Darke things…


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32 thoughts on “Darke things…

  1. Wow, awesome! 😀

  2. Emma Worsham

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!! It’s gonna be so Fantastic!

  3. Bookish

    So cool! What font are the covers set in, may I ask? Or is that Toppe Secrete?


  5. Laura

    Lol! XD Good job!

  6. Thomas Azocar-Nevin

    Oh I am like…. DYING FOR THIS! hehe. I wonder if DomDaniel comes back….. that would be pretty scary. Anyway, I am eager to read this, I’ll be waiting! Angie Sage and J.K Rowling are the reason why I want to be an author xD

  7. Sydney

    YES! So excited! I’m glad the title’s been released.

  8. Oivia

    too long to wait

  9. alexandria

    WOO I’m really really excited about darke.
    it’s going to be great
    I’ve got to buy another copy of magyk this weekend because my paperback has got a bit mashed so much so I’ve had to glue it back together. I’ve kinda read it to many times
    can’t wait till 2011 now
    x x x

  10. ERIKA T

    cant wait!
    i guess this is about merrin cause in the ‘Histories and Happenings’ thing it said under merrin that he was going to get revenge on Jillie Djinn and other scribes.
    i still think the next book should be sumthing like ‘Secrete’ as the title.(the book after ‘Darke’)

    ur fan,

  11. Lucile

    Spring 2011! Well, count autumn(or winter) 2011 for France
    is always longer with the translation. Well, i will re-read the five first books. I hope Nicko will be more important than in the two last books.

  12. noah

    can’t wait

  13. Arkaedia

    i can’t wait to read the new book DARKE it sounds so interesting i want to thank Angie Sage for bein the best authour ever ,her books are the only ones i read includin KINGDOM KEEPERS by Ridely Pearson and another book he wrote was Peter Pan And the Starcathers if ur lookin for andventure and fanstasy read his books also

  14. Jenna

    OMGSH! I just finished reading Syren and I can’t wait for next year! It is too long! ACK! I really, REALLY want to know if Syrah ever wakes up from the sleep she falls into after the Syren leaves her. GAH! ITS TOO MUCH!

    • Angie said on the ASK ANGIE page that Syrah is still alive…
      But I know i thought she died too….

  15. me

    OMG!!! Is it out yet? if not when is it coming out?

  16. tim

    cant wait for the next book hope it comes out sooner!!XD

  17. Lucy

    A whole year?! I had heard it would be aprill 2011 on wikipedia a stuff but I didn’t really believe it. Oh well, I hope there’ll be a lot of Warriors books coming out to keep me going till then.

  18. Manna


  19. Cheeseman

    It would be cool if Simon Awakenes this big Darke monster thing and it is destined to destroy the castle and Marcia and Septimus has to defeat it.

    • Mike

      remember simon went good after Domdaniels bones chased him though so he probably wouldnt do that

  20. Mike

    Im like spazin out for #6 im like the huggest fan of your books Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh

  21. Ashwin

    wow!!!it’s gonna b awesome!!
    waiting for darke!!!!!

  22. Ashwin

    i dont think simon’ll b the villain…he was shown 2 b gud in syren..

  23. Aly

    Man, I have to wait another year almost! I know it will be worth the wait. Keep on Going Septimus!

  24. Isabella

    omg Angie you are an angel you saved me from really tuff times!

    Any way this book is going to be awesome darke sounds great and I read every book in a day so I was done with the series in 6 days including the book of magykal papers. I am going to die because of the wait!!!!!!!! please hurry!!!!! can you make it like a month maybe because I cant find a different book!!!!

  25. Isabella

    oh also maybe you could put pics of all the charicters in the back of the book

  26. Ana (#1 Septimus Heap fan)

    omg i is excited

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