The Official Website of Angie Sage

angie_websiteAngie Sage has launched today her official website, where you can find a lot of interesting things, like biography, FAQs about Septimus Heap, about Araminta, about Angie herself and… a lot of other things.

Visit today

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80 thoughts on “The Official Website of Angie Sage

  1. Kiah

    ur books r awesome

    • Angie Sage

      Thank you!

      from Angie

      • briana

        hello my name is briana i am a big fan of yours i am reading all your books!!!

      • I just love your books! I am still currently reading them. I am on Darke right now and I will probably finish it in a week or so. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me for a school project. what are your accomplishments? Describe one important event in your life that caused you to choose this career. describe other accomplishments of your career. Has your career helped others(explain)? please reply quickly because my assignment is due soon! Thanks!

      • Mykenzie

        Hi I hope Angie Sage is reading this … I started reading ur books when I was in the 2 nd grade well my dad read them to me because I hated to read but I loved story’s when I was in the forth grade I had finally made it to the point I could read them myself. I am in the 8th grade now and so desperately excited for the new set of books to come out. I loved ur books so much I fell closer to the care tears then even the people in my family. The only person I am even mere that close to is my friend Maggie who is almost as much as a fan. …. I hope you will reply to me I would love to get a chance to have u even so much as send me a hello. U are my biggest inspiration your books to be a writer.


  2. Meg

    I love the Septimus books – they’re my favourite. I have just finished Queste and am starting Syren. Can you tell me if they’ll be making a movie?

  3. Emma Worsham

    Oh my gosh!! I just fineshed Syren and it was SO increadable, I absolutly loved it!!! But I am super concerned about something. What happens to syrah?? Is she going to be okay and are going to write another book???? Oh please say you are, I’m not ready for the stories of Septimus Heap to be over, just the thought makes me very sad, please say your at least thinkgin about it!!!! I want to be sure that there is someting that I can look forward to. I want to find out more of their lives. Thank you so much

    • Hi Emma and welcome to the blog! Septimus Heap is a septet, which means that there will be 7 books. Angie is now working hard at the sixth book, untitled yet.

  4. Meg

    Everybody out there should read the Septimus Heap books they appeal to everyone they are my favourite books!!

  5. Reed

    Septimus Heap is awesome! I’am in the middle of Physik it’s really good.Although some people might think it’s strange I like Spit Fyre the best

  6. gemz

    hi pepole + anigie

    i heard that the guyy who played harry potter is going to be in the septimus heap film. is that ture? also im nerely at the end of syren ( book 5 ) and i was wondring how did you ( anigie ) think of so many brilant books and have you got any advise?

    thans soo much

  7. Congratulations! Your books very good. I’m a librarian from Indonesia. We are collection your books. My students like reading your book. I wish you can give me information about new book. Thank you very much.

  8. your books are awesome, so awesome that i’m scared about the movie because I know it won’t do it justice!

  9. A.M

    Best book ever to grace the universe,i love marcia’s purple python boots. Go Angie

  10. Oh my gosh I’m reading the first book and from the first page I was im love with it!!! I read almost a hundred pages a day no joke!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Hi, if anyone (or angie) knows what the sixth book is called and when it’s coming out (in the uk) then say.

  12. what up what up what up heyy ok i just love ur books soooo much dat im doing an author study on angie sage hey angie is there anything that i should know about u or include in my author study! By the way im not from the u.k. im from the U.S.A.

  13. Jenn

    My daughter and I just love the Araminta Spookie Series! We can’t wait for #6! When is that coming out???

  14. Amanda

    Dear Angie,
    I think your stories about Septimus heape are AMAZING!! My class and I have to write an author’s report and I just decided to do it on you because I LOVE your stories.(specifically Sep Heape series) Well anyway I have to write a biography of you, only I don’t know much about your life as a child and all those things before you started writing books. Can you please fill in the details. I looked up as much as I could on the internet and so far I know that you were born in London, England and you love to read. I also know that you trained as a radiographer and studied medicine at the Royal Free Hospital. After, you discovered that you had an interest in art and began illustrating after college. That may seem like a lot, but I have to write a whole page essay biography on you and I’m afraid what the internet provides is not enough. Please fill in the details and answer as soon as you can. Thanks!!(!!!)

  15. Oivia

    Dear Angie sage,
    I ABSOLUTLEY love ur books iv read araminta spook as well as the septimus heap series i absolutley love them even more than harry potter and thats saying something, me and one of my best friends are hooked plz plz plz write more than 7 books . I really wish i could meet u please reply to this thx sooooooo much!!!

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Olivia,

      The series really is going to stop at 7 (it has to end sometime, sad tho it is…) but I hope to do some shorter individual books about some of the characters and what happens to them

      • Jacqueline

        I LOVE spin-off novels that tell the rest of the story… Very much looking forward to book 6 – I purchased Syren yesterday evening and have a couple chapters left… Happy writing!

    • Lavinia

      I heard that there wil be a seventh book, because the series is a septet, but is there a name for it yet? Is there a date when it will come out yet (it doesn’t have to be official), maybe the month, or year. I’m eager to know. I am soo excited! I just finished Darke (no, I am not giving any spoilers) and it was amazing! My favourite book in the series would still have to be Syren. I really want to know what happens to Syrah in the seventh book. If you’re reading this Angie Sage, you’re my favourtie author, next to Nicholas Sparks and Cassandra Clare.

      The series has to stop at the seventh book because the entire series mainly revolves around the “lucky number 7”.

  16. Sarah

    i love your books, can’t get enough!

  17. Brett E.

    Hello I’ve been reading the Septimus Heap books since my mom found Flyte at her work and I decided to look up the series and it’s fantastic much better than Harry Potter. Also I was wondering when book number six was coming out???

  18. Phoenixia

    Your books are amazing! I’d even go so far as to say that they’re better than JK Rowlings! (Certainly the MAGYK/magic makes more sense.) By the way, what happened to the Dragon Boat? Did I miss something?

  19. Peggy Dixon

    Just starting to read all of your books via audio as I drive to and from work. Looking forward to hearing about any new, upcoming books in any of your series. I read there is a new series starting in December of 2010 and was looking to read a little about that here, but don’t see anything so far. Thanks.



  21. nadine

    I love your books!!!! they made me read again after almost 15 years not reading at all! congrats! Read magik and flyte in two weeks!!!! thank you.

  22. Faye

    I hope in the next book we will hear more about Sorrie. I really liked her when we met her in Book three, and have hoped she would get to talk to her father’s ghost some day.
    But why didn’t she get to skipper the Cerys? She had sailed her own boat, alone, over the seas to trade. That’s more ocean sailing than Nicko had ever done. She’s this brave, resourceful, talented girl and now that she and Nicko are in love, she has to just “Stand by her man”? Boo!
    I don’t really understand why Jenna doesn’t like her. Did I miss something?

    PS. If they do make a movie from The Septimus books, I hope you won’t let them degrade them the way they did the Harry Potter books. The directors had no feeling for all the fun every-day stuff. They played up the scenes where they could do loud, fast and violent. And they didn’t even give Harry his trademark sticking up hair, which a hair stylist could have done in 5 minutes every scene. Ridiculous. I read all the books lots of times, but didn’t bother to see the movies after the first one.

    Looking forward tot he next SEptimus Heap,

  23. Septimus Heap rocks the house baby!:D YOW! :O

  24. Roger

    Wow. So I have read up to Queste, and will soon be picking up Syren. I just want to say, your style of writing blew me away. I loved how you kept track of all the cameo characters and at the end of the book you told us what happened to them. I also love the quirky word choice you have, it just makes the book so much better. Incredible. You’ve inspired me to try my hand at writing. 🙂

  25. Isaac Spicer

    Dear Angie, Your books are the best I have ever read. Can’t wait for book six!
    Isaac age 10

  26. skyler

    Hi, angie. I was wondering about the movie. I was hoping for one but hadn’t heard anything about it until I saw this website. Also, if you make a movie make sure they don’t make some weird videogame to go along w/ it.itd make the series look bad, because everyone hates games made from movies that are made in a short time. They kinda suck,but I think a videogame of the series would be pretty awesome anyways. Love your books.

  27. Amalie

    hi angie, i was wondering if you read the harry potter series since they are kind of similair

  28. niah

    Angie I really like those books and I hope there will be queste soon in my country.

  29. niah

    But Im sure its good! 🙂

  30. Faussie

    hey angie! in 5th grade my librarian told me about the septimus heap series. i love them soooooo much but since i read them when they first came out, i kind of forgot about some things, when darke comes out ( i read on another website your next book was going to be darke) anyway when it comes out i am going to read the whole series again! i am soooooo excited! i cant wait to jump into that amazing world of magyk again! i absolutely love all of your books, your fan~ Faussie!

  31. Penelope

    All of my family is wondering. WHEN IS THE SEPTIMUS HEAP MOVIE COMING OUT? Anyone who has read the books love them! please reply! 🙂

  32. Hello Angie ,

    i wish you a warm and happy holiday.. this christmas i am asking my family to buy me the whole septimus heap collection… every week i would go to the library and get another one of your books , i am now starting Physik and it is amazing , i cannot wait until your book “Darke” i know it will be spectacular. and soon i will start reading
    the “ariminta spookie” series. your reads are truly amazing and i have finished three of the septimus series in one month because i was soo fascinated by them. have a wonderful christmas.
    yours truly , haley elizabeth

  33. roberto

    hy, is it possible to know if the other books of septimus will be pubblished in Italy…???we have only the first three.

  34. Chika

    Dear Angie,

    I’m in Indonesia… i have read your books… Septimus Heap… but unfortunately in Indonesia the book stop in Book 4 the Queste… where can I get the SYREN BOOK in indonesia… cos I’m crazy with Septimus Heap… Please help me out with this.. 😦 anyone…

    Thank you…

  35. syrahxoxo

    well done in writing books that are amazing and i have lots of friends that LOVE septimus heap including me. a movie would be FANTASTIC and i can’t wait until darke! also i love the website and i think you should put more onto it. i too want to know what hapened to syrah because i really dont want her to die! and i know that people out here really want more romance…..

    well done anyway!

  36. I think your books are way more awsome than harry potter.But iv’e only finished Quest and can’t find syren.

  37. I really hope that there will be a septimus heap vidio game I also hope you will make a septimus heap movie too.So pretty please do!

  38. niah

    You know books finished after Queste in Slovenia too but there is a message on the internet that Syren will be out too…so Im waiting…and waiting…and think you should calm dawn ant wait with me… it will drive you nuts… but its going to be worth it! 🙂

  39. Aubrey

    When is Darke coming out?

  40. Hi I love your books im starting Syren tommorow. I love the series thanks for writing the series Angie.

  41. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH I AM THE BIGGEST FAN EVER!!! so i heard theres ganna be Magyk the movie and for when or if they do Physik I WANT TO BE SNORRI SNORRILESS THE MOST i look lik her and i know everything about her!!!

  42. imsnorry

    omg u should write a book about the queens and Wizard and Witches and stuff! also i IM SNORRY’S BIGGEST FAN! so if there is the 3rd movie about Physik then can i be Snorri? cause i hav blue eyes and almost white hair and im about her age!

  43. andrew

    Angie I love your books they are awesome. Are you going to write any other book about magic?

  44. im goin to get DARKE 2day!!!

  45. Dear Angie,
    I love your book I keep bugging my library teach to get DARKE but she just says maybe I want to read it so bad my mom loves the books to shes the one who got me to start reading them.

  46. Angela a.k.a Angie

    Dear Angie Sage,

    i just started reading your books and I’m loving it!!!! Keep on writing because you are really good at it.

  47. abby

    hey angie,
    loved ur books! I just resently finished Syren a few days ago and cant waite to read Darke. so far though its proved to be a hard book to get ur hands on though. lots of people r eading it know.I hope when the series is finished u do some sort of small folow up books. there always fun when u see some chareter from 1 of the big books. If they make a movie they better follow the book! keep on writeing ur a great auther!
    p.s have u started the 7th yet?

  48. Karen

    Just starting out Darke…came to see what the plans were for the Septimus Heap series. Makes sense that the tale of a seventh son of a seventh son should end in book seven.

    Enjoy the series. Hope my boys will have fun discovering these books.

  49. yarden

    im still new to the series , i have only read magyk and i know that if i say that i loved it ( which i did ) you wouldn’t pay attention to my message,
    which is not to say that i would write it in piglaten whrich would be: iay
    ovedlay tiay . well,all that doesn’t matter but i do have one question, why do you spell magyk that way pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeas tell me because i’v asked my brother but he won’t tell me. ( i don’t even think he knows)

    • mgirlawesum

      that’s just the unique way of the book which i love! ps great idea, angie! it makes it soo unique! darkE, questE, flYTE, sYren! (i capitalized all the misspelings that make the series unique, and i kno ive said unique a lot, but it IS!

  50. yarden

    i just got flyt it is AMAZING 😀 !!!

  51. SeptimusHeapLover

    heey 🙂

    i got a question:

    when will the magykal papers be translated in german? i couln´d finde a answer so i´m asking you 🙂 Thanks!

  52. charlie blot

    your books are great and i think you should write more

  53. max

    hi angie

    there are rumors of a seventh book , is this true
    thank you

    max girelli-kent

  54. Berty

    Hi, i want ask if somebody can do something about publishing of the sixth book in Romania because i dont know so good english to read and understand everything.Thx

  55. Jorden

    Hi just started phyisk and it is amazing and just the other day I got assigned a author report where I pick an author and write a report about them, so I decided to do you. I have been looking up facts and all the websites I find just list your books and I was wondering if you could tell me some facts or give me a web adress that would be great!

  56. Pete

    i jst finished darke cant wait for fyre to come out

  57. Mikki

    I Love your books, even though I am an adult they are so detailed, exciting and wonderfully written, I love the family bond as well as the “black sheep” idea. I am only on the 2nd book but I have the 1st three and have loved what I have read already. I started reading them sitting in a waiting room after my father had heart operation and book one was the only thing laying there. So starts my obession with Septimus and Janna. Please do write more these are great. Do you by chance write adult novels as well?

  58. Meggie

    Dear Angie,
    Congratulations on the 7th book,
    I just finished Darke and I have too give you praise for how you describe Sep’s fear of heights. I have re-read Queste, chapter 43, and Darke, chapter 39 at least 25 times each and i still am stunned on how you portray Septimus! Every time i read them i feel the moments as if i was there, and i am also terrified of heights so i feel the same way you describe, and it is breath-taking. What make you writing and description so amazing is how down to earth you write. Septimus Heap is an Extra Ordinary Wirzard, Not literally!, and by the way he is portrayed when he is faced with these fearful challenges I always realize that he is just like any other person in the books. You don’t make your characters different than any other person in the world, even is Sep has the greatest Magykal potential. You have very much inspired me and and i salute you for you, the genius with a pen, have written the best books scince forever to me! I can’t wait to read Frye and see what brilliance you will add to your already fantabulous series.
    Love you soooooo much,

  59. jessie

    love your books angie sage!!~ you’re awesome!!

  60. MaryV

    Hi Angie!
    My son has truly enjoyed your books! We started reading them in the US but now we live in England. I would love it if he’d have the opportunity to meet you. Do you ever do any book signings? I would hate to miss this unique opportunity! Writing is a challenge for him so it would be wonderful for him to meet someone who he enjoys reading!

  61. Carlan Alzonn

    Hi Angie

    I started reading your first book a a few years ago and did not truly understand the exceptional description you portray and did not find it interesting however quite a few months ago i started reading the first one and i thoroughly enjoyed it it is impossible to put into words the scale of admiration and love i have for your books , it sounds weird it coming from a 15 year old male but please please please don’t let Sep’s world finish at Fyre or the Dark toad you could make more books on the life of all the occupants of septimuses world just please don’t let it go its like ive known him all his fictional life however it seems real Thanks also make sure a movie or 7 come out

    PS i got the name of the Sep Heap website

  62. Uma Kali Shakti

    Kia ora Angie!

    Your series on Septimus were recommend to me by a young man whom I met at the Martian Embassy here in Sydney, Australia where I work.

    I think they’re brilliant. I particularly like the fact that you have very strong, independent female characters; multicultural/multilingual cultures included and at least one character who’s mixed gendered.

    I can see that the main characters are growing up and starting to develop romantic feelings for each other as their sexuality emerges. I found myself wondering which characters might in fact be gay? Maybe Sam & Wolf Boy?

    Thank you for the endless hours of pleasure.

    Ka kite ano


  63. Hollie Smart

    My name is Hollie and I have recently done a reading project on your book, Magyk.
    I thought that the book was captivating and very detailed, as I could picture the characters in my mind the way I can picture people I know. The book is not the style of book I would normally read, as I go for futuristic books, but I know that I now can enjoy other types of books. I think that the book was well-written because of the way you made dark twists and turns in the plot, and that got me glued to the pages of the book. I know that I will try to read other books in the series as the first book managed to capture my undivided attention, which is quite hard to do! I really like creative writing, and this book has shown me the amazing detail and description that can be put into any type of writing. Thanks, Hollie

  64. Allie

    any relation between Bo and Hugo Tenderfoot?

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