Letters from Angie Sage (1)

Hello everyone,

I am really pleased to be part of the site, which I will link to my own website when it is up and running in September this year.

I am looking forward to doing an author blog every month and letting you know how things are going with Septimus & co. And, every now and then, I’ll be there to talk to fans and also answering questions in the ‘Ask Angie’ section.

It’s great that Warner Brothers are working on a movie for MAGYK, Book One of the Septimus Heap series. I’d like to confirm that it will be live action, not animated!

With best wishes,

Angie Sage

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51 thoughts on “Letters from Angie Sage (1)

  1. Payton foster

    If the movie is called seventh son they have failed miserably in no way is that movie related to these books no Marcia,septimus,Jenna or anyone if not then plz tell us when the trailer is going up

  2. abby

    Angie your books are amazing

  3. Mathias Johansen

    Greetings Angie! Just came her to say thank you for your books. For a few years ago i would never had opened a book and start to read, but after opening yours 《septimus heap magyk》I was sold. Fantastic books, and congratulations with the movie!

    Can’t wait for the auditions to be open 😀

  4. esmeralda tilton

    omg i love your books so much!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for fyre and the movie!!!!!!!!! yay!!

  5. katie

    ur books are awesomeige! i tried thinking which people out of my class would suit which role! id have 2 parts because im the only ginger! YAY!
    love u 2 pieces angie!xx

  6. Maria

    I love the Septimus Heap series! They are just simply amazing! l am also familiar of a young boy who would be PERFECT, yes, absoulutely PERFECT for the role of Septimus Heap. His name is Ross Marron. He played the role of “Perfect Peter” in “Horrid Henry the Movie”. Please thumbs up this comment or something so that Angie can see it! l really hope she does, and l really hope that Ross wil land the part! I love you Angie! (And SEPTIMUS!)

    O, and please please please reply to this comment Angie! Thanks so much! WE LOVE YOU!! =)

  7. Chelsea

    I love all of the septimus heap books!!! My favorite was Magyk. Your an amazing author and I can’t wait until the 7th book comes out!!!! ❤ 🙂

  8. Greetings from Ohio! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break. I love the information you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m amazed at how fast your blog loaded on my phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, very good site!

  9. Beetle isn’t mentioned in Magyk, He doesn’t come in until Flyte so anyone who wants to audition for Beetle will have to wait until they start auditioning for Flyte, if they ever audition for Flyte.

  10. cate

    i really want to be part of the movie but i look like none of the charecters. i have red curly hair and i’m 11, could i still get a part?

  11. margaret

    hi angie, kind of new to the auditions thing but if theres a casting can u still try out and can u just show up or do u have to do something


  12. Hi Angie,

    Your books are totally awesomated, they are great, thank you for being the totally awesome writer with such a talant, please please write more you will be the next J K Rowling, Hey if you ever come to Australia please please come to the country, Manning Valley, our whole town has nearly read your books and are totally thrilled, congratulations, and if you are doing auditions here, I would so love to know, or even when they are in England I would love to know. Any way congratulations, and bestof luck with finding someone for the roles.

  13. Awesomated so cool LOVE YOU ANGIE and your books

  14. Congratulations Angie you hae written some truely awesome books absolutley loved them all, cant cant cant wait for the movie, any idea who might be in it if not where are the auditions being held and when?????????

  15. Septum

    Omg I’m like a huge sep fan… I have to admit though prob not the biggest
    But I try to get anyone who will listen to read the books
    I was totally Syked when I heard they were making a film… I’d been
    wondering if they would! It would be amazing to even be apart of it! 🙂

  16. spitfyrerocks

    For the people who think that harry potter is better than septimus heap first you really dont put that on the SEPTIMUS HEAP blog, and the septimus heap series is two million times better.

  17. Septimus man

    have they done casting yet? If they did who is inthe movie so far?

  18. Ellie

    I love you and I think you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All my friends think you are the best author and love you and your books too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please can you hurry up your publishiong of Darke in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im not sure I can wait any longer I am practically on my knees at the bookstores praying for the release of your fantastic books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Sophie

    i agree with that person marcia is like sigourney weaver and would do great and oh watever i’a not even going to ask about the auditions because i know ull post about thanks!

  20. Rosie, Fantasy Writer To Be

    Dear Angie Sage (Or Shauki),
    Is the movie still going to be live action? I know that this post is from two years ago, so things could have changed. I’ve heard many rumors about it being animated, and I want to know whether they can be trusted or not.

    • Hi Rosie, nope, it will not be animated! 🙂

      • JK

        what will happen after septimus heap is finished? like shes got to do something and whoes to act as sep in the movie

      • After the 7th book, there will be more books in the same world – one about Marcia’s childhood (it would probably be the first after the main series), one about Nicko and Snorri, possibly one set 10 years after book 7 ends. Also, Angie has some ideas for a few non-Septimus books.

  21. Adam

    Note how it seems that nobody (except me) wants to be Septimus. And I’m English, so I’m allowed.

  22. Spit fyre

    Ugh! cant wait till darke comes out!!!!! and a movie so cool 😀 dose anyone know around when the movie is out even thou they havent casted yet?????????????????? :):)

  23. Emma

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! A MAGYK MOVIE!!!!!!!! AHHHHH! do you have to look like Jenna to be in the movie? or can you put a wig on the actor or something?

  24. C

    could u tell me where and when (if u know) the auditions will b please?(i’m hoping 2 play either jenna or snorri. i look more like snorri but my personality is more like jenna. at least, i think it is …) i live in france so i don’t really hear stuff like that until it’s too late (i’m english, by the way, not french lol) thanx 4 creating sep. ur books r brill!!
    sorry if these questions have already been answered!!

  25. zach

    thanks for telling us i was searching the internet and could not find it

  26. Nicola

    hi, i am reading ur series for the secomd series and i am dying to read darke… im in australia and when i read that it will be in aistralia 5 days after, ithink the uk, i was sad… sorry but i just cant wait five days… but i guess i will have to. i was wondering if u knew how many books of septimus heap ur going to publish… i hope darke isnt the last. as rebecca gibney said in packed to the rafters “finishing a series of books is like loosing a friend”…
    anyway thankyou for making this blog and have a nice day 🙂
    keep those books coming angie sage, we love them


  27. niah

    I cant wait for the movie!
    Its going to be great!

  28. Isabelle

    Hi, Angie!
    I just wamted to say that these books are amazing! My friends and I started reading them in fifth grade, and we would have Magykal Sleepovers and play Magyk and stuff. One of my friends even had these shoes that she called her “Jenna shoes.” We are in seventh grade now, and still love your books. We are waiting in antipaction for the movie to come out, and are all hoping that it is just as great as the books. Can’t wait for Darke! I am one of those people who has grown up with your books, and another one is just amazing! Thanks for being the great author that you are!

  29. Stefan

    Hi Angie,
    I am really excited for the movie and I can imagine how hard it would be to cast many of the characters in your books. For example Marcia is such a particular personality I don’t think many actresses could pull it off. Good luck with all your further adventures

  30. Sleenki

    I would love to be in the film. I hope the auditions are ether in Wales or England. But that would not be fair on scotland or Irland or anwere eles. Now I feal mean, now I hope that there will be loads of audition everywere. Then me and my awsome mates could go, then they mite get a part, that would be grate. I hope that if I got a part they would support me rather than not even say anything like they did before. I wish everyone could get a part. (sorry that was just nonsence)

  31. sepheapseriesfan#1

    I can totally understand why Angie Sage doesn’t want people to ask about auditions so i won’t , I live in Australia so it’s too big a dream that I will even get an audition, or call back, or a part. Though getting the part of Jenna is like the 3rd thing on my bucket list. 1st being be an actress and second being meeting angie sage and J K Rowling. I love the books more than anyone ever though it’s mean to say that cause a lot of others say the same.I cried when I heard the movie was coming out then when I thought it was gunna be animation I cried for a different reason. I know Darke is coming out in 2011 but it’s still on my Christmas list. And when in 2011 is coming out, i heard late September but I’m not sure.

  32. no.1 fan-bobthebold

    Hey! could i be Beetle?

  33. no.1 fan-bobthebold

    is the movie animated? and when is it coming out? i’m sick of the suspense!

  34. noah schmaus

    sorry about my last post kinda left you hanging there when i ended with (and) as i was saying and i think beetle should be me and Jenna should be Abigail breslin.

    • Ella xx

      ERR no way abigail breslin is 14!!!
      and even though i am 13 i still really believe that i could be Jenna
      wow noah you actually do look like beetle especially if you curled your hair…but yoy live in america and unless you can fly to england and do a really really good english accent then you might not be able to audition…but i don’t know so don’t listen to me

      • Sara

        Wait, how do you know what he looks like?

        P.S. Can’t wait for the movie!!! 😀

  35. noah schmaus

    hi Angie sage your are the best author in the WORLD i think your books are the best even (wait no) way way way way way way better then J.K. rowlings way better and i was wondering when and were are your auditions i’m your biggest fan bigger than any one else who rights on this web site and i think Marcia should be sigourney weaver she just seems to be perfect and

    • Angie Sage

      Hello Noah,

      thanks for all your posts!!
      Sorry I’ve not been online for a while. Have been in Oz and then back to work BIG TIME on Darke.
      No auditions for the movie yet as it is still in development – sorting out the script and stuff like that. I am longing to hear more news of the movie myself, and when I do I will post it here first!
      I expect I will come to the USA when Darke is published – I can’t say for definite as that is up to my publishers nearer the time. But watch this space…

      • Oz as in Australia??? I wish I had met you than you are like my hero only Author hero which is pretty awesome, best of luck with the film I hope you make a life’s wage.

      • Payton foster

        I love how all these random people want to be in the cast guys btw Warner Brothers and anti will pick the best cast just put some faith in them

  36. sweet_syren

    Congrats on getting the book into movie productions! Hope all goes well! As with every loyal fan, Im super excited for the movie and I’ve got my entire family reading them, including some cousins and aunts and uncles. =)
    Good luck with the sixth book!!!
    Tata for a while! =)

  37. R

    Forgot to add this. Contact me as soon as you can and hope you can help me. Thank You!=)

  38. R

    Hi, I’ve been wondering if they’ve already done casting yet? If not I was wondering where in Northren VA or DC where I can audition for the part of Septimus Heap?

    • If there will be a casting, you’ll hear it on this blog. For the moment, there is no casting announced.

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