Letters from Angie Sage (2)

Hi everyone!

The first week of my USA tour for SYREN. I have met so many lovely people and signed at least a ton of books – it’s been great. Have seen some fantastic bookshops (hello Bina and Christine!). I stayed in New York until Wednesday and then set off from the old flying boat terminal to go to Boston. Now I’m in Hartford CT and tomorrow to the NEIBA Fall Tradeshow to sign some more books. On Sunday catching a plane to Raleigh NC and then a busy, busy week. Phew.
Maybe next time I can do this by dragon…


Here are two pictures of some lovely posters from a great school in Brooklyn and two of signing lots of books (click on them to see a bigger version).

IMG_3277 IMG_3278

IMG_3286 IMG_3303

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3 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage (2)

  1. tor polinsky

    luv da books

  2. niah

    I hope you will come to Slovenia someday!

  3. niah

    To GEOSS! I live near there 🙂

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