bloomsbury, HarperCollins Publishers, Angie Sage, Mark Zug
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52 thoughts on “Septimus Heap 6: DARKE – Synopsis (UK version)

  1. Sarah


  2. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Wow! I’m so glad a synopsis came out! 🙂

  3. Sarah

    i know right! it’s about time…i was waiting so long to know what it was about but now i just cant wait till april just to read it!!grr i cant wait any longer!!

  4. niah

    That will be really good book! Im sooooooo exited to read it but I think that will be in 2013 in Slovenia…
    Im still waiting for Queste

  5. Sarah

    WHAT?!!queste isnt out yet for you!thats crazy!!i wouldnt be able to wait for queste just because i would’ve asked what happened to nicko…as soon as i finished physik i told my mom that i needed queste…your gonna have to wait like super long for this one!OH NO!!

  6. omg that sounds sooooooooooooooooo good i can hardly wait to read it!!!!

  7. Lily

    I can’t wait! Septimus Heap rules!

  8. anti-sag

    wow thtz a really good synopis. really creative. cant wait 4 7th book! i think its gonna b really bright red….

  9. anti-sag

    i just read it again. they’re gonna invade the castle of syren? omg! tht would b like so awesome…. angie ur the best!!!!

  10. Aurelia

    Oh. My. God. I wish I had a time machine I would definitely fast forward to April, buy the book, and read it. AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  11. Aurelia

    Oh. My. God. I wish I had a time machine I would definitely fast forward to April, buy the book, and read it.

  12. niah

    If you had time machine you would definetly had to take me with you Aurelia!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sarah

    heck ya!! same here!!

  14. Taylor

    Oh, I can’t wait! Sounds SOOO cool, maybe better than the other Sep Heaps (if that’s possible)!

  15. Anna

    My guess is in the seventh, they’ll be sixteen or seventeen, and although it may seem very old since the books began when they were ten, it works storywise. Jenna will be crowned Queen, Sep will be near the end of his Apprenticeship… I don’t know why, it just makes sense.

  16. Sarah

    makes sense i guess…in this book they just turned fourteen and then your saying that in the seventh they take a three year leap??who knowa maybe maybe not we shall see soon enough i guess…anyways cant wait for this one!!

  17. Ashley

    Very excited! Love these books! April will not come fast enough

  18. Cat

    YAY 😀 I can’t wait! Started reading these book in danish (my language) back in 2006 and not I’ve read all the way up to Syren – both danish and english (exept Syren isn’t out in danish yet)
    BUT I CAN’T WAIT! 😀 😀 😀
    Angie, you are my favorite author of all time ^^

  19. Anna

    I can’t wait until April! They are my favorite books and I was so pleased to find out about Darke, it sounds amazing! I just noticed a small contradiction between Physik and Syren: in Physik it says Jenna was good at math, in Syren it says she isn’t. It isn’t important at all really, just a bit confusing.

  20. Beatrice

    i can’t wait any longer!!!! this is sooooo cool, i need to have the book!!!! 🙂 the book sounds soooooo cool! I seriously want to know what is the “Darke Week”!!!!!!
    CAN’T wait until it comes out!!!!!!

  21. IAmPrincessJennaForever


    Angie keeps coming out with these awesome ideas! Can’t wait to find out what happens!

    @Anna: Yeah, I noticed that too! I was JUST about to post that comment too! You did it for me; what a strange coincidence! 😀

  22. Virginia Tola

    My name is Virginia, I live in Spain and I love these books.
    I finished reading Syren and I’m sad I had to finish it, can’t wait for the 6th book to be published here.
    I would like to ask, do you know if The Magykal Papers will be published here, in Spain?

    I am anxious to get it in my hands.

    Without taking up more time, I say goodbye.
    Sincerely, Virginia Tola.

  23. lorraine

    why i have to live in mexico????? i have to wait to the bbok in english in 2011 and i have to wait to a traduction go to spain or buy it in internet and wait 2 weeks more. but wait is no imortant for this book because its going to like me, i want to read it!!!!!

  24. Shaikha

    Hi, Angie…
    I love your books and I’m a huge fan, but I live in the Middle East, when will it come out here??

  25. Donna

    I am SO excited for this! I can’t believe Sep is only going to b 14! Whenever I read the books, especially Queste, I always picture him as my age (16)! I don’t think I can wait until APRIL! aha But I guess I will have to! Angie, you are an amazing author!

  26. LauraHurricane

    Sarah, unfortunately in some contries Queste isn’t out yet, for example I’m from Italy and I’ve been waitin’ sooo long for this book, but then I decided to buy it in English. I don’t know why it isn’t out… but I’m happy ‘couse I understand what is written in English. 🙂
    (sorry for such a bad English ^^)

    Can’t wait for Darke **

    By Alessandra Laura

  27. Sarah

    oh thats too bad at least you got to read it

  28. LauraHurricane

    yeah, but at least I enjoyed Queste and I bought Magyk and Flyte in English too. So now I’m gonna read Syren…

    • Sarah

      i liked queste. i like beetle he’s just so awesome!!
      its just snorri she changed nicko in syren you’ll see

      • LauraHurricane

        I like Merrin… but no one likes him, poor boy xD

      • Sarah

        ya poor merrin…he’s awesome in his own way and he’s not stupid right?

  29. LauraHurricane

    haha right

  30. niah

    Laura Im from Slovenia and heres no Queste too but I think ill wait for slovenian version… Tomorow theres going to come girl frome some library…I will ask her about Queste 🙂

  31. niah

    Merrin is really poor kid… He has ben Septimus for ten years of his life but than 412 came and toke his name…but I still dont like him dont know why.

    • Sarah

      ya me neither there’s just something about him that i don’t like as much as any other character like Jenna or Sep

  32. niah

    I think thats becouse hes evil.

  33. Sarah

    ya probably

  34. Sarah

    i have a feeling though he has a big part in this one

  35. niah

    Ya poor kid

  36. LauraHurricane

    Niah, I asked three times in a book shop, but they always told me that there were no books written by Angie .-.

    I have the same though too Sarah

  37. niah

    Nop! I was waiting for Queste 8 months… but still waitin!!!!!!!!!!! They dont have it even in english!!!!! Nicko and Snorri will had to wait even longer… :;(

  38. LauraHurricane

    That’s sad 😦

  39. Lau

    Yay Merrin! He is my favourite and the best one! 😛 He is nooot stupid ( maybe yes he is, but i like him this way). Go Merrin you can get Septimus! Hahaha XD
    8 months? I’ve been waiting it for two years Oo
    but I’ve read it in English a long time ago.
    Maybe you should try to search some websites where you can order books, maybe they have it in English…

  40. niah

    :,( :,( :,(

  41. Lau

    Try to use… write this: angie sage queste download
    maybe you’ll get a site where you can download…

  42. Lau

    or buy it in pdf form, i think it’s cheaper and faster

  43. LauraHurricane

    Ya, it should be cheaper…
    I bought Magyk and Flyte from a English book shop.
    Haha, Lau, Merrin is my favourite too xD

  44. niah

    Thanks you but my dad gotta empty our disk… Ill wait!

  45. Audrey

    Oh. My. Goodness!!!! Iamsohappy! I could scream! I finished syren a while back, and I thought it was the last one! Oh my gosh! My favorite’s jenna, lucy, zelda, and Marcia.

  46. Audrey

    Wonder if nicko and Snorri will marry?!

  47. Audrey

    Sep and Syra?

  48. Audrey

    i bet 7th will be cool and fancy cuz sep is 7th sun of a 7th son!!!

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