Septimus Heap 6: DARKE – The Cover

JUNE 2011

© 2010 HarperCollins Publishers, Angie Sage, Mark Zug
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95 thoughts on “Septimus Heap 6: DARKE – The Cover

  1. Ella xx

    OMG…so awesome!!!! i can’t wait xx

  2. THAT IS SUCH AN AWESOME COVER!!!!!!!!!!! one of the bast yet……… now i want to read it so badly now because i want to show off the cover and because i can’t bear the wait to read it

  3. Mark Zug did such an awesome job.. Angie you picked a good illustrator(or the publishers picked it i don’t know) but still he did a great job!!!!!
    oh yeah and i have thisw challenge for myself to try to find where he put his innitials on the cover(it is harder than you think)

  4. Drew

    I know the guy put his initials on the portaraits of Mag. Pap. (A different MZ), but they’re on tthe covers too? Awesome! Can’t wait/ Darke Index from book 4/ WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT???????????

  5. Drew

    P.S. Found it on Books 1, 2, and 4. (Look EXTRA hard on 4.)

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  7. Lucy

    Did you notice that the cover of Syren had something different about it than the other covers? They are all kinda based off of a book in the book, but 1,2,3,4, & 6 all have some kind of latch or something that would hold it closed, but syren doesn’t.

    It sure seems like the book will live up to it’s name! I can’t wait! I wonder what the tin is…and what’s in it…

    • Not true, Lucy. The cover is Syrah’s journal – The Book of Syrah Syren. Only it has no illustration in the book.

      • Lucy

        No, i was saying that it doesn’t have a kind of latch. 1 & 2 have locks and 3, 4, & 6 have ribbons.

      • Yeah, sorry, you’re right. Well… I think that maybe those rusted things on the corners are the latch.

  8. Bookworm 1000

    Your right lucy, I just noticed that. I think that Syren doesn’t have one because all of the books are supposed to look like a book mentioned in the story. Numbers one three and five show you what I mean.
    One is a magyk book, three is a physik book, and five is of course,the ship log that Syrah used as her diary before she was possesd by Syren. Then it became Syren’s diary.

    • Lucy

      I believe the first one is suppose to be sep’s apprentice diary, and flyte is suppose to be the book sep gets about dragon raising from aunt zelda, and three is the I, marcellus, and four is the things Snorri & nicko wrote/drew when they were back in time after ephaniah put them together into a book.

      • Drew

        Well, it’s probably been said, but as you can see, Darke is the Darke Index from book4. What will Septimus be doing with that?

    • Henry

      Actually Book one’s cover is Sep’s Apprentice Diary because it looks just like they describe his Diary in the book and I bet you there will be seven books in the series because Septimus is the seventh son of aseventh son. 🙂

  9. IAMPrincessJennaForever

    The “thing” on the covers of each book stand importantly for each book. For instance:
    Magyk: Dragon Ring
    Flyte: Flyte Charm
    Physik: Antidote to Sicknesse
    Queste: Questing Stone
    Syren: SafeCharm
    Darke: Who knows? 🙂

    I’m pretty sure most people have figured that out by now 😛
    Just wondering….What does everyone think the box is on the cover of Darke?

    • Well, I know what it is, but I’m not sure I’m allowed to tell. Perhaps Angie will tell you. If not, you’ll discover for yourself when reading Darke

    • Kirby

      In Physik I think the bottle on the cover is the thing that Marcellus’s evil queen mother drank to become the special ghost.

      And the Purple Ribbon on the cover means: Senior Apprentice. As for the box, I have NO idea what it could be.

  10. Maybe it has something to do with those silver heiroglyphics on top of the WT.

  11. noah

    i think it was what held the two faced ring for dom daniel well i guessed so who knows but well can’t wait

  12. Olivia

    Angie knows, I cried when I saw the cover, my birthdays in April but i live in Australia, 😦 Is the movie animated?

  13. Me

    YES!!!! I can’t waite!!!! It looks so fn cool. My wedding anaversary is in april to. To awsome things in april..oh plus 420 so 3 thins lol

  14. IAMPrincessJennaForever

    Yup, on some websites it says it is animated, but Angie has confirmed that is DEFINITELY going to be live-action. No doubt about it.

  15. Andrei

    I think that in this book Septimus will learn the Dark Magic!

  16. Lau

    This cover is awsome! I’m really looking forward to reading this book. I’ll hope there will be lots of parts about Merrin.
    Go go Merrin! You’re the best ohh… and Simon! 😉

  17. its the book by tertius fume ‘the dark index’ that merrin has

  18. Melinda

    I so can’t wait to read it!!!!!

  19. Esmerelda

    dat is a sick cover
    cant wait til it comes out in stores
    bet its goin 2 be awsome!!!!!
    cant wait til da movie 2
    heard its goin to ba animated
    hope its nott i think itll be better like with actual
    human characters
    so yeah
    dees books r da bomb

  20. lorraine

    i cant wait to read it!!

  21. Sarah

    omg a sixth book!!!

  22. keavon

    Ewww… it looks bad.
    Anyone notice it says “the index” on it? 😛
    I wonder what’s in the box…

  23. Hannah

    this is going to be a good book
    when i read the last part of syren.
    i was like,will syrah ever wake up

  24. i can’t wait 2 read septimus heap book 6! its going 2 come out in april 2011. and yes the movie is animated. its directed by that guy who made the devil wears prada or something. i think that guy is going 2 mess up the movie. book 6 looks cool i just wish it had more color. i cant wait for the 7th book. i wonder what it is going 2 b about!

    • Taylor

      No, the movie is NOT animated! If you have actually searched the blog, you will see numurous posts confirming that the movie is most definatley live-action and not animated, some of them by Angie Sage herslf. Go on the movie section of the blog for further proof.:)

  25. have you guys noticed that the first book is 2 syllables the second book is 1 syllable the thrid book is 2 syllables the fourth book is 1 syllable the fifth book is 2 syllables the sixth book is 1 syllable?

    • Kamer

      I didn’t notice that anti-sag. Maybe the last one will be like the rest of the pattern and be 2 syllables

  26. Annie

    i think that the box on the cover is a charm of some sort

  27. hopefully it has some chocolate maybe a chocolate charm like from book 2. u guys know 39 clues? i think nellie gomez is hot

  28. niah

    there will be six book in England but I am still waiting for Queste in Slovenia!

  29. Sarah

    i wonder whats in the box…

  30. niah

    I wonder that too!

  31. Max orwen

    Wow the best cover yet. and I’m guessing that merrin meredith (best character) Plays a pretty important role in this, as he was the last one that had the darke index. Merrin rocks. and He is most definately not stupid. even if he doesn’t know what a party is, and misspells sleuth.

    • Kirby

      =[] How can you like Merrin?? His mom stole Septimus as soon as he was born. 😦 And, he is stupid, he didn’t reconize a Live Safe charm and thought it was a scent? How could he become Mancriptitorium scribe not knowing a Live Safe Charm?

      • Maura

        Yeah… But it wasn’t Merrin’s fault his mum was evil… Mwahahaha jk.

  32. Lau

    I agree with you Max. Merrin is the best! 😀 He is evil (maybe tries to be evil), but I think he’s a very lonely boy who is afraid of darknes.
    He is noooooooooooooot stupid! XD
    Okay, he is but just a little bit! lol

  33. Suki Hero

    Hey, Merrin & maybe Tertius Fume may have something to do with this one. Notice the cover says “The index”? add the title of the book “Darke” to it and voila it’s
    “The Darke Index” which is used by Merrin in book 4 Queste, Chapter The Darke Index. Remember he uses it to Darken AnOthers Destiny, by sending him on the Quest??? I’m so excited, I wanna see if my theory is correct!!!!!!
    I luv SH haha his initials are the same as mine SH!!!
    SEP ROCKS! (Okay and maybe so does Merrin, I feel sorry 4 him)

  34. book whisperer

    this book looks so so so good can’t wait to read it and can’t wait for the movie to come out

  35. Lau

    I think you are right! 😉 Sh is good, but MM is not bad too…XD

  36. SyrahSyara

    i love syrah and am so excited for the movie it stinks that its coming out in 2012 though 😦

  37. Raptoor

    My favorite is Merrin, Beetle, Marcellus, Spit Fyre & Wolf boy ♥

  38. Henry among chickens

    this is an awesome cover… maybe that tin on the front has some strange Thing that comes out when it is opened…

  39. I think angie should write one after this calle spyrit about the deep connections of the spirit world, like how snorri can see through ullrs eyes.

  40. I’ve read the first 5 I’m just dissapointed it’s not coming out before Christmas 😦

  41. Jeri

    There’s a movie!?!? I think that is awesome! What all is the movie going to cover, like all of the books or just a few?

  42. Dana

    Hey, I just noticed, it says ‘The Darke Index’, I didn’t see the ‘The’ and ‘Index’ atfirst. So this is the book that Merrin was reading from in Queste. Well now I really wanna read it! I CAN’T WAIT TIL APRIL!!
    And what’s that thing on the cover? I just love how the sep heap books are always stylized like books in the story with a token or charm on the front. so what’s the box then/?

  43. Kirby

    In the book Queste, when Beetle and Jenna hear Fume and Merrin talking at the entrance to the vaults Merrin says:”But I thought that…well,as you wrote this book-and I think it’s a really, REALLY good book, the best I’ve ever read ub fact and-” so that means that Tertius Fume wrote that Darke Index book. Just saying so. I know this because I’ve read the books over and over again in my impatientces. Too loong to wait!

  44. Chaso

    This is epic there is a movie! I wanted there to be a movie since book 2! I think angie is laughing at our failing atemps to guess what happens in this book. Although some thing tells me it has has something to do with darke…lol bye!

  45. Kamer

    I gave up on the septimus heap series when I was younger because it didn’t seem that any new books would come out anytime soon. I found Syren in the library on accident and was like “there’s a new book that I didn’t know about?”

    I ended up reading it, and it just leaves me wanting more. I remember why I used to love this series.

    One thing that I found funny was Beetle’s apparent yet unannounced crush for Jenna. It was hilarious.

    I also want to see how things will turn out for Syrah. I can’t exactly blame her for going out like that, and I’m interested to see how she will be implemented in to Septimus’s life as apprentice. Will she make a difference, or will she still be in a coma.

    A thought just occurred to me. It seemed that septimus cared about Syrah a lot. Maybe Darke shows Septimus attempting the use of Darke magic to bring her back? Just a thought.

    Also, it says on wikipedia that this will come out July 2011 in the U.K. Anyone now when it will come out in the U.S.A.?

  46. Aaliyah

    I think darke magyk or somebody with it tries to eliminate Septimus. I REALLY can’t wait for book 6 I’ve read books 1-5 and knowing there’s a book 6 coming out I have a reason to read! To bad its coming out in april. Reading these books makes me want to actually live in the Septimus Heap world, not as a non-wizard, but a wizard…non-wizards are weird, most of them anyway, not me or any of you or princess Jenna!!!!

  47. thebezd

    I think the box is something we haven’t seen in any of the books yet. The symbols on all the other books are brand new to that book so it is probaly the same in Darke. Or we saw it and it wasn’t fully explained, just mentioned. Or we could know something about the box because all of the other book titles were new to the story but Darke has been a recurring theme. Well, who knows?

  48. Maura

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! Enough said…

  49. Septimasheap'sBiggestFan

    i think the book is going to be like a diary or a spell book about darke magyk mand in the last book i think septimas might get murdered duh duh duuhhhhhhhh

  50. charlie chunkins

    i think in the box is sleuth

  51. niah

    What is sleuth…is it maybe that ball that Simon had?

    • Pat

      Yes, Sleuth is Simon’s “pet” ball. Will it be of much importance in this book? My mind tells me it will…

  52. Kdizzle

    I don’t kno but tertius fume won’t be in the books much longer cuz in Syren marcia said she was gonna ERADICATE him

  53. irfan

    OMG….i can’t for this book to publish….

  54. SeptimusLover13

    OH! MY! GOSH! I am so excited for Darke to come out! Septimus Heap is one of my fav series and I am so super excited! Angie Sage is a great author and I am going to explode with happiness when I can get Darke! My entire class thinks I’m obsessed but I can’t help it! I am SO STINKIN’ EXCITED! 🙂 😉 8)

  55. darlin

    i cant wait till book 6 comes out i hope it comes out on the 14 because thats my birthday i m turning 11

  56. Trent

    i can’t wait!

  57. Anton!Sepfaaan'

    Septimus Heap books is the best!
    have read 1-5 books type 10 times and is just waiting until Darke comes out!

  58. syrah & septimus

    maybe the box is some sort of darke remedie to revive syrah!
    septimus and merrin might become friends!
    if syrah was revived do you think she would become marcellus apprentice or share with sep?


    • Lunarwolf349

      I agree with you that Syrah should be revived. She and Sep make a great couple.

  59. Henry among chickens

    Oooooooh!!!! This is going to be so cool!!!! Maybe book 7 will be kind of bluish-white and have something to do with Snorri, snow, and spirits…

  60. Arctikninja

    Septimus & Syrah, sitting in a…
    lol just kidding, can’t wait for the book!

  61. Jenna Haruka

    I’m excited about Jenna meeting her mother at last ! Angie said that to be a young Queen she must be 14 . She also said that Jen is turning 14 in Darke . In Flyte, Queen Cerys said that she shall appear to her daughter when the Time Is Right .

    But I think Angie also said that they will meet on book 7 . Bother . =_=

    Anyway, can’t wait for Darke ! I want to know how they can retrieve Alther . 🙂

  62. Paul

    I am really exited about this!!! I cant wait

  63. lina

    i think Beetl likes Jenna.<3 its sooooooo cute!!!!

  64. JK


  65. JK

    commenting is making me want the book more so im going to stop

  66. Jen S

    I ❤ Simon Heap!

  67. Dragon

    Lovebird. >_> GREAT BOOKS!

  68. sarah

    O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a really BIG! fan i just love septimas heap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love septimas heap
    but why do some people love Simon heap? he is bad………..
    i cant stop talking about septimas heap my fav. series !!!!!!!!!!
    P.s Stanley and spit fyre if sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. sarah

    i wish i was sarah heap’.’
    but i am sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. sarah

    ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love septimas he is dreamy^.^

  71. carli coykendall

    i just finished fyre and i know that this series is a septet but now that its done i feel extremely sad and i really hope you can make more in the Septimus heap series. i even have ideas!

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