Letters from Angie Sage (6)

Hi everyone,

Happy 2010! Sorry I haven’t replied to your comments, I know some of you have waited for ages – I can’t get the posts to work. It’s either techno trouble with my internet connection or, most probably, author trouble i.e. there is something I am not doing right. I hope to fix and reply as soon as I can.
It’s a dark old January here – well February now. Am writing every day at the moment and it’s a strange feeling, spending all day deep in the Sep Heap world and then emerging at the end of the day into Somerset again. As long as I don’t bump into Marcia in a dark corner of the house I’ll be ok! Although, actually I wouldn’t mind bumping into Marcia, it’s Jillie Djinn who would drive me nuts.

Have fun in February, I’ll get those posts sorted,

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85 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage (6)

  1. Sheena Meredith (Ex-Apprentice of Merrin Meredith)

    Dear Angie,
    I love your series so much!! (I apologize for the fan-fiction name I put it, I prefer not to say my name very much online.)
    If Simon and Lucy have a kid, then what would his or her name be? Sorry if this is a silly question. I just want to know. 🙂


    Jess (Yes, it’s my real name, but it’s not my full name, so I think it would be OK to say online.)

    • Sheena Meredith (Ex-Apprentice of Merrin Meredith)

      By the way I’m 11 years old sorry I forgot to add that on

  2. Chelsea

    Dear Angie,
    I love every single one of the Septimus Heap books, so far, and I’m glad you decided to make them. I’m only 12 yrs old, but I know a good author when I see it and you are the best author ever. Truth to be told my teacher introduced me to the series and I’m soooooo glad she did. I hope you continue to write books like this series.


  3. arianna

    Dear Angie,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your books. I have not yet begun Darke for I have been putting it off, knowing how close I am to finishing the series. Once you have completed the Septimus heap series are you going to write more like it? A series with magic, adventure, a perfect amount of comedy, and most importantly a serious prospect to it as well, thus making the book less of a pointless child’s book and more of a novel worth reading! Once again I have enjoyed your books to an incredible extent. I love to read, I really do! I Idon’t usually mind what genre it is but, i fell in love with Septimus heap and it breaks my heart to think he is gone!



  4. Eric

    Hi i am Eric I am 11 years old and practically eat books i am in the middle of 6 great series and can’t wait to find out about the last adventures of septimus heap. I have 2 questions. 1. will septimus heap have a spinoff series or a continuation some thing like septimus heaps kids or something maybe his seventh kid. 2. please can you tell us what book 7 will be called i was probably the first person to finish book six because i pre ordered it on my kindle and finished it 1 and a half hours after its release. Please answer my questions and thank you for adding this novel to help my love of reading expand.


  5. Dear Angie Sage,

    I am a huge fan of the Septimus Heap series (though I know you’ve heard that too many times now). I love the characters, the way they’re like real people, their little quirks and personalities. Some of my favorite parts of the entire series are the little mini-stories you put in – Maureen the pie-shop lady, who was originally the youngest kitchen maid in Magyk; Nurse Meredith, who, admittedly, isn’t exactly a mini-story; the swimmers from DomDaniel’s ship who found the chicken boat. Of course, my absolute favorite part is Beetle, but I’m not going to go on and on about how cool he is (and how nice it would be if Jenna woke up to how he likes her). I’ll save that for my emails with my friends. Let me just finish by saying that Septimus Heap is one of my favorite series in the world, and that when I finish my novel (I’ve wanted to be an author since I was five – I’m 13 now), I will send it to you if you want, so I can get a “professional opinion.” 😀 Thanks for writing such an amazing series, and thanks for reading my incredibly long comment. Bonus points if you publish it! XD

  6. Blue

    Hiya! I was just wondering when will Darke and the seventh book come out in the Republic of Ireland? I’d love to know I’m a huge fan of the Septimus Heap books!

  7. Tom


    i only have one question and thats what is book 7 about?

  8. Gracyn

    Hi mrs. Angie!
    I am a 14 year old girl from the US and I LOVE LOVE LOVE septimus heap!!
    I was wondering if it would be too early to ask the title of the 7th book? I just finished the 6th book and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to the seventh whenever it comes out.

  9. hey,
    I was wondering if you could PLEASE consider not overdoing it on the romance parts. Thats what ruined a lot of great series (along with deaths of all the cute charectors)

  10. Dear Mrs. Sage
    I’m a 14-years-old girl from switzerland and I have a question…
    Do you know when the book darke comes out in Europe?
    Please reply!!!
    Ps: I’m really sorry for my english!

  11. jo

    Hi Ms Sage,

    I’m a fan in Australia and i was wondering whether Darke came out in Australia on the 6/7/11 or on a eailer (please) or later date. I’m a little confused because they only list the UK and the US release dates, not the dates for Australia and it always changes from author to author whether we are classed as as UK or US (in my opinion we’re neither but any who)

    Thank you

  12. stefan zukin

    Dear Ms Sage
    i was about eight years old when i was idly browsing my bookshelf wen i chanced upon magyk and it changed my life. i have read all of your works and am eagerly awating the release of darke. i apologize for any spelling errors as i a writing from my kindle and am lacking an authentic keyboard. i love how your writing style incorporates all of the little details that really make your stories come to life. my favorite character is marcia overstrad and I have to ask is there any possibility of a magyk movie in the near future?
    i would be elated if you are able to respond.

  13. Leo

    Both Syren and Darke on this website say that they are number five

  14. Emily

    Dear Ms. Sage,
    I am a 11 year old girl from massachusetts and a HUGE fan of your books and I heard that Magyk is being made in to a movie and there is going to be open auditions. If this is true and you know anything about it could you please tell me when and where the auditions are happening?

  15. Jessica D. :)

    Hi Mrs. Angie Sage,
    I absolutly love your books, even though I know that you have probably heard that a million times. I have a few questions and I’m sorry if you’ve heard this questions a million times but I still have to ask. Is writing considered weird? I love to write but if I even talk about it people call me a nerd. I don’t want to give up on writing but it seems thats the better choice. How long have you been writing? Because I’m 13 and I’ve been writing since I’m was 8. Is it normal to write something then rewrite it over and over again? I have to say this again I love your books and can’t wait to get my hands on Darke. 🙂

    -Jessica 🙂

  16. kalani

    I’m the fastest reader in my class and i read the harry potter series in 3 months and i can’t wait for your next book (darke) and i LOVE your series and i am writing my own series about these magical creatures and i’m making it REALLY LONG so it might be a while before i finish at least 2 books… i was wondering what other books i could read, I LOVE FANTASY!!!!! I’m in 4th grade… in minnesota!!!!! MINESOTA ROCKS!!!!!! but the snow is melting… BOO HOO!

    • Jessica D. :)

      Hey Kalani 🙂

      From a fellow writer,

      Hi I’m Jessica and I’m thirteen years old. I like to write to and it sounds like your series will be really cool when finished. Have you tried reading the Charlie Bone books? or maybe Atherton or Found? The Peter Pan series is good too. Those are some of the good fantasy books that I’ve read and liked. Let me know if your like them too?

  17. syrahxoxo

    oh and i LOVE the maps!!!

  18. syrahxoxo

    I’ll just start off with saying THE SEPTIMUS HEAP BOOKS ARE AMAZING!!! well done in writing them and making many fans happy with each new fantastic book. I have some requests- PLEASE let septimus fall in love! And beetle and jenna probably aswell. I think many people want some romance. Is Syrah dead? I really like her and nicko. Oh and i cant forget marcia!A movie would be great and i CANT WAIT for darke!
    Enjoy writing!

  19. stefan zukin

    dear CJ flood

    i agree with you, i have read each of her books at least three times and am eagerly awaiting further new on the movie

  20. CJ Flood

    Hey Angie,
    i dunno wat da heck these other guys think they are saying,but i know for a fact that i am you NUMBERO UNO FAN!!!:) I just finished reading book five and am patiently waiting for the sixth. I think that each and every one of the books is fantastic! I’ve known about the sixth book for a while, but only a few days ago, by reading the blog, did i find out that you were planning a total of seven! I was a little blue when i finished the fifth, cause i thought the sixth installment would be the last:( but now i am filled with new hope! I am also excited for the Septimus Heap movie i’ve been hearing about. I’m sure it will be great, unlike some other books to movies that come to mind i.e. Eragon…Anyway, really really excited for the sixth book. Babye 4 now
    your NUMBER ONE FAN! CJ:)

  21. I am a huge fan of your Septimus Heap series and eagerly await Darke! I have a question, though. Once the very first extraordinary wizard learned from Septimus about how his plan had become corrupted, why did he not leave his isolation and come to help? Thanks!

  22. jaemin kim

    um i’m a huge fan of your work. i’m thinking of being a fantasy writer someday. do you mind giving me any pointers? thanks. (p.s. i love using the number 7 in fantasy and figgured as much that you would have 7 books. i’m done with the first 5 and can’t wait for the next two to come out.

  23. Arantxa

    First I want to say that I really LOVE your books and that I think that your writers skilles are amezing!!
    How did you get so good!?
    I have a quick question. Have you any idee when book 5 and book 6 comes out in belgium? I would be very grate full!!!!! Thank you in for hand!!!!
    with a lot of greatings

  24. justin

    I love this series, but I’m wondering whether or not septimus likes syrah and i would like to know if they will ever end up togeather. also, does jenna like beetle? or is it one sided?

  25. stefan zukim

    Dear Ms Sage
    i was about eight years old when i was idly browsng my bookshef wen i chanced upon magyk and it changedmy life. i have read all of your worksand am eaerly awating the release of darke. i apologize for any spelling errors as i a writng from my kindle and am lacking an authentic keyboard. i love how your writimg style incorporates all of the little details that really make your stories come to life. my favorite character is marcia overstrad andi have to ask is there any possibillity of a magyk movie in the near future?
    i would be elated if you are able to respond.

    an avid reader,
    stefan zukin, age 12

  26. Thomas

    Hey Angie,

    I’m a reader of yours in the cold city of Calgary. I’m on your third book and am enthralled. I just have on question for you. I heard there is a movie coming out about it. Is this true? When will it be out?!


  27. SW

    I’m another fan. I just finished the 5th book. I guess now I’m part of the club, huh? Well, I read for hours everyday, about any good books I can get my hands on. Thanks for writing the books! Can’t wait for the next one(s)!!!

  28. Katja

    I love your books! I usually don’t like fantasy but I love your books because they are so detailed and funny and they completely draw you in! I can hardly wait until Darke comes out! I was wondering, do you plan out the whole story before you write it or mainly right as you go?

  29. Shaikha

    Hiiii Angie,How’s it going?? I ADORE Septimus and read each book seven times each….. I can’t get them out of my head…. I still remember the day i bought them…. I walked in and saw a couple of Science Fantasy books called Septimus Heap… I grabbed them, and there, my life was changed, I was introduced to a world of Magyk and it was amazing!! I learned a whole lot of stuff, and before I knew it, I was a crazed fan!! I take Septimus books everywhre I go…
    To my role model, to whom I look up to, please reply 🙂

  30. Caite

    Hi, Angie I love your books!!
    Septimus Heap has changed my life for the better. I have now grown fond of outdoors which I never expected I would. I have gone exploring forests taking note on anything interesting and pecular, I have grown confidence, I feel as though that if I had not read your books I never would have seen life in this amazing perspective. I only have few people to thank for this, you, Angie, and Septimus, Jenna, Nicko, and all the other mind-blowing fantastic, adventurous characters. I only have one question to ask of you, it may sound silly, but I don’t care. Angie, where DO you come up with these great ideas? And when you write you must feel the same way as I do now. Totally drawn to the book as though somehow you had been dragged there into their world, suspended by time. I’m sure you must have a very strong bond with your characters. Thank you Angie, I only came on here to thank you for making me experience my life in a way that I will never forget. In a way you brought out the best in me.
    “Thank you Angie, very much”
    Caite:) Please reply if you have the chance, I would like to hear as much about the ways of your writing. Thank you again. Sorry if I sound a bit foolish 🙂

  31. Elisa

    Dear Angie Sage,

    I love your books!!! Although I’m only on the second one (Flyte) I can’t wait for the rest of the books! My friend also read the series and she loved them too, she told me about the sixth book Darke and i was so excited!! But could you tell me about the book you wrote “The Magykal Papers”? It looked interesting (of course because you wrote it) and i wanted to know if it was a sequal to the Septimus Heap series or another book. I can’t wait to hear back from you!!

  32. Sarah

    Hello!!!! I love the magykal world of septimus!! its so well written! I’m looking forward to the next book! I can’t wait that long! My favorite character is Nicko! he’s so funny and awesome!!
    I love hearing of him in your books!!Can’t wait to hear more!!

  33. Elaine

    Waiting for Darke, I am so hooked. I have never reread a series until now and I am loving every book again. I work in the operating room and these books are my escape. Thanks for the fabulous imagery and fantasy-land.

  34. Laura

    hello 😀
    I am really looking forward to the 6th book Darke. I love to get lost in the magykal world that you have created for us. i loved it how Septimus was taken back in time and learnt physic skills that where lost in the future and his journey back home, i cant wait to see how he will apply those skills back in his own time 😀 he could help many people (dragon boats even?????) he he he. you have me hanging on every word you have written so far and i cant wait (really i cant!!!!) for the next book to be available for me to get my hands on :p
    all the best

  35. Fernanda

    Dear angie:
    Hi, my name is Fernanda, and i live in mexico city.
    I never imagined that something would trap me so much. It´s the best idea ever imagined. Just love it. Since i began reading MAGYK i knew it would be the best adventure. How you describe each character, each place, each movement… Nicko is the best sailor of all times, Jenna is so kind and pure hearted, and Septimus the best apprentice to the Extra Ordinary Wizard of all times!!!
    Expect the best of DARKE. I´m also writting a book, but not to important. Hope to be like you! Bye

  36. Serena

    Mrs Sage I’ve been obsessed with your books since i first read them last year. i’ve the hole series a couple of times now and my mum is regretting taking me to the library since i don’t do any work around the house when i’m reading.
    P.s who is your favourite character?

  37. nickolas

    Mrs.Sage i just can’t wait for darke amd i want to ask why is evrey thing over spelt hey i am 12 i love your books i live in canada how many books do plan on writing in the septumus heap series (who is your favrit charekter mine is wolf boy is syara gonna wake up will there be any romance between her and septumus

  38. nick

    may i ask is any thing gonna happen between septumus and syara syara(excuse the spleing)

  39. Manna

    Mrs Sage I can’t wait till DARKE .I’ve read all your books so far and I love them i’m reading them all agai until Darke comes out . One question well two is Merrin up to mischeouv and is there an evil dragon to defeat ?

    Regards Manna

  40. dear angie
    i LOVE the septimus heap series i have two questions
    1.is dark coming out any time soon and how many books are u going to write
    2. i heard rommers that magic is going to be a movie in 2012 is that true if so im so excited
    im on book five ive read all four books in the matter of eight months and i love them so im kinda sad this is the last one i know about but i still really love them and really want there to be a movie and i really want to be a writer wen i get older and im your BIGGEST and i mean BIGGEST fan but any way i love your books

    love carlie
    (septimus heaps biggest fan)

  41. Lauryn

    Hey Miss Sage! I’m thirteen and I’m from PA. I absolutely love this series, it’s my favorite ever! I’ve been reading them to my dad lately, and he’s been enjoying them too! I’ve read Queste so much, the binding began to fall apart and I had put it back together with tape!

    I absolutely can’t wait for Darke! I’m hoping Nicko will make a bit of a comeback, and maybe the romance theme will be fleshed out a little (specifically Jenna & Beetle) The title makes it seem a bit more sinister; I LOVE SINISTER BOOKS!!! Like an Age of Darkeness or something.
    Please will you give us some hints?!?! Pretty please with sugar on top?

    From your fellow reader,

  42. jason

    i am 34 years old and i love your books i picked all of them up at the bookstore and i love them i read syren in 8 hours it is a good book as all of them are and i cant wait till darke comes out i will have it the day it comes out thank you for the adventures and bringing back my amagination thank you again

  43. Leo

    When is a darke coming out, and is it going to be longer

  44. Kate Coletti

    Hi! My name’s Kate and I love the Septimus Heap series. I first started reading the books when my mom wouldn’t let me re-read my Harry Potter books anymore and I thought they were just another series but I got hooked. They are such well written books that they keep you hanging on until the very end and I hope the 6th one does the same! I can’t wait until I can get it on my Nook! Thanks for writing such amazing books!

  45. rhianna

    hi angie im rhianna and im wondering wat ur favororie book is. im doing an author study at school and i picked u! so it would be interesting to know.


    • Angie Sage

      Hello Rhianna,

      I have SO many favourite books, they keep changing. I really do love Jane Austen and Persuasion is my favourite one of hers. I have just read Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel and that’s fantastic.

  46. noah schmaus

    Angie sage your the best author in the WORLD (NO) THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE and i would appreciate it if you would respond

    Noah Schmaus

  47. To: Mrs.Sage

    If you don’t mind me asking but what is the plot for book 6?

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Elsie,

      well that would be telling…

      But it all begins on Jenna and Sep’s 14th birthday.

  48. To : Erika and Mrs.Sage
    When i ask whether the Septimus heap series take’s place in the future or past, i mean does it take place before our time or after?

    • ERIKA T

      oh in that case i think its before our time cause no electricity and stuff

      • ERIKA T


      • ERIKA T

        srry if u would have preferred an answer from Angie tho.

      • no i dont mind 😛

      • Alecozar

        it is actually after because at one part in the series it says “long ago people could fly to the moon in ships made of steel.” I assume this means that all of they’re technology was forgotten, or that they live in an undiscovered part of the their world

      • It’s an alternate universe, which means they could have had spaceships and stuff, even though they live in a medieval-type world. I think. :/ Just my 2 cants!

      • *Cents, sorry.

  49. ERIKA T

    wouldnt it be both cause on one part i dont no which book it said ‘jennas child crashed into with tricycle’ or sumthing like that i think in Magyk or Flyte.(im talking about tenses like- Elsie)

    ur fan,

  50. I’ve got a question, (it might be a really stupid one, but i have to ask), does the Septimus Heap series take place in the future or past?

    • Phoenixia

      D’you mean like in the past/present/future tense or like it’s a medieval fantasy?

  51. jessica

    would it be alright by you if you tell me the romance between Nicko and Snori?

    Your ever reading Wizard,

  52. jessica

    I am in L♥VE with the series right now!!! I am a 12 y. (march 6 was my B-day) and i have finished all the books (yup all 5) in less than a week!! would u mind me asking if there is a possible way you could get another Septimus Heap book out soon? i cant wait until April!!! (but it would be worth the wait though) Something like the Magykal Papers or something?

    P.S. Wgat are you gonna do the Syrah?

    your Waiting “book-a-holic-


  53. Jerri Chase

    I am a 53 year old fan of the Septimus Heap series.

    I work part time in a library, and was introduced to your books when a 12 year old boy came and and asked me if I could help him find a book whose title was “Magic spelled funny”. I succeeded and checked the book out myself once it was returned. I now own all 5 books plus the magical papers plus the audiobooks, which are VERY well done.

    I can hardly wait until April 2011 for Darke, but would rather you have the time to think things through and write the book you want to write. Is it too soon to ask the title of Book 7?


  54. When will Darke, be coming out?

    • Angie Sage

      In April 2011 – sorry its a bit of a wait, but I needed the extra time to write.


  55. Abby

    o.k Thank you very much!!!! 😀

  56. ANGIE,
    one tiny question about book 6- did it really count, you know, wolf boy completing the Task since JimKnee ate the tentacle and he got stranded on a dangerous island? -katy

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Katy,

      yes, I know the task didn’t exactly go to plan but Wolf Boy did get the tentacle as instructed, which was what the task was all about. (Also there were a few yukky strands clinging to the inside of the pouch he kept it in (but you probably don’t want to know that…)


  57. msfelton87

    Hi Im 11 years old and I have read the Septimus Heap series almost 8 times (I have every book) 🙂 I was wondering if you have already writen the 6th book, or started, and maybe what its called and what to expect. I saw online that the series is going to have 7 book not included The Magykal Papers. Is that true?? Sorry if those are too many questions.Your my favourite author and keep up the good work :))


    • Angie Sage

      Hi Abby,
      Don’t apologise, I love interesting questions…
      Yes, I’m halfway through Book 6 now and it’s true, there will be 7, it’s a good Magykal number to have.


  58. Carlie

    thanks sooooooo much your awesome thanks :):):)

  59. Carlie

    escuse me angie u are like my idol and i love these books i want to be a writer but when does Jenna revive the dragon boat with the potion she got because im really curious and does beetle get hes job back at the manuscriptorium thanks carlie please get back to me

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Carlie,

      Jenna and the dragon boat … well, sometimes when you write things don’t always turn out how you expect, so Jenna didn’t get to revive the Dragon Boat in Queste as I had expected. But I haven’t forgotten about it – not at all. Beetle’s job problems are on the agenda too! But I am saying no more than that…


  60. Hi! I’m a fourteen-year-old girl from Sweden. I love all books about Septimus Heap, probably one of the best series I’ve read, after Harry Potter… I look forward to read another book about Septimus Heap, but I just wonder, can you have more chapters about the life in the Castle? I do love these humoristic scenes, all the lifes of the Castle’s population. And I would love more chapters about Marcia Overstrand too, she’s my favourite character.
    Sorry for my insufficient English, hehe.

    • Angie Sage

      Hi Freja

      Your English is great. And a 100% better than my Swedish…
      I have put a lot more about the Castle in Book 6. The things is, I so like travelling with my characters too, but this time they have stayed home for much longer,


  61. Bookish

    Who would you like to meet coming around a corner?

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