Character of the month: SYRAH SYARA


WARNING! If you haven’t read the the whole series, do not read the comments on this post.
Illustration © Mark Zug
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154 thoughts on “Character of the month: SYRAH SYARA

  1. What do you think of her?

    • Ella xx

      i love her she is my favourite character
      she is so mysterious but yet so alone and when i was reading syren i found it really emotional and i love that about it
      i hope there will be mpre about Syrah in future books

      p.s character of the month is a really good idea!!!
      also i kinda look a bit like Syrah and i would so wanna audition for her in the movie

    • i love her too i feel we have a connection some how because i can feel like many people at once and i almost never know who i really am so it feels like i am being possessed and i am kinda of a loner but i like to be with friends and i think her and septimus look so cute together. but i have one worry what will happen when she wakes up because she was origanlly exraordary wizard aprrantice and finshed her traing so is she next in line for the job insted of septimus?

    • syrahxoxo

      I LOVE HER!!! She is soo cool but i want her to wake up!

  2. She’s such a original, unique character!

  3. Syrah is so awesome i kinda feel sorry for her about being POSSESSED by a SYREN but other than that she is so nice and knows good bargaining skills (like when she said she would only save Spitfyre if Sep would help her with the Syren) other than that if she were totally real then i would totally want to be her friend!!!
    p.s. character of the month is such a great idea!!! 🙂

  4. Bookworm 1000

    Soooooooooooo coooooooooooollll.

  5. Laura

    Character of the month hmm… i think it’s a very good idea.
    She doesn’t my favourite character, but i think she is the illustrator best work and she is very nice and mistic too.
    I’ll have a suggestion. I think in december and january Merrin will be a perfect choice. ^^”

  6. Sarah

    Syrah is one of my favorite character…she’s up there on my list…but Nicko stays my fave!!I think character of the month is a great idea! I love the septimus heap series! it follows and the characters are just so lovable! except jillie djinn…

  7. Drew

    I hope that Syrah comes back. Have to admit, it was rather odd the way she just kinda went into a comma.
    Hahaha our comments would stink for people who haven’t read this book.

    • LeAnn

      haha yeah but thats why it said WARNING! If you haven’t read the the whole series, do not read the comments on this post.

  8. i hope syrah comes out of the comma in darke!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sarah

    i think that nicko should be the character of the month of september…please!!!

  10. Sarah

    i know darke is going just as awesome as the other ones…maybe even awesomer!!! omg cant wait

  11. Lily

    I love this series! But I think it’s sad that Syrah goes into a coma after she falls asleep away from the island! i hope she comes back in Darke! can’t wait for it to come out!

  12. LeAnn

    Syrah is a great charactor, but I dont think she will be very happy when she wakes up because (a lot like Sep in Physik) she would run up the stairs to find Pike in his room, and instead find Marcia. She would be very upset about that. I would hope that Marcellus would let her go through the Glass that he pulled Sep through to begin with. Ahhh, alas it probably wont happen. Thats my idea any how.

  13. Chloe

    I love Syrah, she is one of my favourite characters (who am I kidding – just about every character is my favourite). Her story is so sad though, I hope she wakes up okay! I think she and septimus would be good together. Anyone agree?

    • Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

      I don’t think that she and Septimus should be together because she is so much older than him. I’ll be really disappointed if that happens.

  14. Chloe

    Oh, and I think Nicko should be character of the month for September. It’s my birthday in september so it would be like a little birthday treat.

    • Sarah

      i totally agree with you!!Nicko should be the character of the month of september!!
      its my birthday too and nicko is my favorite character
      it would also be a treat for me!!

      • Ella xx

        yesss nicko would be a goooood choice 😀
        i love him he is so cool 😉

      • anti-sag

        no septimus should be the character of the september. u no: SEPTimus. SEPTember

      • Lucy

        Yeah, September actually means seventh-month [because it was the seventh month until two more were added. October means 8th, November means 9th, and December means 10th]. So, it kinda would make sense for september to be Septimus like anti-sag said. But if people really want Nicko to be September I don’t think it would exactly be the end of the world.

  15. Mark Zug did an excellent job on Syrah, It’s perfect…

  16. Lau

    I agree with your choice, Nicko will be perfect! 😀

  17. Chloe

    Oh yeah! 🙂

  18. anti-sag

    syrah syara. best name in the septimus heap series. angie sage is really creative. syrah is really cool. too bad shes 513 yrs old. if i were her i would want to be a ghost.the ghost realm in the septimus heap series is so awesome! i would love to be a ghost if i were in the septimus heap series.

    • Cindy

      I thought Syrah was 519 years old?

      She’s probably my favourite character so far. =] But Sep, Beetle and Nicko are all way up there with her XD.

      • Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

        Yeah, I thought that too. That’s why Syrah and Septimus shouldn’t be together.

  19. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    I love how Angie Sage brought Syrah into the story in Physik, and then built a whole world upon her in Syren! Now, everything connects. From when Syrah drew the Questing Stone, and how she got swept away to the CattRokk Lighthouse, and then to the island.

  20. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    I also LOVE Mark Zug’s illustrations! His drawings really make the saga of Septimus Heap come to life.

  21. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    I have a question: Why is Physik spelled “Physick” here and on the Septimus Heap Website “” on “Septimus’ Physik Chest”?

  22. IAmPrincessJennaForever

    Is it because the British version is spelled “Magyck” or “Physick”, while the American version is spelled “Magyk” or “Physik”?

    Just a guess. I have no idea whatsoever.

  23. Sarah

    Mark zug did an amazing job on all the drawings in all the books they are amazing drawings! love them all!

  24. Chloe

    no, all versions are spelt the same – i would know that coz i am britsh

  25. niah

    I did not read all books yet but than I saw a cart and hear picture she. Looks like me!!!AMAZING
    and she is the same age!

    • lliaa

      uhm no ur i guess 13yrs and shes 500yrs+
      if your 500yrs+ then yeah but most likly no.

  26. Ronia

    not possible she is 513

  27. SyrahSyara

    but Syrah is amazing MY FAV CHARACTER EVER!

  28. SyrahSyara

    I really hope she wakes up, her and Sep could be a great couple

  29. SyrahSyara

    Love the books and Syrah rocks 🙂

  30. SyrahSyara

    nicko is great to but Syrah tops him for me and thats saying something! really 🙂

  31. niah

    sorry my bad Im only 13 🙂

  32. Sarah

    wasn’t syrah like 19 before the whole possessed thing?
    she kept writing that in her diary…just saying

    • Ciri

      I think that’s because maybe syrah spent some time on the island before she was possessed? I dunno, just guessing…….

  33. niah

    I dont know cus I didnt read the book yet. Theres no queste or syren in slovenia.

  34. Sarah

    oh that really sucks…i bet you cant wait till it does come out!

  35. Sarah

    syrah is great though she’s one of my many fave characters in this series

  36. niah

    You dont know how! Im so bored without those books

  37. niah

    hahahah Sarah can you come to off-topic now?

  38. Sarah

    ok sure why not

  39. Ciri

    OMG I love Magyk sooooo much but I just started reading lately and since my library has all the books i have seriously never not had a septimus heap book in my hand. Syrah is so awesome, but I seriously despise Snorri. Why is she even there?!? she’s just clogging up the series. Wow I just realized i talk way too much.
    Whatever, I can’t wait for Darke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah

      YES!!! your awesome!! i totally hate snorri!!!your right she just clogs the series up!!!grr totally hate her

    • lliaa

      might be just jelousy because i loovvee nikko…

  40. niah

    Why do you hate Snorri if she wouldnt be there nicko wouldnt be in past with her and there wouldnt be Queste!

  41. Sarah

    good point niah but i hate snorri because i like nicko in flyte cause he makes the book entertaining for me and when she appeared in his life he became more and more boring like not nicko.Snorri has no emotions remember in physik when marcellus told them they couldnt go threw the door because it well broke you can say nicko was devastated but snorri just kept it in…you didnt read syren yet i know that but once i read queste and syren my hate for snorri just got bigger because normally nicko doesnt think when he talks and then she appeared…psh…i just dont like her as ciri said snorri just cloggs up the book…thats just my opinion speaking…physik was good cause snorri wasnt boring and then later she just got more boring wow i must really hate her to be writing a paragraph sorry to anybody who does like her but just not me

  42. niah

    Sarah are you gelous on a book character?! I suppose you really like Nicko 😛 Im sick… Can anybody come on? Im really bored!

  43. Sarah

    psh no…sorry niah i cant come on i have to go to school…darn school…but i like school just cause i have a bunch of friends!!

  44. niah

    sorry Sarah bye

  45. Sarah

    dont worry bout it…my friend teases me about how much i like nicko and how much i despise snorri…its kinda funny…anyways bye hope you get better soon

  46. niah

    Sarah would you still hate Snorri if I would be playing her in a movie (just example)?

  47. Sarah

    if you would be playing her i would be like YAY NIAH GREAT JOB!!!

  48. niah

    Thanks Sarah ur the best!

  49. Sarah

    YAY!! THANKS!! U TOO!!

  50. niah

    are u on?

  51. niah

    If we would know each other i think we would be good friends! 🙂

  52. Sarah

    i couldnt agree more 🙂 and i wont be on for the rest of the day because my family is coming over…maybe some other time

  53. niah

    SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry gota do something.
    I had a laughing attack on a school hall today!

  54. Sarah

    haha i get thoise all the time at school!!

  55. niah

    I just ralized that what I said before that syrah looks lioke me is totaly not true! Sarah I have a good news! My dad said its okay if I get myself a Mileyworld cus its only side i can write for acept of that blog so you can go to mileyworld an chat with me with camera!

    • Sarah

      the thing is i dont really like miley cirus(im more of a rock person and would be caught dead with seomthing with miley cirus no offence) and i dont have a camera for my computer…is there another site you’re allowed on that we can talk on?

  56. Ciri

    I dont care she totally ruins nicko’s character and she should just go out to sea and jump off her stupid Alfrun for all i care. Wow i’m really behind and i’m carrying on a long dead conversation. whatever, i dunt care. 🙂

  57. niah

    Hahahahah Ciri!!! OK I dont know her really well but if she ruined Nickos character i tottaly hate her! Who Im going to laugh now!?

  58. niah

    Where are you Sarah1!?I need an answer!

  59. Sarah

    sorry my comments wouldnt post for a couple of days

  60. niah

    You dont had to love miley cyrus just that we could talk to each other… if you want to

  61. niah

    Noup… or if you have windows messanger or skype!

  62. niah

    My brother has those two… 🙂

  63. niah

    Why did your coment jumped on!?

  64. Sarah

    i have windows messenger!!
    i dont know why my messages wouldnt post it would load and then it just wouldnt…anyways i have messenger and we can talk there

  65. niah


  66. Sarah

    here’s my full name: Sarah Brousseau
    look it up on messenger

  67. Sarah

    it should be a picture of like 5 people together
    2 guys and 3 girls

  68. niah

    I think you gota give me your e-mail

  69. niah

    I did search for a contact and than write sarah brouserrau Canada…

  70. niah

    something is wrong with a name…

  71. niah

    do u have a nickname?

  72. niah

    I made it!

  73. niah

    Can i send u a message now?

    • Sarah

      are you sure you have the right person?? i dont have anything from you yet?

  74. Sarah

    you found me?

  75. Sarah

    did you find me in search?? i checked my contact info and yes i did put a nickname its only Sarah!!
    so ya i should be the first in the search i think??

  76. niah

    Yea I make something but my brother (stupid) delete it so I think he dont want me to do that sorry. I hate him! And I dont talk to him and dont want to…

  77. niah

    Sorry brousseau now i can write it without a mistake!

  78. niah

    dont know

  79. niah

    Now Im going to driwing him nuts and annoy him!
    But Im already born to do that! 🙂

  80. Sarah

    haha niah your awesome you always make me laugh 🙂

  81. niah

    Thanks Sarah Im born for that to! I won the grand champion in English!

  82. Sarah

    haha awesome!so you arent getting messenger? 😦

  83. niah

    No I dont think so but Im going to try ( my brother is grounded and he cant go to computer?) 🙂

  84. niah

    I realized that he didnt even deleted it! I tried to send you a mesage but Im scared I would do something wrong!

  85. niah

    Did I manched that I was yeling at Nicko in Physic! When he was running after Snorri Iwas like OK Nicko calm down she is coming back dont run after her, no, NO, YOU IDIOT NOW YOU ARE GOING TO STAY HERE! My family was asking what I was doing at my room! 🙂
    LOL me

    • Sarah

      omg niah you’re becoming like me lol
      i did the exact same thing…everytime…lol

  86. niah

    LOL 🙂

  87. niah

    I dont know I think I shouldnt tell it here…

  88. Sarah

    when you search for me im probably the first one
    u remember my birthday?? well i think its there…

  89. niah

    Maybe I have difrent Windows messanger than you…

  90. niah

    LOL 🙂 ME

  91. niah

    Nine days out of school in Slovenia!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Sarah

    omg lucky!! i have a 3 day weekend which is pretty good
    we had a lockdown a my school that was funny!!

  93. niah

    I was watching simphons movie…hahahahaaha… spiderpig…hahaha

  94. Sarah

    haha love that movie
    spiderpig is soo awesome!!

  95. niah

    You were watching it ?! Love that song… spiderpig,spiderpig…hahahahahahah

  96. Sarah

    its soo catchy!!im gonna go and watch teenage mutant ninja turtles
    GO ninjas!!

  97. niah

    What?didnt watch that yet

  98. niah

    You mean those Leonardo, Donatello…

  99. niah

    Spiderpig song in Slovenian:
    Dela vse kar spiderpujs zna, a bo znal mrežo splest?
    Ne ne bo ker je pujs…
    POZOR spiderpujs!

    • Sarah

      awesome!! good to know!!
      i am going to attempt in singing that song in slovenian…it probably wont work
      but i can still try lol

  100. niah


  101. I have a book crush. Syrah Syara. Septimus loves her, you can tell. I hope she wakes up. I just finished Syren todaay. Can’t wait for Darke! You rock Angie!

  102. Am I the only one who heard the movies are going to be animated? I had already picked out actors to play each role. Maggie Smith who played Mcgonagal in Harry Potter would be Aunt Zelda. leon thomas III would be Wolf Boy. Anyone know for sure?

  103. niah


  104. sweet! it will be better that way.

  105. Tina

    I love Syrah!
    To be honest, I think Sep has a crush on her. I mean at the end of SYREN he went to her inthe infirmery every day and told her what he did.
    What do you think?

  106. Sarah

    thats so true cant wait to see what happens to her in darke

  107. Tina

    Me too 🙂

  108. He loves her

  109. niah

    That is sooo good to hear!

  110. niah

    Oh right…when we are on movie theme…I think Liam Aiken should play Simon or Sam. That would be ssooooo good.

  111. niah

    OMG I was reading the adolescene in news…you know what is the fact of the day? That Mohamed is most popular name in the world.1.5 million of people have that name!

  112. niah

    HAHAHAHA Queste is so funny! Well I hawent read all book but in the beggining… OMG Merrin what are u doing!?Imagine that in a movie!HAHAAH

  113. Sleenki

    I love her

  114. niah

    OK on the run now… didnt imagine that but its actually scary… all the pictures on the walls… Im using those … to much time!Why am only I writing here!?

  115. Sarah

    hey niah
    my offtopic is too big to load and wont let post a comment
    so how are you?

  116. niah

    Im good thank u…what about u?I finished Queste and it was really good.

  117. niah

    hahaa listen to that slovenian song

    its made for fun haha

  118. niah

    I know its stupid…I only like the chorus.
    I would post it on off topic but I cant write there anymore.

  119. niah

    I want to cut the bread
    thats the name of the song…bdw my bff show me that.

  120. niah

    Oh and I hate the ending of it!

  121. isabelle

    i feel a connection to Syrah syara because i like to be alone and i still dont know who i really am the girl that looks happy or the one that never met her dad. so it really feels like i am possed. i hope syrah gets better. i alos think that syrah and septimus will make such a great cupple ( i can’t even pronouce her name blushes )

  122. verona

    i like Syrah and i just only want to ask, is she going to end up with Septimus? :

  123. Sarah

    I wonder where she came up with the name “Syrah”?

  124. Tuva

    GI literarily cried when I the series ended and she had not gotten her memory back, and Septimus ended up with rose,. She was such a great character when she had her memories intact!

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