Letters from Angie Sage (8)

Hi Everyone,

Back from Oz! It was really great there. I met lots of fans in Perth and then had some holiday too. Escaped a hurricane and saw some very big spiders…
And now I am hiding away and am deep in the depths of DARKE.
So I shall draw the blinds, tell those pesky birds to stop singing so loud and forget that here it is a beautiful spring.
Because back at the Castle it is deepest winter and the Dark of the Moon…


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24 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage (8)

  1. elsie

    Omg! that sounds so good! Hmm i wonder what you mean by “Dark of the Moon”??????????????

  2. heap fan

    They mentioned it in Magyk. Zelda said,”Tonight is the Dark of the Moon. No matter how hard you look, no one on earth shall see the moon tonight. If the marsh creatures weren’t all frozen in the ground we would have been locked up inside the cottage hours ago. But I thought you might like to see the stars without the light of the moon.”

  3. Lauryn

    Awesome! I replied to Letters 6 & 7, so check those out!

    Man, this sounds sinister. Please please please give us some hints!

    Didn’t it also say in Syren that anyone who anchors at the Spirit Isles at the Dark of the Moon will turn into a ghost ship.

    I beg of you! Give us a hint!

    Your fellow reader,

  4. Haridha

    I am so looking forward to Darke! You are amazing Angie!

  5. i am so looking forward to darke i can hardly wait! i feel like you just gave me a hint to what do look forward to! i feel like you gave me too much time to wait. i have read every book at least twice each. all of them so good! thank you angie for giving me something to read forever and ever!

  6. Sian

    Loved Syren and I honestly will love Darke no matter what. However, I really feel that Syrah needs to wake up! I would never ever tell someone how to write their book but for some reason I feel that there is a gravitational pull between Syrah and Septimus, they are so perfect together! The thicker Darke is the happier I will be. Honestly though it could be 2 pages and I would love it. The title leaves so much eerie gloom…. can’t wait! And I love Araminta so to be short, LOVE YOUR BOOKS!

  7. tanner

    hmmm mysterious? the darkining of the moon hmm i wonder wat will happen u just got me hooked thanks for the hint ^-^

  8. Dear Angie,
    I can’t wait for DARKE!!!! You are one of my favorite authors! But you are at the top of the list out of all of them! 🙂 And i think that DARKE better be good because we have to wait so long!!!! Oh yeah and Angie I am on the last part of my book i said i was writing like i said on the ASK ANGIE page! All of the people in my class love them! just my stories are nothing like septimus…. They are so different…. well i got to go now so good luck on writing Darke!

  9. noah

    i cant wait for it it sounds so good you just make me want to sleep till the next book comes out arrrgghhhhhh!!

  10. KeishaJL

    Oh my gosh, I found your blog today and I’m so excited to read about another book! I’ve read each book twice and I’m having my eldest son (9) starting it this summer. I feel terrible you’re giving up your beautiful spring time though, you never know what might inspire you! 🙂 Thank you for such fantastic books!

  11. Lucy


    NOAH i so agree with you!!

  12. elsie

    how many books will be in the series?

    • she already said that there will be seven books!!!!!!
      but i think there may be a magykal papers 2????
      I wish there would be a lot more than seven!!!!!!!!

  13. Lauryn

    Quick question: is there going to be a kissing scene?

    • i wouldn’t like that…..
      unless maybe beetle and Jenna that would be sooooo cute!!!!!!

      • elsie

        Or between nicko and snory!

      • Lauryn

        Well, Angie said the story began on Jen and Sep’s 14th b-day. Thats kind of around the age when you actually start to like someone. If there’s not a kissing scene, then there might be some awkward moments.
        Plus, if it’s not Jen and Beetle, then it’s either Sep and Syrah, or Nik and Snorri. Food for thought.

  14. Eh i am happy that they found someone else who likes boats and all just it wouldn’t be as good as Beetle and Jenna!

  15. maxenman

    I am so exsited about darke. The thing is that i live in Denmark and syren is not in the stores yet (or the libraries).

    • noah

      oh that sucks cause ive had my copy of syren for ages ive read it twice going on the third time

    • that would stink because when i find out about books i want to read i always go to the library to read them first then if i like them i buy them (i am about to buy all of the Septimus heap books from my Aunt) i am so excited

    • Jessica

      thats stinks, we dont have that book in my library either, i had to buy it myself

  16. Shaikha

    I just can’t believe that there’s another book, when i found out, i held my breath until I got myself convinced that it was true…. The title is just great, and Syren and all the other books were great too…. But im hoping that this one will not be the last, and the thicker, the better, the happier we will all be, I look up to you Angie Sage, I wish you great luck and I hope i am like you when I grow up, YOU ROCK!!!!!

  17. Jessica

    Hey Angie,
    My name is Jessica and I’m thirteen years old. I know that I’m just another one of your million fans and that you’ve probably heard this a million times but I love you and work books. Your awesome. I know that you have probably heard this a million times before too, but I love to write. The only problem I have is that I don’t like to admit it, I feel like it’s kind of a nerd thing. I write all the time and am working on a fiction book write now. Almost finished a whole notebook.

    Just Another of Your Millions of Fans,

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