F.A.Q. (1)

Hi all,

Angie is working very hard on Darke. You must understand that she’d better write the book than spend time every day on the blog. She will answer all of your questions as soon as possible. 😉 You must agree with me that although she answers here rarely, she actually ANSWERS, compared with other bestselling authors. 😀

Have a nice day everybody! 🙂


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11 thoughts on “F.A.Q. (1)

  1. Lauryn

    I have some Q’s too! I left a lot of replies on Letters 6-8, and on your Ask Angie thing. Sorry I’ve been a little nagging.
    But can I ask my questions here?
    1. Will you ask your illustrator to draw a picture of the inside of the Wizard Tower? That would be AWESOME!!!
    2. 2 questions involving Beetle (he’s my favorite)
    A) Will he meet his dad?
    B) How did he and JoJo become friends?
    3. What kind of things will the Wendrons get up to now that the truce is broken?
    4. Since Jen’s key to the Queen’s Room was used to keep the door in the House of Foryx locked, did she leave it there? I know Aunt Zelda has a spare, but I think Jen may have left her’s in the lock, and now she won’t be able to get into the Queen’s Room.
    Thank you for taking the time to answer them. Good luck with the book!
    Faithful Reader,

    • If you have read the Magykal Papers then you would have seen what some of Marcia’s room (very purple)

      • Lauryn

        Purple is an awesome color! It’s not as good as green though.
        Do you think they will ever go inside the Dragon Boat?

      • well i nt eh series they do ride in the dragon boat i think it has been so long since i read the books i have to freshen up on them this summer

  2. Phoenixia

    Hi again, Angie. I was rereading the series and I came up with questions.
    1)How does a Safeshield work? Is it like a BEGIRD AND PRESERVE or more like an aura of protection?
    2)How do the stairs in the Wizard Tower work? I know they’re like a spiral escalator, but wouldn’t the top of the stairs have to poke out the top of the Wizard Tower?
    3)What’s the difference between a Keepsafe and a Safecharm?
    4)Will the Hunter be back in Darke?
    5)When Simon got rid of the Shield Bug in Flyte, did the bug just die?

    • Lauryn

      She said in Ask Angie that the Shield Big probably drowned. I hope it didn’t. I liked it. Like, if some epic battle came up, the bug would fly out of nowhere and take it’s place on Jen’s shoulder again.

    • that would be so cool Lauryn really i would want the same thing to happen

  3. Phoenixia

    Hi, Angie! I just saw this FAQ and I wanted to ask a couple of questions.
    1) What happened to Petroc Trelawney? Where’d he go after he wandered off?
    2) What happened to the Alfrun?
    My friend also wants to know:
    3) Why did Syrah go into a coma?

    • I know why Syrah went into a coma it was because she finally was able to sleep out of the peep or where ever the Syren possessed her so Syrah was really tired and had a lack of sleep so that is why i think so i don’t know if i am right…

      • Lucy

        No, I believe it was because she was so shocked that everyone she had known was long-gone, especially her former mentor.

    • I can’t tell who is right maybe angie will answer with the right answer yuo never know

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