Character of the month: NICKO HEAP


WARNING! If you haven’t read the the whole series, do not read the comments on this post.
Illustration © Mark Zug
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117 thoughts on “Character of the month: NICKO HEAP

  1. Nicko’s awesome! He’s really unique because he’s unlike all the other heaps…..Nicko’s one of my favorites…..

  2. Ella xx

    YAY i love nicko he is so cool he is definatley on of my favs!!!

  3. wizard

    i love nicko!he loves her litle sisters and he nd norri is good couple.

    • Stevie.Rae

      Agreed! Nicko and Snorri are so cute together! And I think that Sep and Jen should get together too 😉

      • Aurelia

        Uum…about the Sep and Jen thing….yeah, he’s her adopted brother. And what about the Beetle+Jenna relationship? But, I’ll be the first to admit if Beetle didn’t exist and Septimus wasn’t her adopted brother, I would sooo be with you. But the real question is….what’s up with Syrah? She just fell into a COMA! I’m sad. But I think it’s kinda weird that Septimus likes Syrah when she’s 500 years older than him. But they’re cute together, so whatever.

      • Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

        To Aurelia: Not to mention that she’s 18 and he’s twelve… Big age gap.

  4. Lau

    Yay… Nicko is the winner! 😀

  5. Taylor

    Woo Hoo! Nicko is SO COOL! He’s my friend’s book crush and she has not even read the series…

    • lliaa

      He is my book crush to prove it i HATE snorii.
      im not joking.
      im really mad about how after he met snorri and got lost in time he got so thoughtful. i miss the old him 😥

      • Sarah

        i know me too
        he was so awesome before he got thoughtful made me sad
        but when spit fyre destroyed the feast on milo’s ship and nicko burst out laughing that made my day

      • isabelle

        i know right i miss nicko and how he said funny things and never cared what people thought about him and just lived to have fun he also didnt care that he was from a family of wizards he did what he wanted to do bouat building OH WHERE DID OUR NICKO GO!!!!!!!!!!!:'(

  6. Chloe

    YAYYAYAY nicko is my fave character, he’s amazing! my birthday in 10 days so thanks, it’s like a little birthday gift 🙂

  7. Sarah

    YAY!!!!!!! OMG!!! soooo happy!!! nicko is sooo awesome…he’s sordave my book crush for awhile! i just love him soooo much!!!!
    there’s my birthday present!!!

  8. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Nicko is SUCH a unique character! This illustration by Mark Zug is also one of my favorites of Nicko, because it expresses how he’s strong has many wristbands and braids, all because he works at the boatyard.

  9. Sarah

    I know! its my fave drawing of mark zug for the same reasons!

  10. That and Syrah GO NICKO !!!!
    Happy birthday Chloe!

  11. lorraine

    i like nicko is one of my favorites characters after Septimus

  12. OH ma gosh NIcko is like totally awesomeness!!!!!!!! nicko is totally awesome and close ot my favorite Heap

  13. nicko is like totally…like the other heaps. no difference. (sigh) 😦

  14. Taylor

    No WAY! He’s totally unique and a great character!

  15. Chloe

    He’s totally differnt from the other Heaps! He’s really inventive and individual – none of the others are paticularly into boats.

  16. Chloe

    Thanks Kayla 🙂

  17. Sarah

    I totally agree with you chloe! Nicko is his own unique character!
    He’s so great!

  18. yo

    Nicko rocks! i luv his little romance with Snorri!

  19. Taylor

    Oooo definitely! NickoxSnorri!

  20. heap fan

    Nicko pwns!!!!!!!!

  21. Bookworm 1000

    Truly and honestly, Nicko is one of the most courageous of the characters.

  22. niah

    he is my fav and he is got the same laughing problems like me

  23. niah

    I finished physik but theres no queste in slovenian language :,(

  24. niah

    Got to know that Im not the only one XD

  25. niah

    actually nicko is not my fav he is betwen favourite ones

  26. Sarah

    nah nik is still my top character

  27. niah

    Which are all characters from that book!:)

  28. guys do u have any crush on any character from a different series?

  29. Sarah

    nah…dont think so…

  30. niah

    I dont think that too.

  31. Lucile

    Nicko ! He is the better !
    He is funny and he’s the only one septimus’s brothers who takes part to his adventure.
    ( Sorry for my bad English, i write with my dictionnary neer me but it’s so difficult ^^’ )
    Bonne chance pour la suite !

    • Aurelia

      French people are awesome…I wish I was French. All the french I know is from watching Lumiere on Beauty and the Beast. That candlestick sure has a way with the ladies. O_o Weird.

  32. Sarah

    totally agree!! are you french? so am i
    i really like nicko also and the reason i like him is the exact reason you just wrote!

  33. niah

    Yesterday I was watching pictures and my friend was with me. when I show her Nicko she was saying “OMG he is sooooooooooo cool!”

  34. Sarah

    i love your friend already!!!my bro and my friend look at me funny when i say my book crush is nicko…but she likes him anyway cause of all the description i give

  35. niah

    HAHAHA Than she saw a septimus and she said “uh this one is ugly! But Beetle seems ok” She is sooooooo funny

  36. Sarah

    hahaha omg that’s soo funny!!

  37. niah

    Sarah are you on?

  38. Sarah

    now i am

  39. niah


  40. Sarah

    got on again and now i gotta go again
    anyways…how are you?
    talk to u some other time g2g
    what time is it in slovenia??
    its 1:20 here in canada
    and i’ll probably be on tonight

  41. niah

    when you were sanding that message it was 19:24 now its 19:55 so theres 6 and a half hours of difrence

  42. Sarah

    waoh!its really late in slovenia…its like day time here!ya know whats funny…at school we have to do a book report on a book we havent read but i wanted to read magyk so i lied to the teacher saying that i havent read it! and she believed me! teachers at my school are so gullable! omg so i get to read magyk as my homework! no sweat cause i already know whats gonna happen and i wont have to do anything for it! YAY! easy A

  43. niah

    In slovenian i would say BLAGIČ!could you some to off-topic.we can talk there.

  44. Sarah

    im actually always there…whenever someone puts a comment on the places i go to more often it goes straight to my emails so ya…i can talk there

  45. MckInley

    Nicko is a really brave kid and will do anything to save his stepsister Jenna.

  46. Aurelia

    I love Nicko and Snorri together it’s so cute!! But for those of you who think Septimus and Jenna should get together…guys, seriously, he’s like her brother. Wouldn’t that be supremely awkward? And then there’s Beetle to think about. It’s just so much…DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  47. Sarah

    where’s aurelia so we can ask…
    Nicko rocks sorry still had to point that out
    omg peoplez my birthday is friday!!YAY!!

    • Aurelia

      Happy Birthday.
      Ask me what?

      • Sarah

        THANK YOU!! we wanted to ask you what this oe comment was about the one about i think cream cheese and bagel what it was about but i dont think its there anymore…weird

  48. Lovvi

    I just found this site and became sooo happy!!! I LOVE the septimus head books 😀 and finding Nicko on the first picture made me even happier because he is totally one of my favourites!!! I’ve just finished Syren (got it for my birthday:D) and now I can’t wait for Darke! But though I live in Sweden I know it will take a while…

  49. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Happy Birthday, Sarah! (sorry that was random, I just had to point that out)

  50. Timmy

    Can Marcia be next?

  51. Lau

    I think Marcia will be ok. She’s very funny and bossy. I like her.

  52. niah

    I think Septimus or bettle should be character of October cus they are so good friends and they are very funny!

  53. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    I think Marcia should be next! Good idea! 😀

  54. niah

    KHM its 3.oktober! Next character please…

  55. Izzi

    Nicko’s my 3rd fav, cuz im more of a jenna fan. She has my personality, and sep is my 2nd

  56. Aurelia

    Haha. Sorry, it was kind of an inside joke between me and my friends, who are also sep heap fans.
    The thing is that we went to the Jonas Brothers concert and sat RIGHT in front of them. No joke. And we said that when Demi Lovato came onstage and started singing, we would yell CREAM CHEESE ON BAGELS! Just a little random thing we do.

  57. Sarah

    oh ok cant wait to see who the next character of the month would be it hasnt come yet!!

  58. Aurelia

    Haha you posted that on the exact day Marcia came out with October.
    Funny things that happen here.

  59. Aurelia

    Does anyone think Septimus and Syrah will get together?

  60. niah

    I hate Jonas brothers!

    • Aurelia

      I don’t really care for them either.
      But my best friend got exact front row seats, so…
      Here, let me compare.
      Classic Disney: We must all show equality and respect to nature and one another.
      New Disney: How to get yourself a boyfriend.
      I wonder how Walt Disney would feel if he saw his company today.
      He’d be ready to KILL them!

  61. niah

    Sorry Aurelia had to say that…
    but Nick Jonas break up with Miley Cyrus on a phone!

    • Aurelia

      Yeah, those superstar types are super insensitive.
      I don’t really care for Miley Cyrus either.
      I mean to say she is a FAKE! (no offense)

  62. Sarah

    so true so true about all those disney superstar
    and then they fade awsay fast and we dont hear of them for awhile

    • Aurelia

      yeah…what happened to Hilary Duff and Shiah LeBuff?
      Once their shows get canceled they’re forgotten.

      • Sarah

        ya i agree with hilary duff but shia lubuff is in like big hit movies like transformers…he hasnt disappeared at all

  63. niah

    No offense… I understand u

  64. Aurelia

    But I do love CLASSIC Disney.
    The kind that’s not infected with teen drama.

    • Sarah

      oh ya you just gotta love classic disney

      • Aurelia

        I always wanted to be Jasmine. I still want to be Jasmine. But I think it would be awesome if Disney kept making those classics. I saw Princess and the Frog a year ago (AWESOME! Not as fabulous, but keep trying Disney!), and I recently saw Tangled!! I think they figured out no one likes the teen dramas and are going back to the good ol’ days.

  65. Izzi

    When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a disney princess. I mean, who didn’t? But now I like all the classic disney movies, and not just because I used to love the princesses, because they tell a good story, and they have a good moral. Not saying I don’t like some of the newer disney movies, but if I had to choose between a newer one and an older one, its pretty much guaranteed that the older one will win. Hands down.

  66. niah

    I wanted to be princess to! Usualy I wanted to be Snowbeuty

  67. niah

    Or horewer its spelt

  68. Izzi

    I always thought that Snow White was the story of my life, except that I was kidnapped, brainwashed, turned into a baby, transported into the future, and given to a newly wed couple to raise as their own (I had read way too many books by that age), because the queen had minions who did that to me to separate me from my true love as revenge. I used to tell my parents not to make me do chores, because when I became the princess (I thought Prince Charming would rescue me someday), they would be in SUCH trouble. So Snow White is my favorite princess.

  69. Izzi

    And/or Cinderella

  70. niah

    hahahahahahahauha oh its Snow white ! I wanted to write that but therre would be two w. Didnt look nice hahahaah.

  71. Bourne J Wild

    Nicko is alright Simon is way better go DARKE!!!!

  72. niah

    Hey how did you get that doggy!?

  73. niah

    I LOVE it!!!

  74. Izzi

    you click on one of the squares next to each post and you get directed to this thingy, you find a pic you like, you enter in the web address thingy (after you create a profile) and you do some other stuff, and then you have a pic. and isnt he cute?

  75. Izzi

    my username is lovintherandomnessXD. which i also like.

  76. Tina

    I like Nicko too!
    My book crush is the Sep/Syrah relationship.
    I heart Nicko and Snorri 😀

  77. Sarah

    hey niah?
    i cant go on off topic
    it wont load 😦
    we need a new off topic page its getting too big

  78. niah

    I finished Queste it was really good.Now Im waiting for Syren…one more time…and soooooooooooo on. 🙂

  79. niah

    Sarah how are u?
    I was waitin you to come on off topic and found your message here.

  80. niah

    I cant go on off topic now too…its tooo big.

  81. Aurelia

    I’m pretty sure this is the new off-topic page.

  82. Aurelia

    Does anyone watch the show Merlin on BBC?

  83. Izzi

    i like how ppl just declared this the off-topic page XD

  84. Shaira

    OMG NIKO ROX HARD he just does and he and snorri are soooo adorable!!!! hopefully their little romance continues after physik!!!

  85. Chloe

    Loooove him! I’m probably the only one who thinks this but I think Syrah and him should go together

  86. LaLaLa

    hy i’m from slovenia too and i love this booksssss ❤ and i realy like Nicko* he's so cutee and he's the best caracter in book <3<3;P

  87. Izzi

    Merlin is awesome!!!!!!!!!! There is this series about the younger days of merlin that i love. I cant remember the name, but it is soooo good

    • Aurelia

      FINALLY!!!!! Someone who knows what the heck I’m talking about about! If the show your watching is on BBC or SyFy, then it’s probably just called Merlin. At least that’s the one I watch.
      But back to the SepHeap stuff….I think Syrah might be 17 to Septimus’s 13. It would make sense because Angie Sage said on one of the Ask Angie’s that the card for Syrah on the other website was supposed to say 517, AND (takes breath) the apprentice is supposed to go on their quest AFTER seven years so, is Syrah became an apprentice at 10, plus 7 years is 17. If Septimus and Syrah are 504 years apart, what happens now? I’m concerned. (looks at amount of text in little box-thing) I have absolutely NO life.

  88. niah

    Lalala… YAY GO SLOVENIA!
    In which part of Slovenia do u live?

    • LaLaLa

      sorry it’s tak so long to answer but i was very busy
      so…i’m from Ljubljana and u?

  89. I♥Nicko:)

    I hate how snorri changed nicko 😦 he was my favourite character

  90. jen1

    omg… nicko is like my BIGGEST book crush…..i was soooo sad when he ran after that snorri chick….can’t wait to buy the other book….saving from now…….;)

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